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Manitou Commercial Vehicles

(Other forklift trucks, Front-mounted forklift truck, Telescopic, Rough-terrain forklift truck, Side-loading forklift truck, High-bay rack, )
Manitou ME 3:16 Other forklift trucks20066
Manitou ME 315 Front-mounted forklift truck20076
Manitou ME 316 Front-mounted forklift truck20076
Manitou ME 320 Front-mounted forklift truck20076
Manitou ME 425 Front-mounted forklift truck20076
Manitou ME316 Electric Forklift 1600kg NEW / UNUSED Front-mounted forklift truck201015
Manitou ME318 Electric Forklift 1800kg NEW / UNUSED Front-mounted forklift truck201015
Manitou ME318S1 New / New Incl. Charger Front-mounted forklift truck201013
Manitou MF 1637 SLT Telescopic19981
Manitou MH 20 4x4 Rough-terrain forklift truck20061
Manitou MH 20-4 t Side-loading forklift truck20043
Manitou mh20 Rough-terrain forklift truck19888
Manitou MH20-4 Rough-terrain forklift truck20056
Manitou MH20-4 T buggie Rough-terrain forklift truck20049
Manitou MH20-4T BUGGIE DUPLEX 330cm 2000KG Rough-terrain forklift truck200315
Manitou MH20-4T BUGGIE TRIPLEX 330cm 2000KG Rough-terrain forklift truck20049
Manitou MH20-4T BUGGIE TRIPLEX 370cm 2000KG Rough-terrain forklift truck200315
Manitou MH20-4T Terrain Forklift 4x4 triplex 330cm Rough-terrain forklift truck200415
Manitou MH25-4T BUGGIE TRIPLEX 430cm 2500KG Rough-terrain forklift truck200515
Manitou MHT 860 Telescopic20106
Manitou MHT 860 L Telescopic20097
Manitou MHT860L Telescopic20066
Manitou MI 255 Front-mounted forklift truck19869
Manitou MLA 627 T Telescopic19968
Manitou MLA 628-120 Powershift articulated Telescopic200813
Manitou MLT 20 627 \ Telescopic20105
Manitou MLT 523 T Telescopic20081
Manitou MLT 524 Telescopic19988
Manitou MLT 526 turbo 4x4x4 with engine failure Telescopic199415
Manitou MLT 527 Telescopic19966
Manitou MLT 626 Telescopic199515
Manitou MLT 626 Other forklift trucks20114
Manitou MLT 626T Telescopic19941
Manitou MLT 627 Telescopic20055
Manitou MLT 630 Turbo Telescopic20047
Manitou MLT 630-120 LSU Telescopic20037
Manitou MLT 633 Power Shift 26 with fork Telescopic199912
Manitou MLT 633-120 LS Telescopic200014
Manitou MLT 634-120LSU Telescopic20042
Manitou MLT 725 T \ Front-mounted forklift truck19923
Manitou MLT 730 Turbo with a shovel Telescopic200015
Manitou MLT 731 LSU Turbo Telescopic200713
Manitou MLT 731 T LSU Agri Telescopic20086
Manitou MLT 731 T LSU climate / bucket / fork Telescopic200710
Manitou MLT 731 turbo Telescopic20065
Manitou MLT 735-120 LSU PS Telescopic20116
Manitou MLT 742 Turbo Telehandler Telescopic20055
Manitou MLT 845 Turbo HLSU Telescopic20084
Manitou MLT 845-120 LSU Telehandler Telescopic200410
Manitou MLT telescopic 634-120 LSL Turbo Telescopic200315
Manitou MLT524 pallet fork + Pelican shovel Telescopic20004
Manitou MLT629T Telescopic19996
Manitou MLT731 Telescopic20056
Manitou MLT731 Telescopic20066
Manitou MR 1740 SL Turbo 3-E2 Telescopic20048
Manitou MRI 1540 Telescopic19964
Manitou MRI 1540 High-bay rack20114
Manitou MRI 1542 360 ° Other forklift trucks20086
Manitou MRI 2150 / 2540 Autumn special offer privilege Telescopic20115
Manitou MRI 3-D cable Other forklift trucks20076
Manitou MRI Easy 1840 Telescopic20116
Manitou MRT 1432 Telescopic200311
Manitou MRT 1432 Telescopic20042
Manitou MRT 1432 M 400 ° Other forklift trucks20016
Manitou MRT 1542 M Telescopic20059
Manitou MRT 1635 + Jip rotor cage Telescopic20068
Manitou MRT 1635 M Telescopic20047
Manitou MRT 1635 M 400 ° Other forklift trucks20056
Manitou MRT 1742, built 2002, radio remote control, 1.Hand, Top! Rough-terrain forklift truck200210
Manitou MRT 1850 Telescopic19995
Manitou MRT 1850 Telescopic20011
Manitou MRT 2145 Telescopic20019
Manitou MRT 2150 Telescopic20058
Manitou MRT 2150 M Telescopic20076
Manitou MRT 2150 Privilege Telescopic20076
Manitou MRT 2150 Privilege Telescopic20082
Manitou MRT 2150 Privilege Telescopic20106
Manitou MRT 2150 Privilege ORH Telescopic20111
Manitou MRT 2540 Telescopic20051
Manitou MRT 2540 M Telescopic200410
Manitou MRT 2540 Privilege radio RC TÜV Telescopic20116
Manitou MRT 3050 Privilege Complete Telescopic20081
Manitou MRT 3050 Privilege ORH Telescopic20111
Manitou MRT1432M rotating telescopic handlers 1382CM 3.2T 4x4x4 Telescopic200315
Manitou MRT1432M rotating telescopic handlers 1382CM 3.2T 4x4x4 Telescopic200412
Manitou MRT2150 Other forklift trucks20045
Manitou MRT2150 Series M (radiocontrolled) Telescopic200514
Manitou MRT2150M Telescopic20064
Manitou MSI 25 Buggie Rough-terrain forklift truck20056
Manitou MSI 30 Rough-terrain forklift truck20066
Manitou MSI 30D Rough-terrain forklift truck19984
Manitou MSI 40 Front-mounted forklift truck20024
Manitou MSI 40 Rough-terrain forklift truck20064
Manitou MSI 40 H Rough-terrain forklift truck20046
Manitou MSI30 BUGGIE TRIPLEX 430cm 3000kg Rough-terrain forklift truck200415
Manitou MT 1030 S Telescopic20071
Manitou MT 1030S (258 549) Telescopic20086
Manitou MT 1230 ULTRA SCPT Telescopic19956
Manitou MT 1232 ST TURBO - 4x4x4 - 12m / 3.2t. Rough-terrain forklift truck199815
Manitou MT 1233 S Telescopic19991

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