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Porsche Commercial Vehicles

(Tractor, Other agricultural vehicles, Farmyard tractor, Front-end loader, Reaper, )
Porsche * super original condition Tractor196115
Porsche / Hofherr Schrantz Junior4 Tractor19581
Porsche 108K Tractor19605
Porsche 133 Tractor19566
Porsche 218 Tractor19595
Porsche 218 g Tractor19605
Porsche 308 B Tractor19591
Porsche 308 N Tractor19605
Porsche 308n Other agricultural vehicles19605
Porsche 319 Farmyard tractor19585
Porsche 319 Front-end loader19614
Porsche 329 Tractor196510
Porsche 329 Super export Tractor19625
Porsche 329 Super export Tractor20126
Porsche 329 tractor Tractor19624
Porsche A 111 Tractor19578
Porsche A 122 Tractor19574
Porsche A111 Tractor19535
Porsche Allgaier Tractor19558
Porsche Allgaier / Kaelble A22 engine Tractor19501
Porsche Allgaier A 111 with linkages + Zapfwellle Tractor19567
Porsche Allgaier A 133 Tractor19554
Porsche Allgaier A111 Tractor19554
Porsche Allgaier A111 Farmyard tractor19555
Porsche allgaier A12 Tractor19522
Porsche Allgaier A122 Tractor19555
Porsche Allgaier A122 construction year 1954 Tractor19545
Porsche Allgaier AP 17 Tractor19515
Porsche Allgaier AP 22 Farmyard tractor19554
Porsche Allgaier Porsche Tractor20121
Porsche Allgaier tractor A122 system Tractor19543
Porsche AP 16 to 32 inches, power lift, restored Tractor19545
Porsche AP 18 Tractor19566
Porsche AP 22 Tractor19565
Porsche AP Front axle suspension with 133 Allgaier, TUV Tractor20112
Porsche AP22 Tractor19575
Porsche Cutter bar mower completely Bsp.308 Super Junior Reaper20124
Porsche Diesel Renault Super 4 Tractor19643
Porsche Diesel Standard T Tractor20125
Porsche F219 Front-end loader19611
Porsche Junior Tractor19595
Porsche junior Tractor19608
Porsche Junior 108 Tractor19605
Porsche Junior 108 k Tractor19583
Porsche junior 108 k Tractor20115
Porsche Junior 108 L Tractor19584
Porsche Junior 108 L Farmyard tractor19602
Porsche Junior 108 long Tractor19603
Porsche Junior 109 Tractor19623
Porsche Junior K108 Tractor20125
Porsche Junior4 Tractor19583
Porsche Master 418 Tractor19605
Porsche Master 419 Tractor19605
Porsche Master 419 Other agricultural vehicles19629
Porsche More rarely Junior L Hydro Heckhydrauli Tractor20122
Porsche Oldtimer P133 / A133 Front-end loader19576
Porsche P111 Tractor19565
Porsche P111 Tractor19575
Porsche Porsche-Diesel Renault Master B, R 78 W Tractor19655
Porsche Renault Master 2 Tractor19784
Porsche S218 narrow gauge Tractor20112
Porsche Standard Tractor19594
Porsche Standard 208 - very rare Tractor20111
Porsche Standard 217 Tractor19615
Porsche Standard 217 T Tractor19621
Porsche Standard Star 219 Topzustand Tractor19618
Porsche Super Tractor19604
Porsche Super 308 N Tractor19585
Porsche Super 308 N Tractor19595
Porsche Super Diesel 308N Tractor19605
Porsche Super Diesel308 N Tractor19595
Porsche Super export Tractor19645
Porsche Super export 3-cylinder 329 Tractor19613
Porsche Super F 308 N 8603 Tractor19571
Porsche Super L319 Tractor20115
Porsche Super N 308 Tractor19595
Porsche Vulture Standard 219 Tractor19634

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