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Paus Commercial Vehicles

(Other substructures, Working platform, Mini/Kompact-digger, Wheeled loader, Combined Dredger Loader, Other construction vehicles, Construction crane, )
Paus 30 Other substructures20018
Paus 30/400 Other substructures19995
Paus 30Wh ASA-M Working platform19885
Paus 4.2 MB Mini/Kompact-digger19965
Paus 552 Wheeled loader20024
Paus 651 Wheeled loader19932
Paus 852 B Wheeled loader20035
Paus 9.0 KB Combined Dredger Loader19938
Paus AKD 160 articulated dumper Other construction vehicles199115
Paus AKD 160 Dumper Other construction vehicles199210
Paus AKD 160 Dumpers Other construction vehicles199210
Paus AKD 20 Wheeled loader19914
Paus AKD202 Dumpers Other construction vehicles20028
Paus AKR 153 Other construction vehicles20072
Paus AKR 200 Other substructures199110
Paus AKR 242 Other construction vehicles20084
Paus AKV 200 - HAULER - DUMP TRUCKS Other construction vehicles19947
Paus As new RL655B Wheeled loader20075
Paus As new RL655B Wheeled loader20085
Paus ASA 25 WH-K Other construction vehicles19925
Paus ASA 25 WH-K diagonal lift, lift furniture Working platform19937
Paus ASA 25-K WH inclined elevator, furniture lift Working platform19937
Paus Built-in 25Whr ASA Other construction vehicles19922
Paus DUMPER AKD 20 Other construction vehicles201215
Paus Dumpers Other construction vehicles19898
Paus Dumpers AKD202 Other construction vehicles20028
Paus Funicular lift roofing furniture lift Other substructures20112
Paus GAB 240 Dumper Other construction vehicles199414
Paus goods lift Working platform19915
Paus GT18A Working platform200811
Paus GT21A Working platform200612
Paus LTG 16 Other construction vehicles19876
Paus PR 851 Wheeled loader19925
Paus PTK31 Bj2012 Mint Construction crane20128
Paus RL 1252 B Wheeled loader20024
Paus RL 30 Wheeled loader19715
Paus RL 652 Wheeled loader199513
Paus RL 652 SL Wheeled loader20035
Paus RL 652 SL Schwenklader 6000 kg Wheeled loader19998
Paus RL 652 wheel loader - good condition Wheeled loader19967
Paus RL 655 Wheeled loader20074
Paus RL 655 Wheeled loader20095
Paus RL 852 wheel loader in good condition Wheeled loader19974
Paus rl552 Wheeled loader20064
Paus RL650 Wheeled loader19927
Paus RL651 Wheeled loader199315
Paus RL655 Wheeled loader200813
Paus RL655 (1485 pcs) Wheeled loader20068
Paus RL655 (1485 uur) Wheeled loader20068
Paus RL655 (1519 pcs) Wheeled loader20068
Paus RL655 (1519 uur) Wheeled loader20068
Paus RL655 (2902 pcs) Wheeled loader20068
Paus RL655 (2902 pieces) Wheeled loader20068
Paus RL655 (2916 pcs) Wheeled loader20088
Paus RL655 (2916 pieces) Wheeled loader20088
Paus Roofing Construction Hoists Lift Other construction vehicles19948
Paus Screening bucket for wheel loader RL 652 752 Wheeled loader20122
Paus SL 755 Wheeled loader20073
Paus SL 755 Wheeled loader20115
Paus SL655 standardized Idealny 2008r Wheeled loader20115
Paus SMK160 - auto-loaders Other construction vehicles19955
Paus Stage GT 18 A Working platform20095
Paus WH25 2 X available Other construction vehicles19939

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