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Lemken Commercial Vehicles

(Harrowing equipment, Plough, Seeder, )
Lemken 15/270 Harrowing equipment20122
Lemken 2-furrow reversible plow OPAL Plough20122
Lemken 3 Schar Betpflug Stable Top Plough20122
Lemken 3 Schar hydraulic Plough20122
Lemken 30/90 c Plough20124
Lemken A compactor K500 - seedbed Harrowing equipment20111
Lemken A compactor K600 Harrowing equipment19998
Lemken Agate 3/9 Harrowing equipment20124
Lemken Agate 9 / 600 KUEA Harrowing equipment20032
Lemken Compactor 600 Harrowing equipment20052
Lemken Coral Harrowing equipment19812
Lemken Cultivator Harrowing equipment20115
Lemken Diamond 9x Vari 5L 100 Plough20011
Lemken Easily Opal Harrowing equipment20125
Lemken Emerald 260 Harrowing equipment20114
Lemken Emerald 3m Schälgrubber, Randscheiben Harrowing equipment20125
Lemken Emerald 9 / 400 folding cultivator Harrowing equipment19967
Lemken Emerald 9 / 600 Harrowing equipment19998
Lemken Emerald 9 / 600 B-UEA Harrowing equipment20018
Lemken Emerald 9 to 3.90 meters Harrowing equipment20122
Lemken Emerald 9/600 KÜA - cultivator Harrowing equipment20002
Lemken Emerald 9/600KUE Schwergrubber Harrowing equipment19986
Lemken Emerald UE 9 - 470, stone protection, hydr. Hinged Harrowing equipment20124
Lemken Emerald UE 90/300 Harrowing equipment20115
Lemken Giant 1000 - cultivator Harrowing equipment19995
Lemken LEMKEN Plough20116
Lemken Opal 110 Harrowing equipment20114
Lemken Opal 110 4-furrow plow Harrowing equipment20125
Lemken Opal 110 Volldrehpflug Plough20114
Lemken Opal 3 hydraulic coulter Full Turn Plough20122
Lemken Opal 3 sharp plow Plough20122
Lemken Opal 90-packer hydraulic arm Plough19995
Lemken Opal plow, 3 band rotary hydraulic Harrowing equipment20118
Lemken Opal140-N88 Harrowing equipment20124
Lemken Plug 2 skibowy obrotowy Plough20123
Lemken Plug obrotowy 40km from Krakow Harrowing equipment20119
Lemken Reversibil 3 Cormane Plough20125
Lemken Rotary plow Harrowing equipment19952
Lemken Rubin 9/500 - harrow Harrowing equipment20041
Lemken Rubin 9/500 KUEA - harrow Harrowing equipment20038
Lemken Rubin 9/600 KUAE - harrow Harrowing equipment20066
Lemken RUBIN U 9/300 Harrowing equipment20124
Lemken Smaragd 9 / 500 Harrowing equipment19993
Lemken Smaragd 9 / 600 with Kirovets K701 tractor Harrowing equipment19996
Lemken smaragt Harrowing equipment20122
Lemken Smaragt 9 Harrowing equipment20115
Lemken Solitair - Suspension Seeder20116
Lemken Solitair 10/600 K-Ds Seeder200512
Lemken Solitair 9 / 600 + quartz 7 / 600 Seeder20015
Lemken Solitair 9 + quartz Seeder20002
Lemken SOLITAIR 9/600 KA - DS Seeder20097
Lemken Thorite 9 / 600 KÜA Cultivator Harrowing equipment20063
Lemken Vari 7 diamond band Plough19983
Lemken Vari diamond band 6 Volldrehpflug Plough20116
Lemken Vari diamond band 8 (6 +1 +1) Plough19963
Lemken Vari-diamond plow Plough20053
Lemken VarioPack Harrowing equipment19961
Lemken VarioPack WEP 110 with trailer Harrowing equipment20125

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