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Mitsubishi Commercial Vehicles

(Stake body and tarpaulin, Box, Stake body, Traffic construction, Tipper, Breakdown truck, Refrigerator body, Three-sided Tipper, Car carrier, Box-type delivery van, Other vans/trucks up to 7, Front-mounted forklift truck, Dumper truck, Chassis, High lift truck, Beverages van, )
Mitsubishi Canter HD Intercooler Stake body and tarpaulin20015
Mitsubishi Canter hiab 022 Box20042
Mitsubishi Canter Intercooler Stake body19946
Mitsubishi Canter intercooler No. K 26 Stake body and tarpaulin200415
Mitsubishi Canter Intercooler selling cars Traffic construction199614
Mitsubishi Canter Isokoffer 4.2 m / EURO 3 / TUV 09.2012 Box199615
Mitsubishi canter maximum pritsche Stake body20015
Mitsubishi Canter Meiller tipper Tipper19998
Mitsubishi Canter Platform Stake body20036
Mitsubishi Canter platform with rear crane Stake body19945
Mitsubishi CANTER Pomoc Drogowa Breakdown truck19995
Mitsubishi Canter refrigerator dual tires NET 8500, - Refrigerator body19984
Mitsubishi Canter spoiler Box20073
Mitsubishi Canter suitcase en deuren 2.8 TDI Box19999
Mitsubishi Canter T 35 Doka + flatbed Stake body20024
Mitsubishi Canter T35 BL Stake body19975
Mitsubishi Canter T60 double-deck winch tow TÜV Breakdown truck19995
Mitsubishi Canter tipper Tipper20009
Mitsubishi Canter Tipper + (3-ZEITE) + Double Cabine Tipper20019
Mitsubishi Canter tipper 5S13 Tipper201215
Mitsubishi Canter tipper 7C183350 climate Three-sided Tipper201111
Mitsubishi Canter tipper new model 3S13 2500 1.70 wide Tipper20123
Mitsubishi Canter tipper new model 3S13 2500 1.70 wide Tipper20123
Mitsubishi Canter tow / roadside assistance vehicle Car carrier19981
Mitsubishi Canter tow truck Box-type delivery van19946
Mitsubishi Canter TOWING VEHICLE WITH CRANE Breakdown truck20009
Mitsubishi CANTER TRUCK SIDE SERVO 3-truck 3.5 TONNES Tipper19938
Mitsubishi Canter with Crane CAMA 265/1 Tipper19931
Mitsubishi CANTER WYWROTKA Tipper20057
Mitsubishi Canter, air lift Refrigerator body19998
Mitsubishi CANTER, DOKA, MAXI LONG, platform Stake body200110
Mitsubishi Canter, No. 52 Stake body19986
Mitsubishi Conter Caisse Aluvan Other vans/trucks up to 720078
Mitsubishi Cooling unit 300 TDJ Refrigerator body20037
Mitsubishi D-FD25NT Front-mounted forklift truck20069
Mitsubishi DF G25NT Front-mounted forklift truck20054
Mitsubishi DFG20N Front-mounted forklift truck20098
Mitsubishi Di-D Canter 7.5t air winds Schiebeplateau Breakdown truck200214
Mitsubishi EURO 5 EEV 5S13 Dumper truck20126
Mitsubishi EURO 5 EEV FUSO 7C15 Schiebeplateau Breakdown truck20113
Mitsubishi FB16KY Internal No. 6954 Front-mounted forklift truck200415
Mitsubishi FB20KC Front-mounted forklift truck20035
Mitsubishi FB634 Chassis200410
Mitsubishi FBP 18 Front-mounted forklift truck19964
Mitsubishi FD 20 Forklift, Manual, Diesel Front-mounted forklift truck20119
Mitsubishi FD 25 Front-mounted forklift truck19963
Mitsubishi FD 25 N Front-mounted forklift truck20058
Mitsubishi FD 25 NT Front-mounted forklift truck20087
Mitsubishi FD 25, 6 m height!! Front-mounted forklift truck20112
