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Rau Commercial Vehicles

(Plant protection, Harrowing equipment, Seeder, Harvesting machine, Other substructures, Fertilizer spreader, Forestry vehicle, )
Rau 14 HK 12 Plant protection20126
Rau 14GV25 syringe Plant protection19925
Rau 2.20 with trailer Harrowing equipment20124
Rau 450 Ltr boom 12,50 m Plant protection20123
Rau 800ltr Plant protection20124
Rau AIRS Seeder20013
Rau As new 600 lt 10 m. Plant protection20123
Rau Combination Harrowing equipment20123
Rau Combination 4 * Harrow Harrowing equipment20112
Rau Culti-harrow Harrowing equipment20123
Rau D 2 Plant protection19963
Rau D 2 800 liters Plant protection20125
Rau D2 Plant protection20113
Rau Drimat 220 Harrowing equipment20115
Rau Drimat 220 Harrowing equipment20125
Rau Exakta Seeder20124
Rau Front tank Plant protection20122
Rau Gruber 6m Hydraulic Folding Harrowing equipment20115
Rau GVI 38 Plant protection20046
Rau Harrow +2 trailer Harrowing equipment20114
Rau Harrow 2.30 m Harrowing equipment20123
Rau Harrow 250 m Harrowing equipment20122
Rau Harrow cultivator Harrowing equipment20125
Rau Harrow type export 2.20 m Harrowing equipment20114
Rau HR 18 Plant protection19926
Rau Ladeprofi II Harvesting machine20115
Rau Potato planting machine / Hakgerät / ridging Other substructures20125
Rau RAU 400 liter sprayer Plant protection20113
Rau Rotex Harrowing equipment20122
Rau Rotex 2, 8 m Harrowing equipment20123
Rau Rotor Tiller Harrowing equipment20111
Rau Rototiller Harrowing equipment20125
Rau Saatbeetkombi.280 Harrowing equipment20126
Rau Saatbeetkombination Harrowing equipment20115
Rau Saatbeetkombination OPR Harrowing equipment20116
Rau Saatbeetkombination, Eggenkombination 4.40 m Harrowing equipment20124
Rau Scheibenegge 2.4 M Harrowing equipment20115
Rau Schmotzer sprayer 400 l Plant protection20123
Rau Spidotrain GVI 3800 Plant protection20022
Rau Sprayer Plant protection19892
Rau Sprayer Plant protection20121
Rau Sprayer 660 l Plant protection20125
Rau Spridomat Plant protection19943
Rau Spridomat Plant protection19965
Rau SPRIDOMAT Plant protection20115
Rau SPRIDOMAT D2 Anbauspritze Plant protection20115
Rau Station wagon Plant protection20121
Rau Syringe 800l, 12 m Fertilizer spreader20122
Rau TCS 700 Forestry vehicle20025
Rau Tiefengruber 4m with trailer Harrowing equipment20115
Rau Unimat 330 Harrowing equipment20111

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