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Menci Commercial Vehicles

(Food tank, Tank body, Tipper, Stake body and tarpaulin, Deep-freeze transporter, Refrigerator body, Other semi-trailers, Silo, )
Menci 1 Chamber 28 000 liters Food tank200810
Menci 2007, Menci / Santi 33,000 L., 3 comp., Food + ADR Tank body200715
Menci 2007, Menci / Santi 33,000 L., 3 comp., Food + ADR Food tank200715
Menci 20x SL900R 41 m3 ALU trough round. Tipper € 19,900 Tipper20075
Menci 31000, 12500 +12500 +6000 Food tank200711
Menci 32,000 +6000 + 13 500 12 500 3 chamber Food tank20092
Menci 38S20 PRS FAST RUNNER Stake body and tarpaulin201015
Menci 700R Sat, 26 m, air, elevator, BPW axles Tipper20077
Menci Acerbi 135 Deep-freeze transporter19934
Menci Acerbi Viberti TP78P2 Tipper20026
Menci Adamoli Tipper19986
Menci Adamoli Car S37 Tipper19978
Menci Alukipper rims export 19.900Euro Tipper20064
Menci Approximately 25m ³ Tipper SA700R Tipper20089
Menci BIANCHI LEOPARD Tipper20047
Menci Cardi 773 / 3 P103 Tipper20107
Menci Cargo Trailers Colibri Dux Tipper20105
Menci Cassa in Alluminio Tipper200812
Menci Chemical tank 30.000 l - ADR - L4BH - 2.67 bar Tank body19968
Menci CHEMISTRY HEATING STEAM WASH + + WEBASTO 3xROOM = 33.080L Tank body199615
Menci cisterna Tank body19982
Menci CISTERNA PER BITUME Tank body19952
Menci FOOD ABS + ISOLATION 100 * C = +1 ^ LIFT 3xROOM 32.000LTR Tank body19966
Menci FOOD INOX + +33000 + L +3 ROOMS WEBASTO + + ELEC.PUMP ISOLATE Food tank19967
Menci Food tanks 3Kammern Food tank200013
Menci G. Magyar Tank body19954
Menci Grapar 31000/12500 +12500 +6000 Food tank201111
Menci Indox aluminum tank Tank body19926
Menci INOX BITUM 300 * C BPW + ADR + + LIFT ABS +1 ^ = ALLU 35.000L Tank body200615
Menci Menci Deep-freeze transporter19963
Menci Menci Deep-freeze transporter19973
Menci MENCI Tipper20045
Menci Minerva € Strada Tipper19955
Menci Minerva 2000DS Tipper20047
Menci NA Tipper20072
Menci NUOVA SOSMA - CIST. ALIMENTARE 36 000 LT, POMPA Food tank199615
Menci OPRA chemical - ADR - 3 compartments - Heating - pressure Tank body20008
Menci OPRA chemistry - ADR - 3 compartments - Heating - print Tank body20006
Menci SA 115 Tank body20044
Menci SA 700R, steel, disc brake 27 m³ Tipper20077
Menci SA 743 R Hardox 26m3 Tipper20098
Menci SA 743 TIPPER * R * Tipper200711
Menci SA 743R Tipper20082
Menci SA-105 Tank body20124
Menci SA-105 Food tank20121
Menci SA700R Tipper20062
Menci SA700R Tipper20084
Menci SA700R about 24 cubic meters Tipper201010
Menci SA740M Tipper20075
Menci SA850R Tipper20115
Menci SAFA bitumen / oil / mazut 300 34 000 Ltr Grd Tank body200510
Menci Santi Food tank20025
Menci SANTI CISTERNA ALIMENTARE 32 000 LT. Food tank200515
Menci Santi SA105 Tank body20095
Menci Semirimorchio ribaltabile posterior - 46 Tipper20085
Menci SL 105 R Tipper20055
Menci SL 115 Tank body20013
Menci SL 1355 S Refrigerator body19998
Menci SL 710-12 Tipper20049
Menci SL 900 R Tipper20056
Menci SL105 61 MC Tipper20072
Menci SL1053FS / 3 CHAMBERS Food tank19986
Menci SL1355S * THERMO KING SMX-II * Refrigerator body19986
Menci SL740R aluminum-33 m3 tipper - like new! Tipper20018
Menci SL740RP - solid aluminum - around 38 m3 - Weight: 5.100 Tipper19995
Menci SL900R Tipper20046
Menci SL900R, 34 cubic Tipper20065
Menci SM115SA Other semi-trailers20118
Menci SM115SA Silo20119
Menci SM115SA Silo20129
Menci STEAM HEATING FOOD INOX + + +1 ^ LIFT ABS 3xROOM = 30900L Tank body199515
Menci TANK 3 AXLES 34 000 LT Tank body20103
Menci Tecnokar Super Top 6 Tipper20077
Menci Tecnokar Top 6 Tipper20036
Menci Top 6 Tecnokar Tipper20036
Menci various brands 5 pieces Refrigerator body200512
Menci Vasca SL900 mod P Tipper20003
Menci Zorzi, 37 S Tipper19987

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