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Komatsu Commercial Vehicles

(Wheeled loader, Combined Dredger Loader, Mobile digger, Telescopic, Other construction vehicles, )
Komatsu WA380-5 Wheeled loader20127
Komatsu WA380-5H Wheeled loader20033
Komatsu WA420-3H Wheeled loader199510
Komatsu WA470 Wheeled loader19883
Komatsu WA470-3H Wheeled loader19969
Komatsu WA470-5H Wheeled loader20033
Komatsu WA470-5H Wheeled loader20046
Komatsu WA470-5H Wheeled loader20053
Komatsu WA500-1 with engine failure - failure! Wheeled loader19924
Komatsu WA500-3 Wheeled loader20053
Komatsu WA65 - 3 Wheeled loader20028
Komatsu WA70-5 Wheeled loader20084
Komatsu WA80-5 Wheeled loader20074
Komatsu WA95-3 Wheeled loader20082
Komatsu WA95-3 (30 km / s) Wheeled loader199911
Komatsu WB 91 R-5 Combined Dredger Loader200815
Komatsu WB 93 R Combined Dredger Loader20066
Komatsu WB 93 R Combined Dredger Loader20103
Komatsu WB 93 R Wheeled loader201114
Komatsu WB 93 R 5 Combined Dredger Loader20086
Komatsu WB 93 S 5 Combined Dredger Loader20086
Komatsu WB 93 S 5 4x4x4 Combined Dredger Loader20095
Komatsu WB 97 R Combined Dredger Loader200614
Komatsu WB 97 S - With hydraulic hammer Combined Dredger Loader200215
Komatsu WB 97 S 5 TOP 3x spoon Combined Dredger Loader20085
Komatsu WB-93R5 Combined Dredger Loader200610
Komatsu WB91R-2 Combined Dredger Loader200413
Komatsu WB93-R Combined Dredger Loader20001
Komatsu WB93-R Combined Dredger Loader20011
Komatsu WB93R Combined Dredger Loader200715
Komatsu WB93R-2 Combined Dredger Loader200411
Komatsu WB93R-5 Combined Dredger Loader200714
Komatsu WB97 Backhoe 4x4 Turbo R Combined Dredger Loader20003
Komatsu WB97S Mobile digger200413
Komatsu WB98-A Combined Dredger Loader20033
Komatsu WH 613 telescopic loader 4x4x4 Telescopic20059
Komatsu WH 613 TURBO Year 2008 1880 HOURS! Other construction vehicles20088
Komatsu WH 613 TURBO Year 2008 1880 HOURS! Telescopic20088
Komatsu WH 613 Utility - New tires - 30 km / h Wheeled loader20064
Komatsu WH 613, 2006 EZ, 1924 HOURS!! Telescopic20067
Komatsu WH 613, 2006 EZ, 1924 HOURS!! Other construction vehicles20067

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