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Klagie Commercial Vehicles

(Cattle truck, Platform, Car carrier, Trailer, Stake body, Box, Beverages trailer, Traffic construction, Other trailers, Low loader, Hydraulic work platform, Stake body and tarpaulin, Roll-off trailer, Long material transporter, Refrigerator body, Three-sided tipper, )
Klagie 1.5 horse trailer Cattle truck19904
Klagie 3.5 to livestock trailers Cattle truck20014
Klagie 3800 x 1800 high-loader platform with plug-in changes Platform20113
Klagie Aluminium Platform Truck with HL 3.3 to E winds Car carrier20014
Klagie Anh Open box loading ramp to 1.3 Trailer19982
Klagie ANH Plane u.Spriegel Cattle truck19868
Klagie Backward skipper Stake body20055
Klagie Balloon trailer / suitcase trailer / transport Box201110
Klagie Beverage dispensing beer wagon island Beverages trailer200712
Klagie Bottle sales trailer / Beverage Trailers Traffic construction20113
Klagie Cable drum trailer Other trailers20114
Klagie Car transport trailer with electric winch Vollverz Car carrier19995
Klagie Car transporter / trailer Motorcycle Car carrier201112
Klagie Construction trailer with ramp Trailer20114
Klagie Construction trailer with ramps Low loader20112
Klagie Crane Trailer / Trailer Crane / Crane Hydraulic work platform20116
Klagie Double axle Stake body and tarpaulin19835
Klagie Drinks / bar / serving / beer Traffic construction19924
Klagie Drinks / bar / serving / beer Traffic construction20116
Klagie Driving test trailer Other trailers20112
Klagie Forklift trailer / trailer Car carrier19955
Klagie Grill/Schwenkgrillanhänger/G3L/Barbecue Traffic construction201113
Klagie heinrich * FOOD CART * CLEAN * NEWLY RENOVATED * Traffic construction198714
Klagie High loader 3100 x 1750 x 400 Trailer20115
Klagie High loader 4100 x 2050 x 400 Trailer20112
Klagie horse trailer Cattle truck19875
Klagie Horse trailer / transporter cattle Cattle truck19754
Klagie Hose reels / tube trailers Roll-off trailer201111
Klagie HP1012 Stake body19983
Klagie HT1 Stake body19985
Klagie HT1 Stake body and tarpaulin19983
Klagie Klagie Cattle truck19895
Klagie Livestock trailer Cattle truck19905
Klagie Livestock trailer Cattle truck19935
Klagie Livestock trailer Cattle truck19945
Klagie Livestock trailer / livestock trailer 2000 kg aluminum Cattle truck20117
Klagie Livestock trailer / livestock trailer 2500 kg aluminum Cattle truck20115
Klagie Livestock trailer / livestock trailer aluminum Cattle truck20049
Klagie Livestock trailer / livestock trailer aluminum Cattle truck20119
Klagie Livestock trailer / livestock trailer timber Cattle truck20118
Klagie Livestock trailer / trailer animal / zoo animals Cattle truck20114
Klagie Livestock trailer, timber trailer Trailer19775
Klagie Long material trailers / trailer tube Long material transporter20113
Klagie Low loader Low loader19917
Klagie Luggage Tags / transport / closed box Box20115
Klagie Luggage Tags Plywood with drive-over ramp Box20114
Klagie Masburg 0308 Cattle truck19955
Klagie Open box trailer Cattle truck19831
Klagie Platform Platform19924
Klagie Presentation / exhibition / promotion / exhibition Traffic construction20015
Klagie Presentation / Exhibition / Promotion / Exhibition Traffic construction20096
Klagie Presentation / exhibition / promotion / exhibition Traffic construction20116
Klagie Przyczepa Thurs zwierząt przewozu Cattle truck19925
Klagie Refrigerated box body / Trucks / Fresh Service Refrigerator body20114
Klagie Refrigerated trailer / beverage trailer Refrigerator body20115
Klagie Refrigerated trailer / Luggage Tags / beverage trailer Refrigerator body20112
Klagie Refrigerated trailer / meat trailer 1 Rohrbahn Refrigerator body20117
Klagie Refrigerated trailer / trailer meat / fresh service Refrigerator body20112
Klagie rimorchio 3500kg Trailer20002
Klagie Sale / promotion / presentation / event Other trailers200815
Klagie Sales trailer / snack trailer Traffic construction20112
Klagie SDAH open box Long material transporter20075
Klagie Serving drinks beer wagon wagon Traffic construction200610
Klagie Single axle trailer / loader trailer can be lowered Trailer20114
Klagie Stage trailer / promation / Ferihegy Traffic construction20116
Klagie Suitcase verst.bare drawbar Box19804
Klagie Tandem Cattle truck19864
Klagie Three-way tipper Three-sided tipper20005
Klagie Tipper / Dreiseitenkipper Three-sided tipper20113
Klagie Trailer Trailer19793
Klagie Trailer / trailer wine Trailer20112
Klagie Trailer / wine trailer Low loader19985
Klagie Trailers geschl.Kasten Trailer19894
Klagie Travel trailer / car trailer with canopy Car carrier20116
Klagie Universal Transporter 3-axis tilt Platform20126
Klagie Vehicle / car double-deck trailer Car carrier20113
Klagie Vehicle / car trailer Car carrier20111
Klagie Vehicle / car trailer, tilting Car carrier20113
Klagie Vehicle / trailer car trunk Car carrier20114
Klagie Vollalu top condition Cattle truck19975
Klagie Wood with tarpaulin and integr. Tackroom Cattle truck19785

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