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Lamberet Commercial Vehicles

(Refrigerator body, Deep-freeze transporter, Cattle truck, Other semi-trailers, )
Lamberet / Carrier Frigo box Refrigerator body19987
Lamberet / Carrier Frigo box Refrigerator body19993
Lamberet + Thermo King SL TCI Refrigerator body200010
Lamberet 3 A refrigerated trailer Carrier Vector 1800 2.60 m Refrigerator body20027
Lamberet 3 ACHS KUHLAUFLIEGER Refrigerator body200710
Lamberet 3 ASSER Refrigerator body19996
Lamberet 3 ASSIGE KOEL / VRIESOPLEGGER Refrigerator body19958
Lamberet 3 Assige Koeloplegger Refrigerator body20043
Lamberet 3 Assige koeloplegger SR 2 Refrigerator body20066
Lamberet 3 axis freezer Carrier Maxima partition Deep-freeze transporter19975
Lamberet 3 axle refrigerated trailer Deep-freeze transporter20055
Lamberet 3 axle refrigerated trailers Deep-freeze transporter20037
Lamberet 3 tengelyes Nyerges Mélyhuto SKO-Alap Deep-freeze transporter199310
Lamberet 3-A KOEL / VRIESOPLEGGER Refrigerator body20097
Lamberet 3-AXIS KUHLKOFFER Refrigerator body20079
Lamberet 3-axle truck with a meat pipe Roofing TERMOKING SL400 Refrigerator body200511
Lamberet 3-axle truck with a meat pipe Roofing TERMOKING SL400 Deep-freeze transporter200511
Lamberet 3-chamber system Refrigerator body20056
Lamberet 33 PAL + Carrier Refrigerator body20028
Lamberet 33 PAL + Carrier Refrigerator body20038
Lamberet 33 PAL + T.KING Refrigerator body20038
Lamberet 33 pal. 1999 Refrigerator body19998
Lamberet Autoportante con THERMO KING SL 400E Refrigerator body20052
Lamberet BPW chassis fully kuhlauflieger 2.60 high Refrigerator body200010
Lamberet CARRIER Refrigerator body20003
Lamberet CARRIER - VECTOR 1850 diesel + electric Deep-freeze transporter20089
Lamberet Carrier GenesisTM800/BI Temp Refrigerator body19995
Lamberet Carrier height = 2.73 m Refrigerator body20038
Lamberet Carrier Maxima 1200 diesel / power liftgate Deep-freeze transporter20036
Lamberet Carrier Maxima 1200 diesel / power liftgate Refrigerator body20036
Lamberet Carrier maxima 1300 Refrigerator body20065
Lamberet Carrier Maxima 1300 Current high as 2.70 new Deep-freeze transporter20067
Lamberet Carrier Maxima 1300 Stan Super 2005r Cattle truck20056
Lamberet Carrier Maxima height 2.6 m Refrigerator body19989
Lamberet CARRIER Maxima Plus Refrigerator body200010
Lamberet Carrier Maxima with MEAT RAILWAYS Refrigerator body19968
Lamberet Carrier maxima1300 Refrigerator body20057
Lamberet Carrier Maxima2 1,000 hours Refrigerator body20006
Lamberet Carrier Maxima2 1,000 hours Deep-freeze transporter20006
Lamberet Carrier Maxima2 Liftachse Refrigerator body199812
Lamberet Carrier Vector Refrigerator body20019
Lamberet Carrier Vector 1800 * * Diesel + electric Refrigerator body20047
Lamberet Carrier Vector 1800 3 BPW axles liftgate Refrigerator body200312
Lamberet Carrier Vector 1800 Bi-Temperature Electrical / This Refrigerator body20035
Lamberet CARRIER VECTOR 1800Mt Multytemperatur Refrigerator body200415
Lamberet Carrier YS-3P BPW axles top condition Deep-freeze transporter200115
Lamberet Carriere Refrigerator body19979
