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Magyar Commercial Vehicles

(Food tank, Tank body, Silo, )
Magyar \ Food tank19973
Magyar 1-compartment tank semi-trailer, 26,000 liters, year 1996 Tank body19968
Magyar 3 Axle chemical, 3 comp, 30m3 tank Silo199914
Magyar 31 000 liters of chemicals Tank body19886
Magyar 32000 L ,4-chamber with ADR Tank body19916
Magyar 34 000 liters BPW naloopas SRP3MEB4 Tank body20048
Magyar 34 000 liters min pomp 900ltr tridec Tank body200413
Magyar 3Kammer chemical tank with heating product Tank body20085
Magyar abo-Magyar Food tank20063
Magyar abo-magyar Food tank20105
Magyar About 33 600 liter stainless steel cistern chemistry Tank body19975
Magyar Acid / Chemical 24.5m3/1comp ebonite Tank body199415
Magyar ADR Inox 16m3 / 1 Tank body19875
Magyar ADR-0.4 39 000 L chamber Tank body20076
Magyar BITUMEN TANK 30m3 Tank body19925
Magyar Bitumen tank 30m3 - 1 Tank body19897
Magyar Bitumen tank 30m3 - 1 Tank body19917
Magyar bituminous Tank body19956
Magyar Chem stainless steel tank 30 m3 / 1 comp. Tank body19938
Magyar Chem tank inox 30 m3 / 1 comp. Tank body199311
Magyar Chemical Tank body19973
Magyar Chemical tank INOX 31m3 / 1comp. Tank body199115
Magyar Chemicals comp inox 28.5 m3 / 1. Tank body199112
Magyar Chemicals comp inox 30 m3 / 1. Tank body19877
Magyar Chemicals comp inox 30 m3 / 1. Tank body199915
Magyar Chemicals inox 24m3 / 1 comp. Tank body199013
Magyar Chemicals inox 30 m3 / 1 comp. Tank body198815
Magyar Chemicals tank 21m3 / 1 comp Tank body19856
Magyar Chemicals tank 30m3 / 1 comp. Tank body198515
Magyar Chemicals tank 53m3 / 3comp. Tank body200115
Magyar CHEMISTRY Tank body19854
Magyar CHEMISTRY Tank body198711
Magyar chemistry Tank body19902
Magyar Chemistry Tank body200510
Magyar Cisterna Chemiczna Tank body20125
Magyar Food - 3 Chambers - 25 285 l - pressure 2.0 Food tank19953
Magyar Food 25 m3 / 1 comp. Food tank200615
Magyar food food Tank body20016
Magyar Food INOX tank 20m3 / 2 Food tank19938
Magyar FOOD TANK Tank body19894
Magyar FOOD tank (BEER) 30m3 / 1Comp Food tank19889
Magyar Food tank 3XKammern Food tank200210
Magyar For chemicals - L4BH-ABS-16500,-Euro - Tank body199014
Magyar For liquid fertilizers or treacle -12 500, - EURO Tank body19889
Magyar fuel Tank body19913
Magyar Fuel tank stainless 38m3 / 9 comp. Tank body19925
Magyar Inox / Drüktank / 30.5m3 - 5 Food tank19889
Magyar INOX 29-4 Food tank200215
Magyar L4BN 30000l 4kam + ADR chem Tank body199915
Magyar Magyar Food tank19883
Magyar Magyar Food tank199115
Magyar MAGYAR C4B1C1.2 termos 1995 Tank body19955
Magyar MAISONNEUVE MILCHTANK 25000LITER accident Tank body200813
Magyar Maisonneuve MILK TANK 25000LITER accident Tank body200813
Magyar MILCHTANK - 26000LITER Tank body200913
Magyar MILK TANK - 26000LITER Tank body200913
Magyar One-chamber-tank, 38,000 l, food Food tank20039
Magyar Original chemi-tank Tank body19886
Magyar Original food / food / Voedsel tank, 21 900 Tank body19876
Magyar S34BD1 Food tank20045
Magyar S34ESD Tank body20065
Magyar SR 34 EB Tank body19985
Magyar SR 34 ES CITERNE ALIMENTAIRE Food tank19956
Magyar SR 34 F21R Tank body20024
Magyar SR 38 F Food tank19955
Magyar SR34 ADR FL, L4BH. 3 sztuki Tank body200415
Magyar SR34EB Tank body19913
Magyar SR34EB 5Kammern Food tank199815
Magyar SRP3 Tank body19933
Magyar SRP3MEB food tank 4 chambers Webasto Food tank198611
Magyar Stainless steel lever tank 31-4 Food tank19909

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