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Multicar Commercial Vehicles

(Three-sided Tipper, Tipper, Other vans/trucks up to 7, Stake body, Hydraulic work platform, Dumper truck, Loader wagon, Other substructures, Sweeping machine, Truck-mounted crane, Refuse truck, Swap chassis, Roll-off tipper, Vacuum and pressure vehicle, )
Multicar 1.25 M AL-wheel tipper 4x4 1,9 D long Kommunalhy Three-sided Tipper199112
Multicar 1.25 M AL-wheel tipper 4x4 1,9 D long Kommunalhy Tipper199112
Multicar 106PS TIPPER IVECO M26 DOKA Three-sided Tipper199915
Multicar 1997? Other vans/trucks up to 719975
Multicar 22 Three-sided Tipper19665
Multicar 22-1 M / P ... OLDI available as a tipper! Stake body196510
Multicar 24.10 Tipper19763
Multicar 25 * M * Complete winter service equipment Stake body198410
Multicar 25 m tipper Stake body19905
Multicar 2510 M * 3 * local hydraulic tipper * Tipper198910
Multicar 26 * M * ALL-WHEEL-Hub Platform orig.14 TKM! Hydraulic work platform199315
Multicar 4x4 / brush / spreader / winter Tipper19956
Multicar 5.26 M 4x4 with snow plow Three-sided Tipper200712
Multicar 602102-33KW Three-sided Tipper19845
Multicar A machine for FUMO, M26 - NEW OFFER EXTRA! Tipper20113
Multicar Absetzkippaufbau with KWS for M26, M27, e.g. FUMO Dumper truck201115
Multicar Ant diesel truck DK3 Stake body20005
Multicar Auslegemäher for M26 or Fumo Other vans/trucks up to 719965
Multicar Behringer Kugelwechselsysten Dumper truck20018
Multicar Boki HY 1251 winter 4x4x4 Ladog Tremo Three-sided Tipper200110
Multicar Boki HY 1351 Ladog Tremo Hansa 4x4 Tipper20049
Multicar Boschung Pony SP 604 3T winter 4x4 Loader wagon199210
Multicar Broom 'WIMA \ Other substructures19942
Multicar BSO Boschung 2000 Olympic water pressure washer Sweeping machine200012
Multicar Carrier tremolo Tipper20093
Multicar CHAMPION M26 4X4 * TÜV and AU 09 / * 2012 * 1.HAND Dumper truck199715
Multicar CHAMPION M26 4X4 1.HAND * Dumper truck199715
Multicar Clamshell grab Truck-mounted crane19983
Multicar CONTEX Hydrobox m26 FUMO LADOG HANSA UNIMOG Refuse truck20048
Multicar Demountable UX 100 Unimog telescope Dumper truck20008
Multicar Diesel ant DK 3 Stake body19624
Multicar DIY Loader wagon19795
Multicar Doka 07 M26-wheel Komunalhydraulik Tipper199515
Multicar Doka-wheel-drive M26 Three-sided Tipper19956
Multicar Dozer Blade M26 Schnellwe. NEW Tipper20126
Multicar Even Recordingthesession front brush M26 Sweeping machine19945
Multicar Fiedler FFA 400 M26 Ladog trap at Pine tremolo Three-sided Tipper20014
Multicar Fiedler FFA400M-P Schlegelmähwerk hedge trimmer Other vans/trucks up to 7200114
Multicar Front boom mower FFA 400 K - P Other vans/trucks up to 720076
Multicar Frontkehrmaschine for M26 / FUMO / Other Other vans/trucks up to 720112
Multicar Frontkehrmaschine for M26, FUMO Tipper20123
Multicar Frontkehrmaschine MTS Sweeping machine20113
Multicar Frontschlegelmähwerk Fiedler FF1000 Other vans/trucks up to 719958
Multicar Fumo Three-sided Tipper20058
Multicar Fumo Dumper truck20074
Multicar Fumo Three-sided Tipper20075
