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Linde Commercial Vehicles

(High lift truck, Container forklift truck, Front-mounted forklift truck, Low-lift truck, Other forklift trucks, Reach forklift truck, Side-loading forklift truck, )
Linde L12 truck High lift truck19925
Linde L12-G2997 High lift truck19984
Linde L12LP with initial High lift truck20017
Linde L16 free lift, initial lift, transportation, accident prevention. High lift truck20069
Linde L16 operating hours until 2717 High lift truck20071
Linde L16 with initial High lift truck20071
Linde L16R UVV test new! High lift truck200610
Linde Lansing Hermes TR 40! 40to CAPACITY! Container forklift truck199610
Linde Linde H 80 Front-mounted forklift truck20114
Linde Linde H 80 Front-mounted forklift truck20124
Linde MIC Front-mounted forklift truck20015
Linde N 20, 2671Bts ONLY! Low-lift truck20017
Linde N 20, 5185Bts ONLY! Low-lift truck20007
Linde N20 Other forklift trucks20054
Linde Obrotnica Thurs wózka widłowego High lift truck20124
Linde OM G20 Reach forklift truck20018
Linde P 20 tractor Other forklift trucks20043
Linde PAGE E15 SLIDE 5 m triplex Front-mounted forklift truck19948
Linde Pallet Low-lift truck20004
Linde Pickers N20VI Other forklift trucks20113
Linde R 14 Reach forklift truck20013
Linde R 14 C, SS, 8904Bts! Reach forklift truck20057
Linde R 14, SS, TRIPLEX Reach forklift truck19957
Linde R 14, SS, TRIPLEX Reach forklift truck20046
Linde R 14, SS, TRIPLEX, 9691Bts! Reach forklift truck20007
Linde R 16 + HD SIDELOADER TECHNICALLY CHARGER TOP Side-loading forklift truck200115
Linde R 16 S, SS, TRIPLEX Reach forklift truck20038
Linde R 20 P Triplexmast battery of 2009 Reach forklift truck20016
Linde R 20 P, SS, TRIPLEX, 8922Bts! Reach forklift truck19987
Linde R 20 S, SS, TRIPLEX, 7027Bts! Reach forklift truck20068
Linde R 20 S, SS, TRIPLEX, 8178Bts! Reach forklift truck20066
Linde R 20 S, SS, TRIPLEX, 8526Bts! Reach forklift truck20067
Linde R 20, SS, TRIPLEX Reach forklift truck20017
Linde R 20, SS, TRIPLEX, 8407Bts! Reach forklift truck20037
Linde R14 Reach forklift truck19933
Linde R14 Reach forklift truck20036
Linde Rockinger trailer hitch Front-mounted forklift truck20128
Linde S 30, CABIN ONLY 3973Bts! Side-loading forklift truck200210
Linde S40 Side-loading forklift truck19981
Linde S40 Side-loading forklift truck20034
Linde S50 Side-loading forklift truck20039
Linde S50 Sideloader Side-loading forklift truck19955
Linde S50 with Freihubmast! Side-loading forklift truck20058
Linde Sideloaders S 60 Side-loading forklift truck20005
Linde Snow plow, 2m wide and swivel Front-mounted forklift truck20129
Linde T 16 / 213 Low-lift truck20046
Linde T 16 electric pallet truck ant Low-lift truck20115
Linde T 18 Low-lift truck20053
Linde T 20 AP 01 Other forklift trucks20001
Linde T 20 S Low-lift truck20025
Linde T 20 SP / 254 Low-lift truck20068
Linde T H 12 - side shift Front-mounted forklift truck201111
Linde T H 16 GOOD CONDITION BJ. 2007 new model Front-mounted forklift truck20079
Linde T H 18 page slide Front-mounted forklift truck19999
Linde T H 25 LPG telescopic mast Front-mounted forklift truck19756
Linde T H 40-X394 propellant Front-mounted forklift truck20065
Linde T H 40, HALF CABIN Front-mounted forklift truck20058
Linde T H 50, HALF CABIN Front-mounted forklift truck20069
Linde T H 80 900-02 Front-mounted forklift truck20001
Linde T16-360 Front-mounted forklift truck20045
Linde T16/360 Low-lift truck20051
Linde T18 Low-lift truck20036
Linde T18 top condition! Low-lift truck200410
Linde T20 Low-lift truck20025
Linde T20 APO1/141 Low-lift truck20024
Linde T20 ESP 12.5 / 20 Low-lift truck19894
Linde T20, Battery since 2003, UVV NEW Low-lift truck19943
Linde T20AP Low-lift truck20015
Linde T20B 2004 battery Low-lift truck19992
Linde T20R driver's seat Low-lift truck20044
Linde T20R driver's seat Low-lift truck20054
Linde T20S driver's seat Low-lift truck20054
Linde T20SF driver's stand Low-lift truck20054
Linde T20SF driver's stand Low-lift truck20064
Linde T20SF driver's stand Low-lift truck20074
Linde Triplex / side shift / full cabin Front-mounted forklift truck20076
Linde Type H 20 D / Diesel / SS / cabin (heater) Front-mounted forklift truck20005
Linde V 11 Other forklift trucks20057
Linde Wózek widłowy linden H25D 1995 Front-mounted forklift truck20122
Linde ZINKENVERSTELL. H30T-03-VALVE PAGE Front-mounted forklift truck200012

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