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Renault Commercial Vehicles

(Box-type delivery van, Vacuum and pressure vehicle, Standard tractor/trailer unit, Stake body and tarpaulin, Grain Truck, Hydraulic work platform, Tank truck, Roll-off tipper, Stake body, Cement mixer, Box, Refrigerator box, Dumper truck, Refrigerator body, Tipper, Chassis, Car carrier, Sweeping machine, Three-sided Tipper, Breakdown truck, Other vans/trucks up to 7, Cross country bus, Timber carrier, Other trucks over 7, Refuse truck, Coaches, )
Renault Rapid truck registration Box-type delivery van19956
Renault RAVO Vacuum Tank M200 Vacuum and pressure vehicle19923
Renault RENAULT 00 '400 Okazja Standard tractor/trailer unit20003
Renault RENAULT 400 Combie Stake body and tarpaulin20016
Renault RENAULT 440.18 DXI (MOTOR VOLVO) 2 UNIDADES Grain Truck20065
Renault RENAULT autocarro CON SPONDA IDRAULICA Hydraulic work platform19944
Renault RENAULT CLIO 1.5 dCi 70 SOCIETE A CAMPUS Box-type delivery van20079
Renault RENAULT CLIO 1.5 DCI 70 SOCIETE AIR de 2 Box-type delivery van20092
Renault RENAULT CLIO III DCI 70 ECO2 SOCIETE AIR Box-type delivery van20109
Renault RENAULT CLIO III DCI 85 ECO2 SOCIETE AIR Box-type delivery van20088
Renault RENAULT CLIO III DCI 85 ECO2 SOCIETE AIR Box-type delivery van20107
Renault RENAULT G 230 4X2 TRUCK CITERNE A GAZ Tank truck19936
Renault Renault G 340 TI AMPLIROL Roll-off tipper19933
Renault Renault G210 plateau grue Stake body19923
Renault RENAULT G300 6X4 TRUCK MALAXEUR Cement mixer19957
Renault Renault kangoo 1.5 dci Box20082
Renault RENAULT KANGOO 1.5 DCI - 70 CONF Box-type delivery van20088
Renault RENAULT Kangoo COLD CASE NORMAL CONDITION Refrigerator box19998
Renault RENAULT Kangoo Kangoo DCI70 PACK CD REVI Box-type delivery van20067
Renault RENAULT Kangoo Kangoo PACK CD CLIM GYRAP Box-type delivery van20077
Renault RENAULT LAGUNA DCI 110 ECO2 CARMINAT PRO Box-type delivery van20099
Renault RENAULT Mascott Mascott BENNE amovible B Box-type delivery van20027
Renault RENAULT Mascott Mascott BENNE amovible B Box-type delivery van20077
Renault RENAULT Mascott Mascott BENNE amovible D Box-type delivery van20067
Renault RENAULT MASTER L2H1 Bennes basculantes 3 Box-type delivery van20085
Renault RENAULT MASTER L2H3 3.5t 2.3 dCi 125 FGN Box-type delivery van20103
Renault RENAULT Midlum 240 + HDS Fassi F235XP Dumper truck200915
Renault RENAULT Midlum 240 + HDS Fassi F235XP Box200915
Renault RENAULT MIDLUM r 280.16 2007th Refrigerator body20074
Renault RENAULT Premium 22-CH £ ODNIA palety Refrigerator body20009
Renault RENAULT PREMIUM 460 DXI 2011r. € 5 Standard tractor/trailer unit20115
Renault RENAULT TRAFFIC FGN 2.0 DCI 115 L1H1 1000 Box-type delivery van20101
Renault RENAULT TRAFFIC FGN 2.0 L2H2 DCI 90 1200 Box-type delivery van20109
Renault RENAULT TRAFFIC TRAFFIC FG L1H1 115CV PACK Box-type delivery van20087
Renault RENAULT TRAFFIC TRAFFIC FG L1H1 Pack CD CL Box-type delivery van20097
Renault RENAULT TRAFFIC TRAFFIC FG L2H1 DCI115 PAC Box-type delivery van20087
Renault Renault Trafic Passenger L2H1 1200 kg - Box-type delivery van20108
Renault RENAULT TRUCK KERAX 420 DCI 8X4 BENNE Ronde ARR Tipper20049
Renault RENAULT TRUCK MALAXEUR KERAX 300 STETTER 7M3 Cement mixer20017
Renault RVI Stake body19936
Renault RVI Box19975
Renault RVI Stake body and tarpaulin20031