Multicar Fumo 3 way tipper Three-sided Tipper20028
Multicar Fumo 4x2 Long Wheelbase Tipper20042
Multicar Fumo 4x4 tipper air Tipper20059
Multicar FUMO 4x4 with loader Dumper truck200410
Multicar FUMO Carrier Tipper200112
Multicar FUMO CARRIER Dumper truck20055
Multicar Fumo carrier 4x4 Three-sided Tipper20044
Multicar Fumo carrier 4x4 Three-sided Tipper20064
Multicar FUMO CARRIER 4x4 DoKa Tipper200613
Multicar Fumo Carrier 4x4 skip loader new Dumper truck20067
Multicar Fumo Carrier M 30 double cabin Swap chassis20104
Multicar Fumo Carrier M30 Roll-off tipper20023
Multicar Fumo Carrier M30 Refuse truck20023
Multicar FUMO Carrier, Boki, Hansa, Ladog Three-sided Tipper20025
Multicar FUMO double cabin and flatbed / tipper Three-sided Tipper201115
Multicar Fumo M 26-wheel Three-sided Tipper20067
Multicar Fumo M26 4x4 Sweeper Trilety Sweeping machine20054
Multicar FUMO M30 * TIPPER TRUCK * 4X4 * WINTERDIENST SIGN * Tipper200715
Multicar Fumo M30 4x4 07 local hydraulic Three-sided Tipper200415
Multicar Fumo M30 4x4 Kommunalhydraulik07 Tipper200411
Multicar Fumo M30 4x4 skip loader + snow plow! Dumper truck200613
Multicar FUMO M30 Carrier Three-sided Tipper20074
Multicar Fumo M30 Carrier 4x4 skip loader Dumper truck20087
Multicar Fumo M30 Carrier H 4x4 winter (KAK31) Three-sided Tipper200313
Multicar FUMO MT31 4x4 new condition! 43.000KM! Three-sided Tipper20068
Multicar FUMO MT31 4x4 new condition! 43.000KM! Tipper20068
Multicar FUMO single cab flatbed / tipper Three-sided Tipper201115
Multicar Fumo winter service Tipper200313
Multicar Fumo-cab doors with defect Three-sided Tipper200515
Multicar GEORGE skip GAK224t Dumper truck19967
Multicar Gmeiner spreaders STA-MC-EWA Other vans/trucks up to 720061
Multicar Good technique Fußlenker M21 diesel ant Stake body19684
Multicar Growing winter Lawn Spreader Other vans/trucks up to 720125
Multicar HANSA APZ 1003 H - wheel, steering wheel, Other vans/trucks up to 720005
Multicar Hansa APZ 1003, Ladog, Tremo Tipper19915
Multicar Hansa APZ1003H Three-sided Tipper19902
Multicar Hydraulic lift gate! Tipper19905
Multicar IFA Other vans/trucks up to 719854
Multicar IKF since 88 Klermachine No. 12 Vacuum and pressure vehicle199013
Multicar Isuzu 4x4 + SKIP NLS85AL WHEEL Dumper truck201115
Multicar ISUZU NMR85L SKIP + Dumper truck201115
Multicar IVECO M26-106PS-EZ loader: 2000 Dumper truck200015
Multicar Kiefer 1150 4x4 with dump trucks, spreaders u.Schieber Other vans/trucks up to 719988
Multicar Kramer Tremo Tipper20044
Multicar Kubota RTV 900 4x4 winter service spreader blade + Tipper200815
Multicar Leiber Puma 60 Tipper200610
Multicar Leiber Tiger winter 4x4 plate and shakers Tipper200614
Multicar Long-M25 VW Tipper Three-sided Tipper199210
Multicar Low-pressure water washing tank 1500 l + beams Three-sided Tipper20123
Multicar M 22 Stake body19685
Multicar M 22 Stake body19695
Multicar M 22-1P Stake body19725
Multicar m 24 Three-sided Tipper19751
Multicar M 24 Stake body19855

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