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Kotschenreuther Commercial Vehicles

(Stake body and tarpaulin, Cattle truck, Swap Stake body, Roll-off trailer, Swap chassis, Box, Beverages trailer, Stake body, Other semi-trailers, Refrigerator body, Long material transporter, Other trailers, Low loader, Tipper, Timber carrier, Platform, Beverages, )
Kotschenreuther 18 to 2-axle trailer sliding tarp / Edscha Stake body and tarpaulin20068
Kotschenreuther 2 axle Flatbed / tarpaulin APS218, Code XL, aluminum rims Stake body and tarpaulin20077
Kotschenreuther 2 horse trailer he Cattle truck19954
Kotschenreuther 2 x 7.82 WB jumbo, roof Swap Stake body20024
Kotschenreuther 2 x 7.82 WB jumbo, roof Stake body and tarpaulin20024
Kotschenreuther 2-axle Abrollanhänger / AMT 218 Roll-off trailer19974
Kotschenreuther 2-axle tandem trailer (Jumbo) Stake body and tarpaulin19985
Kotschenreuther 2-axle trailer Stake body and tarpaulin19974
Kotschenreuther ANH F. ATL 20 AWB218 Swap chassis20054
Kotschenreuther APF 212 air suspension, lift, ABS, TOP Stake body and tarpaulin20008
Kotschenreuther APF 218 / trunk / liftgate Box199915
Kotschenreuther APF 218/Koffer/Ladebordwand Box199715
Kotschenreuther APF218 beverage trailer from 1 Hand-status TOP Beverages trailer200015
Kotschenreuther APO 218 3 m BAU Container Transport Construction Stake body200215
Kotschenreuther AWB 218 Swap chassis20005
Kotschenreuther AWB 218 Swap chassis20032
Kotschenreuther AWB 218 / BDF jumbo trailers Swap chassis20008
Kotschenreuther AWB 218 / Jumbo - BDF trailer Swap chassis19986
Kotschenreuther AWB 218 BDF mount with removable bridge Swap chassis19995
Kotschenreuther Beverages trunk Beverages trailer19954
Kotschenreuther BPW axle lift Containerchassi 20 30 40 45 Swap chassis20024
Kotschenreuther Cargo Box WKSTC-7150 Other semi-trailers19953
Kotschenreuther Case + liftgate + cooling unit Refrigerator body200010
Kotschenreuther EPN105 Stake body and tarpaulin20053
Kotschenreuther First Forced steering 56000km hand rear extension Long material transporter19944
Kotschenreuther hq Swap chassis20015
Kotschenreuther In 3000 GSK roof design Beverages trailer20062
Kotschenreuther Jumbo 2 axis EDSCHA toll Killer 4.5 tons. GG Stake body and tarpaulin20059
Kotschenreuther Jumbo 2-axle toll EDSCHA Killer 4.5 tons. GG Stake body and tarpaulin20058
Kotschenreuther JUMBO 7.3 M 04 ROK Stake body and tarpaulin20045
Kotschenreuther JUMBO 7820-WB Swap Stake body20021
Kotschenreuther jumbo deep dome system Tandem Stake body and tarpaulin19991
Kotschenreuther Jumbo Double underfloor Coupled 10 t Stake body and tarpaulin19925
Kotschenreuther Jumbo WB 7.82 Other trailers19994
Kotschenreuther Jumbo Wechselbruecke BDF * * 7.60 m * 2 units * Swap Stake body19973
Kotschenreuther Jumbo-Stahlkoffer/Doppelstock Swap Stake body20003
Kotschenreuther Kosch Reuther Low loader19933
Kotschenreuther MEGA Stake body and tarpaulin20013
Kotschenreuther Mega Trailer Stake body and tarpaulin20043
Kotschenreuther Mega volume Wechselk BDF. Double-decker m. Beam Swap Stake body20015
Kotschenreuther Mega-lift axle trailer * Liner * Edscha * Low * Stake body and tarpaulin199911
Kotschenreuther Megaliner ** ** Edscha disc brakes ** Stake body and tarpaulin20009
Kotschenreuther Möslein cattle truck Cattle truck20035
Kotschenreuther PLC with 324 lift axle Stake body and tarpaulin199910
Kotschenreuther Samro Stake body19953
Kotschenreuther SANH TIPPER SKMP 18 Tipper19963
Kotschenreuther SCT-3 20FT 40FT 45 FT Swap chassis20026
Kotschenreuther SDAH Stake body and tarpaulin20011
