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ROHR Commercial Vehicles

(Box, Refrigerator body, Tank body, Stake body, Tipper, Swap chassis, Food tank trailer, Car carrier, Long material transporter, Platform, Roll-off trailer, Deep-freeze transporter, Silo, Cattle truck, Low loader, )
ROHR 18 CI with liftgate. MINT CONDITION! Box200715
ROHR 2 axle refrigerated trailer LBW Refrigerator body19928
ROHR 2 Iso-axle box trailer lift Box20046
ROHR 2axle KA 18 L Tandemkuhlkoffer Carrier -25 Refrigerator body20014
ROHR 35 RSK Kühlauflieger Carrier Maxima 1300 \u0026 LBW Refrigerator body20056
ROHR 42,800 ltr. Catwalk, pump, 2x lift axle Tank body20019
ROHR BEAR RAK/18 case with LBW Box20074
ROHR Beet trailer PA 24 8.6 m 1.5 m sideboards Stake body19995
ROHR Bianchi Tipper200512
ROHR BPW axles Box with tail lift Box19998
ROHR Carrier Maxima steering axle BÄR LBW 1500kg Refrigerator body200114
ROHR Carrier Maxima steering axle roller door TOP Refrigerator body200214
ROHR CITY refrigerated trailers, FRIGOBLOCK, LBW, Refrigerator body19975
ROHR Closed box RSK / TC 30 Refrigerator body200311
ROHR Diesel fuel tank type Willig Tank body19948
ROHR Direct offshoot gasoline and Diesel/5xVorhanden Tank body200615
ROHR for gasoline, diesel, fuel oil Tank body19876
ROHR Isolation Box ca.43m ³ LBW Bear BC2000 Box200713
ROHR Isolation Box with lift 7.4 mtr long Box20079
ROHR Jumbo Trailer Livestock Trailers Box19835
ROHR KA 18 L Box20006
ROHR KA 18 L Isolierkoffer Bear BC 2000 liftgate Box20018
ROHR KA 18-L Refrigerator body19999
ROHR KA 18-L Box20016
ROHR KA 18-L case LBW ABS Luftgefedert Box19993
ROHR KA 18-L-T refrigerator 2 x Pre-trading Swap chassis199910
ROHR KA18L Refrigerator body19929
ROHR KIPP Swap chassis19951
ROHR Kippchassiauflieger RSC/30KI Swap chassis20064
ROHR KONTENER + WINDA Food tank trailer20067
ROHR LOHR Car carrier20004
ROHR Long material trailer Long material transporter19835
ROHR M.ISOLIERW. U.MA.KUEHL. Refrigerator body20055
ROHR Mercedes axles! Case with tail lift Box20007
ROHR PA 12 Refrigerator body19824
ROHR PA-10T Platform19974
ROHR PA24 platform 8.10m 3 Achen Container chassis Roll-off trailer198715
ROHR PA24 platform 8.10m 3 Achen Container chassis Platform198715
ROHR PETROL / DIESEL Tank body200210
ROHR RAK 18 CI insulated case * 2-to-tail lift Box200715
ROHR RAK 18, Year 2005, GG 18t, LBW Bear, 1 Hand Refrigerator body200515
ROHR RAK CI 18th Isolation Box Ladebordwand.Top-state ... Box200513
ROHR RAK/18 Box20078
ROHR RAK/18 CI Box200911
ROHR RAK/18CI Isokoffer Box20045
ROHR Refrigerated trailer Refrigerator body19959
ROHR Refrigerators Refrigerator body20015
ROHR Refrigerators-type RG-B Refrigerator body20062
ROHR RK 18TK Thermo King refrigerated trailer and roll-up door Refrigerator body20029
ROHR RSK / 20 TK * TK-100E * SL * TOP 1.Hd Refrigerator body200211
ROHR RSK / 20 TK * TK-200E * SL * TOP 1.Hd Refrigerator body200213
ROHR RSK/20, Refrigerated, LBW, Thermo King SL 100 E Refrigerator body20035
ROHR RSK/28, refrigerators, EZ 2005, LBW Bear, 1 Hand Refrigerator body200512
ROHR RSK/34, refrigerators, EZ 2005, LBW, GG 34 t, 1.Hand Refrigerator body20059
ROHR RSW/38CK Tipper20047
ROHR SA 19-L Box19935
ROHR SA 20-L 1-AXLE TRAILER * * TK-LBW SMXII Refrigerator body199811
ROHR SA 28-L - cooling. New! Refrigerator body19995
ROHR SA 28-L LADEBORDWAND CARRIER T850 Refrigerator body19985
ROHR SA 30-L Refrigerator body19978
ROHR SA 30-L / CARRIER Deep-freeze transporter20017
ROHR SA 30L refrigerated trailer steering axle roller door Refrigerator body20023
ROHR SA 34-L 1 axis directed ALU lift Stake body19898
ROHR SA20L refrigerators without Kühlagregat Refrigerator body19986
ROHR Single axle trailer, open box Stake body19834
ROHR TAL 42.3 with measuring system FL, AT Tank body199815
ROHR TAL-A-DK Chambers 41.000, 6 with pump Silo199510
ROHR TAL-A-MKZA Tank body20004
ROHR TAL-A-ZE44, 4 Tank body20074
ROHR Tandem Cattle truck19954
ROHR Tandem horsebox Cattle truck19954
ROHR Tandem ZAA18 Refrigerator body20005
ROHR TANK TRAILER Tank body19937
ROHR Tanks; TAL 37.5-A1, Diesel \u0026 Petrol, Tank body198312
ROHR Tanks; VALLEY 37500 L-A1, Diesel \u0026 Petrol, Tank body198315
ROHR Thermo King SL100 * Diesel / Electric * MBB LBW * MB axis Refrigerator body199910
ROHR Thermo King SL200e * Tail 2000kg * 33 Europe. Refrigerator body20025
ROHR Trucking special trailer! For 3 ** Trucks ** Low loader20003
ROHR Two axle good condition Izokofferanhanger LBW Refrigerator body20018
ROHR VALLEY - ADK 39.5 / Petrol / Diesel / BPW Tank body19888

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