Mitsubishi FD 30 Front-mounted forklift truck20016
Mitsubishi FD 30 K Front-mounted forklift truck20034
Mitsubishi FD 30K Diesel Forklift Front-mounted forklift truck20027
Mitsubishi FD 35 Front-mounted forklift truck19955
Mitsubishi FD 35 Front-mounted forklift truck20119
Mitsubishi FD 35 Capacity: 4000kg Front-mounted forklift truck199311
Mitsubishi FD 35 Diesel with twin frosted side Sieber. Front-mounted forklift truck19915
Mitsubishi FD 35 page slide, free lift, fork positioner Front-mounted forklift truck199212
Mitsubishi FD 35 T Diesel Forklift Front-mounted forklift truck19938
Mitsubishi FD 45 Front-mounted forklift truck19944
Mitsubishi FD 45 full cabin, duplex mast, side shift Front-mounted forklift truck19939
Mitsubishi FD 45 K Front-mounted forklift truck20065
Mitsubishi FD 50 CT Front-mounted forklift truck19986
Mitsubishi FD 50 Diesel TOP orig. 4900std Front-mounted forklift truck19966
Mitsubishi FD15K Front-mounted forklift truck19994
Mitsubishi FD20 High lift truck19936
Mitsubishi FD20K Diesel Stabler Front-mounted forklift truck20116
Mitsubishi FD25 Front-mounted forklift truck19926
Mitsubishi FD25 Front-mounted forklift truck19935
Mitsubishi FD25 Front-mounted forklift truck19949
Mitsubishi FD25 Front-mounted forklift truck20084
Mitsubishi FD25T Front-mounted forklift truck19909
Mitsubishi FD30 Front-mounted forklift truck20119
Mitsubishi FD30 diesel / diesel particulate filter / 3rd control circuit Front-mounted forklift truck19976
Mitsubishi FD35 fully hydraulic Preload Adjusters! TOP! Front-mounted forklift truck19924
Mitsubishi FD40 Front-mounted forklift truck19885
Mitsubishi FD40K Front-mounted forklift truck20048
Mitsubishi FD70 Front-mounted forklift truck200112
Mitsubishi FE85 Three-sided Tipper20089
Mitsubishi FE85SJZSLE Box20106
Mitsubishi FG 15 T Gas Truck in good condition Front-mounted forklift truck19955
Mitsubishi FG 15, SS, TRIPLEX, CAB, ONLY 5806Bts! Front-mounted forklift truck200410
Mitsubishi FG 25 K Front-mounted forklift truck20037
Mitsubishi FG 30 K, CAB, ONLY 2150Bts! Front-mounted forklift truck200110
Mitsubishi FG 30 N Front-mounted forklift truck20114
Mitsubishi FG18 (507) Front-mounted forklift truck19995
Mitsubishi FG25D Front-mounted forklift truck20076
Mitsubishi FG25N Gas Forklift HH: 5000mm Front-mounted forklift truck20067
Mitsubishi FG25T Front-mounted forklift truck19942
Mitsubishi FG35 Front-mounted forklift truck199211
Mitsubishi FG35K Front-mounted forklift truck20035
Mitsubishi FG40K with side shift Front-mounted forklift truck20047
Mitsubishi FG50K Sideshift / * Many new parts Zinkenverst * Front-mounted forklift truck20049
Mitsubishi Fuso Box20083
Mitsubishi FUSO (id: 7480) Car carrier20073
Mitsubishi FUSO / CANTER 7C15 Euro 5 Beverages van201015
Mitsubishi FUSO / CANTER 7C15 Euro 5 Chassis201015
Mitsubishi FUSO / CANTER 7C15 Euro 5 Traffic construction201015
Mitsubishi FUSO / CANTER 7C15 Euro 5 Box-type delivery van201015
Mitsubishi fuso 35 Stake body and tarpaulin20084
Mitsubishi Fuso 3C13 (new model year. 2012) Automatic Duonic Box20129

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