Kotschenreuther SEMI DIEPLADER SCHUIFZEIL / TAL 2-AS Low loader19955
Kotschenreuther SKT 324 Timber carrier20064
Kotschenreuther SP 2624 LL Low loader199111
Kotschenreuther SPC 324 Stake body and tarpaulin19966
Kotschenreuther SPH 2320 Platform19923
Kotschenreuther SPL218 Stake body19964
Kotschenreuther SPM 324 mega Stake body and tarpaulin20008
Kotschenreuther SPM 324 Megaliner Stake body and tarpaulin20045
Kotschenreuther SPM 324 tarp * Edscha * Elevator * TUV * Stake body and tarpaulin20028
Kotschenreuther SPM MEGA-trailers Stake body and tarpaulin20024
Kotschenreuther SPM-324 curtainsider Edscha top Stake body and tarpaulin20022
Kotschenreuther SPN 110 pick up canvas-tail lift 1500 kg Stake body and tarpaulin199813
Kotschenreuther SPO 109 Stake body19964
Kotschenreuther STL 324 * steering axle * Flatbed * BPW Eco Plus Platform19979
Kotschenreuther STL 324 air cargo Stake body and tarpaulin19995
Kotschenreuther STL324 Beverages19997
Kotschenreuther Swap 7.45 m Swap Stake body19981
Kotschenreuther Tandem Jumbo, 8.1 m + LBW, load-through Box20055
Kotschenreuther Tandem LBW LPF 218 Beverages trailer19985
Kotschenreuther Tandem TPV218 Stake body and tarpaulin20054
Kotschenreuther Tandem trailer with liftgate drinks Beverages trailer199810
Kotschenreuther THP 218 short wooden stakes transports 12 Exte Timber carrier200911
Kotschenreuther THP 218 tandem flatbed 12 Exte conclusions Timber carrier20093
Kotschenreuther THT 21 tandem flatbed 12 Exte conclusions Timber carrier200711
Kotschenreuther TLP0710 Platform19885
Kotschenreuther TPA 0710 Low loader19934
Kotschenreuther TPA 1216 tandem / jumbo / mega / low coupling system Stake body and tarpaulin19914
Kotschenreuther TPF 212 Stake body and tarpaulin200013
Kotschenreuther TPF 218 jumbo trailers Under Coupled Stake body and tarpaulin19973
Kotschenreuther TPN 211 Tandem platform 7.60 m, 10.5 thousand kg Stake body20094
Kotschenreuther TPO 218 Stake body19966
Kotschenreuther TPS 216 jumbo tandem curtain * * * 8.50 m * Edscha Stake body and tarpaulin20008
Kotschenreuther TPS 216 jumbo tandem curtain * * * 8.50 m * Edscha Stake body and tarpaulin20017
Kotschenreuther TPS 218 Stake body and tarpaulin20094
Kotschenreuther TPS 218 * Jumbo Tandem * SAF * tarp 7.80 m * Stake body and tarpaulin20026
Kotschenreuther TPS 218 jumbo tandem Edscha * * * fixed roof construction * Stake body and tarpaulin20041
Kotschenreuther TPS218 Low loader19964
Kotschenreuther TPS218 Stake body and tarpaulin20013
Kotschenreuther Trailer Curtain neutral palette box Scheibenb Stake body and tarpaulin200411
Kotschenreuther Trailers - Lift axle - rear extendible Low loader199814
Kotschenreuther Tridem-volume-jumbo trailers Stake body and tarpaulin20046
Kotschenreuther TWB 218 Swap chassis19983
Kotschenreuther TWB 218 jumbo tandem trailer * BDF * 7.80 m * Stake body and tarpaulin20006
Kotschenreuther TWB Jumbo BDF Tandem mount! ABS! TUV! Swap chassis198812
Kotschenreuther TWB216 BDF hochgekuppelt ideal for driving school! Swap chassis199715
Kotschenreuther TWB218 BDF Swap chassis19974
Kotschenreuther Unitrans refrigerated trailer with LBW Refrigerator body19965
Kotschenreuther WAF 1518 Swap chassis19908
Kotschenreuther WB 7.82 meter road Kleiderkoffer / 8x present Swap Stake body20019
Kotschenreuther WB7.82 m WKSTC782 jumbo clothes box with holes Swap Stake body20018
Kotschenreuther WB7.82 m WKSTC782 jumbo clothes box with holes Box20018
Kotschenreuther Wechselkoffer steel 7.45 m Swap Stake body19981

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