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Pezzaioli Commercial Vehicles

(Cattle truck, Stake body and tarpaulin, Deep-freeze transporter, Tipper, Three-sided tipper, )
Pezzaioli 3 levels - For animal transport - 68000, E- Cattle truck20061
Pezzaioli 3 Stock Livestock trailer Cattle truck199711
Pezzaioli 3 Stock SBA 31 TYPE 2 GOOD CONDITION Cattle truck20088
Pezzaioli 3-STOCK Cattle truck20067
Pezzaioli 3.Etagen 8.20 m body length Cattle truck20014
Pezzaioli 3.Etagen type2 Cattle truck20047
Pezzaioli 3floors animal transport 250 hog / pig Cattle truck20036
Pezzaioli 3Stock 3Achs Cattle truck19955
Pezzaioli 3Stock potions fan Cattle truck19993
Pezzaioli BCT51-20 Stake body and tarpaulin20038
Pezzaioli Cattle for transport - 49.000,-Euro - Cattle truck20051
Pezzaioli Cattle for transport - 65,000-€ - Cattle truck20079
Pezzaioli Cattle for transport - 79.000,-Euro - Cattle truck20084
Pezzaioli For Cattle transport - 75.000,-Euro - Cattle truck20084
Pezzaioli For Cattle transport - Pigs or Cows - Cattle truck20066
Pezzaioli For Cattle transport - Pigs or Cows - Cattle truck20086
Pezzaioli Jaula GANDERA 3CC Cattle truck20125
Pezzaioli KA-BA / FiegeTec Livestock three floors Vollalu Cattle truck200515
Pezzaioli Lafaro, 3 Stöckig, spindle bottom, pop-top, sides Cattle truck19996
Pezzaioli Livestock trailer with 3 floors and 7,80 m body length Cattle truck20022
Pezzaioli Livestock trailer with 3 floors, Vollalu Cattle truck20005
Pezzaioli Livestock trailer with 3 floors, Vollalu Cattle truck20023
Pezzaioli Livestock type II 3 floors Cattle truck200915
Pezzaioli Micheletto Cattle truck20025
Pezzaioli PEZZAIOLI SBA 32U 2006 rok Thurs bydła żywca Cattle truck20063
Pezzaioli RBA Cattle truck20004
Pezzaioli RBA 31 G - 3x axes - 3x floor - 15.5 to NL! Cattle truck199914
Pezzaioli RBA floors 24 cattle transport 3 Cattle truck199615
Pezzaioli RBA31 3 floor, retractable roof, own Ag Cattle truck20021
Pezzaioli RBA31 3 Stock, Retractable roof, own Ag Cattle truck20043
Pezzaioli Refrigerated trailers G89778-00 Deep-freeze transporter20055
Pezzaioli SB Cattle truck20067
Pezzaioli SBA 31 Cattle truck20061
Pezzaioli SBA 31 98m ² Cattle truck20112
Pezzaioli SBA 32 Cattle truck20124
Pezzaioli SBA floor 32/2 Cattle truck20037
Pezzaioli SBA31U 3 Stock Cattle truck19986
Pezzaioli SBA31UA1 Cattle truck200415
Pezzaioli SBA63U Cattle truck20089
Pezzaioli SBAU32 TYPE II 3 flour Cattle truck20066
Pezzaioli SCT63U tipper export 9.000Euro Tipper19996
Pezzaioli SEA 32 Cattle truck20005
Pezzaioli SP 18 T Three-sided tipper19985
Pezzaioli Trailer cranked Cattle truck19985

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