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Renault Commercial Vehicles

(Box-type delivery van - long, Box-type delivery van, Other vans/trucks up to 7, Box-type delivery van - high, Box, Box-type delivery van - high and long, Ambulance, Clubbus, Stake body, Refrigerator box, Estate - minibus up to 9 seats, Tipper, Chassis, Roll-off tipper, Stake body and tarpaulin, Breakdown truck, Three-sided Tipper, Other buses and coaches, Traffic construction, )
Renault Trafic L2H1 2.9 t Box-type delivery van - long20112
Renault Trafic L2H1 2.9 t 2.0 dCi 115 FAP AIR Box-type delivery van20111
Renault Trafic L2H1 2.9 t 8/9-Sitzer Other vans/trucks up to 720093
Renault Trafic L2H1 2.9 t box truck Box-type delivery van20129
Renault Trafic L2H1 2.9t 2.0dCi 115 Box-type delivery van - high20111
Renault Trafic L2H1 box 2.0 dci Box-type delivery van - long20085
Renault Trafic L2H1 box truck 2.7 t 2.0 Box-type delivery van20096
Renault Trafic L2H1 Confort DCI90 Box20083
Renault Trafic L2H1 DCI 114HP 2.9 t * Air Box-type delivery van20108
Renault Trafic L2H1 dCi 29 / DOKA / navi / climate Box-type delivery van - long200713
Renault Trafic L2H1 dCi115 Confort Fg Box-type delivery van20078
Renault trafic L2H1 long Box-type delivery van - long200912
Renault Trafic L2H1 long rear doors Box-type delivery van - high20098
Renault Trafic L2H1 trucks 2.9 t 2.0 dCi115 (air) Box-type delivery van20111
Renault Trafic L2H2 Box-type delivery van20065
Renault Trafic L2H2 1.9DCI 1200 Box-type delivery van - high and long200414
Renault Trafic L2H2 1.9DCI DOKA (Lang + High) Box-type delivery van - high and long200411
Renault Trafic L2H2 2.0 16V LPG gas system 1.Hand Ambulance20088
Renault Trafic L2H2 2.0DCI 115 Box-type delivery van - high and long20086
Renault Trafic L2H2 2.9 t Box-type delivery van - high200810
Renault Trafic L2H2 2.9 t Box-type delivery van - high20122
Renault Trafic L2H2 Fg dCi90 Grd Cft Box-type delivery van201012
Renault Trafic L2H2 Pack Clim dCi 115 KM Other vans/trucks up to 720114
Renault Trafic minibus Other vans/trucks up to 720064
Renault Trafic Passenger 9 posti Clubbus20044
Renault Trafic Passenger 9S L1H1 Clubbus20098
Renault Trafic Passenger Black Edition 2.0 dCi Clubbus201115
Renault Trafic Platform Stake body19883
Renault trafic Price 10,500 gross Box-type delivery van - high and long20075
Renault Trafic T1400 D Stake body19987
Renault Trafic truck ADMISSION 100HP Box-type delivery van200312
Renault Trafic van / t L2H1 3.03 AIR Box-type delivery van200715
Renault Trafic van Frischdienst L2 H1 Refrigerator box20115
Renault Trafic vans catering hygiene L2 H1 Refrigerator box20119
Renault Trafic Z Niemiec 3 OS. STAN BDB Other vans/trucks up to 720079
Renault Trafic.Opel Arena Box-type delivery van199810
Renault Trafic1, 9dci long box shelf E.Paket towbar mounting Box-type delivery van - long200515
Renault Trafick Estate - minibus up to 9 seats200912
Renault Trafick € 3 * 1.9 * dci Box-type delivery van200312
Renault TREFIC * AIR * LONG Box-type delivery van200912
Renault TRM 10 000 20 000 ONLY NO CBH OR KERAX KM Tipper199213
Renault TRM 10 000 6X6 ONLY 20000km!!! HIAB 650B Stake body199213
Renault TRM 10 000 6X6!! EX ARMY TOPZUSTAND 25 STUCK Chassis199213
Renault TRM 10 000 6X6!! MANY IN STOCK EX ARMY TOP Roll-off tipper199215
Renault TRM 10 000 OR NO KERAX CBH HIAB 650B 6X6! Stake body199210
Renault TRM 2000 Stake body and tarpaulin19902
Renault trm 2000 Stake body and tarpaulin19907
Renault TRM 2000 - 4X4 Stake body and tarpaulin19857
Renault TRM 2000 - 4X4 Stake body and tarpaulin19886
Renault TRM 2000 - 4X4 Stake body and tarpaulin19897
Renault TRM 2000 - 4X4 Stake body19897
Renault TRM 2000 4x4 Stake body and tarpaulin19923
Renault Trm 4000 40x forhanden new Stake body19829
Renault TRM2000 (ARMY TRUCK / STEEL SUSP.) Stake body19966
Renault TRM2000 4x4 Stake body and tarpaulin19911
Renault Truck OPEN BOX Box-type delivery van19987
Renault Truck salvage vehicle Breakdown truck19929
Renault Truck Traffic 2.0 TDCi Long Box-type delivery van200712
Renault Trucks Mascott 130.35 2.8DTI NET EXPORTS € 5000 Three-sided Tipper20006
Renault truks 160-65 Tipper200514
Renault Twingo 1.2 3p. Grand Confort Van Other vans/trucks up to 720099
Renault Twingo Sté 1.5dCi Générique Box20089
Renault TXX Box-type delivery van19976
Renault Van 1.9D Megane Break Box-type delivery van19998
Renault Van Megane 1.5 Dci Box-type delivery van20068
Renault Vauxhall Movano 18-MIEJSCOWY Other buses and coaches20024
Renault Vehicle Sales Master 2.5 Borco-Höhns Traffic construction200714
Renault VENDS SUPERBE C300 RVI 6X4 Tipper19943
Renault Volkswagen LT 35 2.8 dti Box-type delivery van19974
Renault Xerax 450 6x4 tipper Meiller board Matic Three-sided Tipper200714

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