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Nissan Commercial Vehicles

(Stake body, Hydraulic work platform, Front-mounted forklift truck, Other vans/trucks up to 7, Box-type delivery van, Three-sided Tipper, Chassis, Truck-mounted crane, Breakdown truck, Stake body and tarpaulin, Refrigerator box, Box, Refrigerator body, Other trucks over 7, Tipper, Car carrier, Roll-off tipper, Dumper truck, )
Nissan * Cross-platform Atleon TK160.95 41000 km * 160 Ps Stake body200514
Nissan * Gabstar MULTITEL ALU TOP OFFER ** 16 * M. Hydraulic work platform200214
Nissan 08 engine overhauled in 2009 to four lifting Front-mounted forklift truck20007
Nissan 1.5 dCi 110 DPF NV200 Premium Other vans/trucks up to 720112
Nissan 1.5 dCi 90 DPF NV200 Premium Other vans/trucks up to 720115
Nissan 1.5 dCi Visia NV200 Box-type delivery van20115
Nissan 1.8 GB Front-mounted forklift truck19961
Nissan 100 TRADE Other vans/trucks up to 719976
Nissan 115HP L1H1 Primastar 2.0dCi Comfort WOULD IMMEDIATELY Box-type delivery van20117
Nissan 120.35 Three-sided Tipper20022
Nissan 15Q FD, SS Front-mounted forklift truck20059
Nissan 2,3 D VANETTE Box-type delivery van200011
Nissan 2.0 CDTI 115PS PRIMASTAR AIR GOWORIM Box-type delivery van20103
Nissan 2.5 DCI Double Cab 4WD / Clima / 8950 -. MARGIN Stake body200710
Nissan 2.5 dCi Navara King Cab XE Comfort Other vans/trucks up to 7200815
Nissan 3 T. + GAS VALVE PAGE Front-mounted forklift truck19906
Nissan 3.0 DO TRADE TANIO zabudowy Chassis19953
Nissan 30 FENDT Front-mounted forklift truck20045
Nissan 30 Fendt with side shift Front-mounted forklift truck199315
Nissan 30 ug po Front-mounted forklift truck20059
Nissan 30L3F430 Front-mounted forklift truck20005
Nissan 35.10 Oil \u0026 Steel snake compact 2010, 20 meters Hydraulic work platform20115
Nissan 35.11 Oil \u0026 Steel snake compact 2010, 20 meters Hydraulic work platform20085
Nissan 3511 Cabstar Multitel, Type 160 Alloy Hydraulic work platform20076
Nissan 3511 Cabstar Multitel, Type 160 Alloy Truck-mounted crane20079
Nissan 35c13 45c13 cabstar HYDRAULIC PLATFORM Breakdown truck201111
Nissan AC Trade Chassis19998
Nissan Alteon 210 120/5 Stake body and tarpaulin20044
Nissan APH 02 Front-mounted forklift truck19914
Nissan Atelon Refrigerator box20023
Nissan Athleon Box20035
Nissan Athleon 35-15 3.0 DCi 150 Chassis20096
Nissan ATHLEON 35.15 Box-type delivery van20077
Nissan atleon Truck-mounted crane200210
Nissan atleon Box20025
Nissan Atleon Box20045
Nissan atleon Breakdown truck20044
Nissan ATLEON Stake body20084
Nissan Atleon Box200813
Nissan Atleon Box200915
Nissan ATLEON ** ** Schiebeplateau winch * Good Condition * Breakdown truck200315
Nissan Atleon ** AIR ** CHASSIS ** Chassis200615
Nissan Atleon 110 Tiefkühlkoffer -20 degrees Refrigerator body200115
Nissan Atleon 120 Refrigerator body20045
Nissan Atleon 120 side curtain Stake body and tarpaulin20029
Nissan atleon 120 tk Stake body and tarpaulin200414
Nissan Atleon 120.35 HD Box20062
Nissan Atleon 120.35 Rohrbahnen - Euro 3 / -20 ° C / current Refrigerator body20039
Nissan Atleon 120.56 + suitcase deuren 3.0 TD Box20037
Nissan Atleon 120.56qli \ Hydraulic work platform20037
Nissan Atleon 125.56 Tischer Schiebeplateau Breakdown truck20045
Nissan Atleon 130 ladvogn hk Other vans/trucks up to 720055
Nissan Atleon 140 Box-type delivery van20003
Nissan ATLEON 140 Other trucks over 720011
Nissan ATLEON 140 Refrigerator box20014
Nissan Atleon 140 * tarp * tailgate * air * Stake body and tarpaulin200211
Nissan Atleon 140.75 Box200112
Nissan ATLEON 150 BENNE ET COFFRE Tipper20095
Nissan Atleon 165.75 TKO with trailer Car carrier200411
Nissan ATLEON 165.95 (id: 8025) Box20033
Nissan Atleon 35-13 Stake body and tarpaulin20045
Nissan Atleon 35-15 Tipper20075
Nissan Atleon 35.13 * Climate * tailgate * Box200513
Nissan ATLEON 35.13 130CV 3.0L BV5 EMPT 2 PLATE Box-type delivery van20047
Nissan ATLEON 35.15 150CV CAISSE 20M3 3T5 Box-type delivery van20075
Nissan ATLEON 35.15 3.0L 150CV BV5 EMPT 3600 CH Box-type delivery van20128
Nissan ATLEON 35.15 BV5 150CV LUXE EMPT 3 BENNE Box-type delivery van20122
Nissan Atleon 56.15 Box-type delivery van20079
Nissan Atleon 56.15 Chassis20106
Nissan Atleon 75 160 6.0 TD Box200515
Nissan Atleon 80 19 Tail Box20072
Nissan Atleon 80.19 with meat case and tube orbits Refrigerator body20106
Nissan Atleon 95.22 - VDL S-8-400 Telescope - Container Roll-off tipper200915
Nissan Atleon ATLEON 3.5 DMC Other vans/trucks up to 7200610
Nissan Atleon HDS Box-type delivery van20027
Nissan Atleon Klima/3-Sitze Stake body200711
Nissan Atleon Rohrbahnen 120.35 - € 3 - Meat Refrigerator body20036
Nissan ATLEON TK 140.80 / 4 (id: 5012) Stake body and tarpaulin20004
Nissan Atleon TK110.35 freezer Frigicoll Refrigerator body200413
Nissan ATLEON TK120 Chassis20027
Nissan Atleon TK210 Dumper truck20045
Nissan Atleon Truck * AIR * Box20036
Nissan ATLEON. 210-hydraulic push floor, winch Breakdown truck200215
Nissan Box 1.5 l 85dci NV200 Premium 5MT Box-type delivery van20112
Nissan Cabstar Three-sided Tipper19938
Nissan Cabstar Stake body20005
Nissan Cabstar Other trucks over 720043
Nissan Cabstar Tipper20055
Nissan CABSTAR Tipper20051
Nissan Cabstar Stake body20064
Nissan Cabstar Refrigerator body20065
Nissan CABSTAR Hydraulic work platform20062
Nissan Cabstar Chassis200714
Nissan Cabstar Tipper20071
Nissan Cabstar Other vans/trucks up to 720078
Nissan CABSTAR Tipper20082
Nissan Cabstar Stake body20084
Nissan CABSTAR Car carrier200813
Nissan CABSTAR Tipper20107
Nissan Cabstar - air conditioning - Box20069

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