Lamberet CHLODNIA Refrigerator body20074
Lamberet Chlodnia - Refrigerator - Price 22.000,-Euro - Refrigerator body20045
Lamberet CHLODNIA HAKÓWKA THERMO KING SL-200 Refrigerator body200210
Lamberet CHLODNIA LVF S3 Refrigerator body19998
Lamberet CHLODNIA Thermo King SMX - 50 Refrigerator body19925
Lamberet CHLODNIA, THERMO KING SL-400e, JAK NOWA Refrigerator body20089
Lamberet chłodnia Refrigerator body20014
Lamberet Chłodnia Refrigerator body20045
Lamberet Chłodnia / / idealna Refrigerator body200210
Lamberet Chłodnia / / Nowa JAK / Refrigerator body200612
Lamberet Chłodnia Agregat Carrier Maxima Refrigerator body19984
Lamberet Chłodnia Carrier Maxima2 Refrigerator body200011
Lamberet CHŁODNIA podwójny PAROWNIK Other semi-trailers20007
Lamberet cool trailer Deep-freeze transporter20024
Lamberet Cool trailer / carrier maxima 1300 Refrigerator body20056
Lamberet Double Deck Refrigerator body20095
Lamberet Freezer * Thermo King SL-200e + * + double deck lift Deep-freeze transporter200515
Lamberet Freezer * Thermo King SL-200e + * + double deck lift Refrigerator body200515
Lamberet Freezer Thermo King SL 200 Deep-freeze transporter20074
Lamberet fridge Refrigerator body19974
Lamberet Frigo box + Carrier Maxima Refrigerator body20035
Lamberet frigo vector top zustant Refrigerator body19995
Lamberet HAKÓWKA Refrigerator body20035
Lamberet Ideal Condition 6690mth Refrigerator body20045
Lamberet Koel Lamberet Refrigerator body20015
Lamberet Koeler Thermo King SMX II Refrigerator body19987
Lamberet KOELTRAILER 3 ASSER Refrigerator body20002
Lamberet koelvries Refrigerator body20006
Lamberet KOELVRIES 3-AS Refrigerator body20035
Lamberet Kühlauflieger Refrigerator body20117
Lamberet Kühlauflieger Carrier Maxima Deep-freeze transporter19935
Lamberet KÜHLAUFLIEGER TK SL300 Refrigerator body19995
Lamberet lamberet-SOR full BPW chassis 2.60H 13.45L Refrigerator body200110
Lamberet LBW freezer with 3-axis maxima Charrier Deep-freeze transporter200315
Lamberet LecSor FB 1360 Thermo King SL TCI Bi-temperature Refrigerator body199910
Lamberet LVF Refrigerator body20032
Lamberet LVF S3 F1R Deep-freeze transporter200113
Lamberet LVF S3F1R Refrigerator body200611
Lamberet LVFS 3 Deep-freeze transporter20125
Lamberet LVFS 3 freezer TERMOKING SL 200 e partition Refrigerator body200615
Lamberet LVFS 3 freezer TERMOKING SL 200 e partition Deep-freeze transporter200615
Lamberet LVFS 3 Frozen 2.60m interior height Thermo King Deep-freeze transporter19975
Lamberet LVFS 3 LIFTACHSE Deep-freeze transporter19987
Lamberet LVFS 3 Thermo King / € 389th - Monthly Rate Deep-freeze transporter200014
Lamberet LVFS 3 Thermo King SL 200 / € 389th - per month. Rate Refrigerator body200014
Lamberet LVFS 3 Thermo King, a double floor, lift axle Deep-freeze transporter200314
Lamberet LVFS frigo trailer Refrigerator body19998
Lamberet LVFS3 Refrigerator body20071
Lamberet LVFS3 CARRIER 1300 Maxima DOPPELSTOCK LIFT Deep-freeze transporter200614
Lamberet LVFS3 Tiefkühlkoffer Refrigerator body20114
Lamberet LVFS3E Refrigerator body19971

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