Renault RVI 250.19 premium, long. Wheelbase, 4750 net Chassis20009
Renault RVI 40ACE5 Doka Tipper19961
Renault RVI F Standard tractor/trailer unit20045
Renault RVI S 120 Stake body and tarpaulin19923
Renault RVI truck car carrier * complete train * Car carrier200115
Renault RVI truck car transporter train * complete * Car carrier200115
Renault RVI Turbo 180 000 km Stake body198910
Renault S 100 Box19908
Renault S 135 Midliner Bucher - Schörling Eurovoirie Sweeping machine200013
Renault S 135.08 (id: 5258) Stake body and tarpaulin20003
Renault S 135.08 (id: 5665) Stake body and tarpaulin19993
Renault S 140 Midlines Three-sided Tipper19935
Renault S 150 case Box19898
Renault S 160 9t5 Refrigerator body19945
Renault S 160 Hiab / gripper Tipper19937
Renault S 170 Ti tank car gasoline / diesel Tank truck19905
Renault S 180 Stake body and tarpaulin19956
Renault S 180 Turbo Midliner DOKA crane Tüv new 7 seater Stake body199415
Renault S 180.09 PRITSCHENW AGEN WITH SIDE DRIVE 6.70 M Stake body199515
Renault S110 Stake body19906
Renault S150 Midliner TUV and tachograph test Breakdown truck19965
Renault S150 Podnośnik koszowy / zwyżka 16m Hydraulic work platform19986
Renault S160 Tipper19926
Renault S180 Midlner Stake body and tarpaulin19986
Renault S210 Midliner 12t flatbed tarp LBW inspection 08/2012 Stake body and tarpaulin19997
Renault Saviem Stake body and tarpaulin19806
Renault Scenic 1.5DCI truck Air Temp 2 seats! New Mod Box-type delivery van20101
Renault Scenic 1.6 16V RXE Other vans/trucks up to 720007
Renault Scenic 1.9 DCI 130 CV LUXE Other vans/trucks up to 720073
Renault Scenic II 1.9 dCi Authentique 120 Comfort Other vans/trucks up to 720046
Renault SFR 112 Cross country bus199110
Renault sisu 470 long-holtz top condition Timber carrier19997
Renault Śmieciarka Premium 260 Other trucks over 719979
Renault SPRING PREMIUM 340.18 + HUB Chassis19969
Renault Sté Twingo II STE 1.5DCI GENERIQUE Box20083
Renault T 450.18 DXI Premium Kipphydraulik € 4 Standard tractor/trailer unit200712
Renault T/280PS/Hebebühne 7.5 3.5 t / Edscha / roof Stake body and tarpaulin200715
Renault T28 Master L1H1 2.5 dCi Box-type delivery van200511
Renault T29 Trafic 2,5 dCi 146 L2H1 Other vans/trucks up to 720109
Renault T29 Trafic 2,5 dCi 146 L2H1 aut 7500NETTO Other vans/trucks up to 7200712
Renault T29 Trafic 2,5 dCi 146 L2H2 Other vans/trucks up to 720108
Renault T33 Master L1H1 2.5 dCi GB Box-type delivery van19998
Renault Tafic L1 H1 1.9 DCI navigation AHK € 4,900 net Box-type delivery van200315
Renault Tankers SM 5500 L Tank truck19849
Renault Thomas Midlum CNG polewaczka Refuse truck200210
Renault Thurs Mascott 3.5 T KONTENER Other vans/trucks up to 720084
Renault TI S150 Turbo Stake body198915
Renault TI-26 AE385 N.C.H. 6x2 Roll-off tipper19955
Renault torrent clio 1.5 cdi Box-type delivery van20034
Renault torrent clio truck acceptance files Box-type delivery van20004
Renault Tracer Cross country bus199111
Renault Tracer Cross country bus19927
Renault Tracer Cross country bus199615
Renault Tracer Cross country bus199711
Renault TRACER 1994 EURO1 R332A3MB 60 SITES FR1 ILIADE Coaches199415
Renault TRACER 1994 EURO1 R332A3NB FR1 GTX TE Coaches199415
Renault TRACER 1995 EURO1 R332A1 FR1 GTX TE Coaches199515

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