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Palfinger Commercial Vehicles

(Construction crane, Timber carrier, Other construction vehicles, Truck-mounted crane, Roll-off tipper, Rough-terrain forklift truck, Other forklift trucks, Working platform, Other substructures, Side-loading forklift truck, Platform, Front-mounted forklift truck, Other trucks over 7, Stake body, Breakdown truck, Box, Stake body and tarpaulin, Car carrier, Other trucks over 7,5t, )
Palfinger ! Building crane + grab! PK 16000L Construction crane19985
Palfinger 15 500 PKK Advantage Construction crane20072
Palfinger 25Z Timber carrier20052
Palfinger 60.1 never atlas (hiab palfinger ferrari pm) Other construction vehicles20115
Palfinger 70 Truck-mounted crane20004
Palfinger Abrollpritsche \u0026 CRANE PK 16000 L Truck-mounted crane200313
Palfinger Abrollpritsche \u0026 CRANE PK 16000 L Roll-off tipper200312
Palfinger All-wheel Rough-terrain forklift truck200415
Palfinger Atlas 105.1 Truck-mounted crane20003
Palfinger B 214 M Other forklift trucks200814
Palfinger Bison TKA 26 KS Working platform20035
Palfinger Crane Construction crane20114
Palfinger Crane Epsilon E140L Other substructures20075
Palfinger Crane forks adjustable in 1 hand Construction crane20056
Palfinger Crane forks adjustable in 1 hand Truck-mounted crane20057
Palfinger Crane PK 22000 LBH4 Construction crane19925
Palfinger CRANE PK18080-WINCH-1997-RADIO 5.TONNE-21M-1A Truck-mounted crane19975
Palfinger Crane, crane Truck-mounted crane20013
Palfinger Crane, type: PK8000A Other substructures199212
Palfinger CRAYLER Other forklift trucks200011
Palfinger Crayler F3 203 PX lorry mounted forklift Side-loading forklift truck200712
Palfinger Crayler F3 forklift Other forklift trucks200011
Palfinger Crayler two B154 S Other forklift trucks20005
Palfinger E Z 140 95 Other substructures20058
Palfinger EPSILON E140Z81 Truck-mounted crane20035
Palfinger Epsilon E75 L76 Timber carrier20065
Palfinger Extensible platform trailer Platform19963
Palfinger F3 151 (mounted forklift) Other forklift trucks20005
Palfinger F3 203 Pro mounted forklift Other forklift trucks200415
Palfinger F3-151 Front-mounted forklift truck20055
Palfinger Ferrari 733A4 Max KG € 9600 .9000,00 Verona Italy Truck-mounted crane20011
Palfinger Forklift Palfinger Crayler Other forklift trucks20125
Palfinger Forks with rotary servo tip top condition Truck-mounted crane20044
Palfinger Grab clamshell f Auxiliary crane Other substructures19988
Palfinger HDS Other substructures20022
Palfinger HDS DŹWIG epsilon loglift vkran penz jonsored Other substructures20115
Palfinger HDS PALFINGER Construction crane19873
Palfinger hiab Construction crane19904
Palfinger HIAB Truck-mounted crane20026
Palfinger Hiab 050 Construction crane20114
Palfinger HIAB 175-4 Truck-mounted crane19996
Palfinger Hiab EP-4288 Xs Other trucks over 720073
Palfinger HL 1551 Roll-off tipper19971
Palfinger Jumbo Trailer 1 meter load height Stake body19995
Palfinger KISHOFER 40 Truck-mounted crane20009
Palfinger LIV timber crane hook + + rotator Loglift 165Z Truck-mounted crane200312
Palfinger Loglift 140S Truck-mounted crane20055
Palfinger Loglift 241 SL, timber crane Truck-mounted crane200112
Palfinger Loglift F 135 Z-79 Truck-mounted crane20045
Palfinger Loglift F 95 S Truck-mounted crane19935
Palfinger Max Holland FD 35 T Front-mounted forklift truck20124
Palfinger MB823 to 18m / 1,000 volts abs. Working platform20005
Palfinger Moffett M 2003 WS immediately usable inspection new Rough-terrain forklift truck199912
Palfinger Mounted forklift Other forklift trucks20055
Palfinger Only T-crane 6.3 tons Amco Veba 817TS3 +3 Breakdown truck20053
Palfinger Oral and Maxillofacial 160a2V HVAC building crane a few hours Construction crane199911
Palfinger P2 TP4 Möbelkoffer Box19933
Palfinger Pacton 2Achse curtains / roof Stake body and tarpaulin20057
Palfinger PALFINGER PK 30000C * FUNK + WINCH 2Tone * Truck-mounted crane199210
Palfinger Pallet fork Other substructures20003
Palfinger Pallet Fork Other construction vehicles20124
Palfinger Pallet fork top condition Truck-mounted crane20044
Palfinger Pallettengabel for crane type :414-02 Other substructures19922
Palfinger Pfaffenbach Car carrier19995
Palfinger PK 10 500 B Other trucks over 719973
Palfinger PK 10 500 CRANE WORKING! Construction crane19882
Palfinger PK 11000 Construction crane199510
Palfinger PK 11001 Construction crane200010
Palfinger PK 11001 3X HYDRAULIC EXTENSIONS BJ-2000 Construction crane201215
Palfinger PK 11001 C Construction crane19966
Palfinger PK 11502 crane hydraulic 3x. Ejection Other trucks over 720047
Palfinger PK 12000 Truck-mounted crane20036
Palfinger PK 12000 3 85 1 A HYDRAULIC EXTENSIONS BJ Construction crane198510
Palfinger PK 13 000 B Truck-mounted crane20013
Palfinger PK 13000 Crane Folding 8.1 M = 1410 kg Construction crane20124
Palfinger PK 13000 Crane Folding 8.1 M 1.460Kg = \ Truck-mounted crane19964
Palfinger PK 13500 C 4 HYDRAULIC EXTENSIONS BJ ROTARDER TOP 92 Construction crane199213
Palfinger PK 14 600 Truck-mounted crane20005
Palfinger PK 14000 L 12m / t Truck-mounted crane199515
Palfinger PK 15002 B Other trucks over 720019
Palfinger PK 15500 Construction crane20119
Palfinger PK 16 000 C Other trucks over 7200010
Palfinger PK 16 000 LB Other trucks over 7,5t199812
Palfinger PK 16 502 C Other trucks over 7200411
Palfinger PK 16000 C Other trucks over 719962
Palfinger PK 16000 crane dismantled only building material Truck-mounted crane19995
Palfinger PK 16502 D, rear crane, foldable, Hyd.Pumpe, Tested Construction crane200315
Palfinger PK 16502 Radiographic easy! Truck-mounted crane20023
Palfinger PK 17 000 C Other trucks over 720018
Palfinger PK 17 500 Crane 3xHydr Truck-mounted crane19906
Palfinger PK 17000 Truck-mounted crane19975
Palfinger PK 18500 Construction crane20084
Palfinger PK 19000 Truck-mounted crane20027
Palfinger PK 19000 C Truck-mounted crane19975
Palfinger PK 19000 D removable crossbar, gripper control Truck-mounted crane199711
Palfinger PK 19000 LBH 4x high seat of crane Other trucks over 719946
Palfinger PK 19000L Truck-mounted crane19993
Palfinger PK 20 002 C Other trucks over 7,5t20043
Palfinger PK 20002 Other substructures20068
Palfinger PK 20002, rear crane, foldable, Hyd. Pump, New tests Construction crane200615

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