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ROKA Commercial Vehicles

(Car carrier, Traffic construction, Other trailers, Refrigerator body, )
ROKA Abschlephänger Car carrier19964
ROKA Ausschankwagen Bierwagen Cart Event Traffic construction20004
ROKA Can lying round barrel Pepsi Cola drinks snack Traffic construction199913
ROKA Can lying round draft Pepsi Cola drinks snack Traffic construction199915
ROKA COCA COLA CAN / GRP / ACCESSORIES Traffic construction20035
ROKA dare dare be poured beer, cocktail stand, drinks Traffic construction19956
ROKA Food carts \ Traffic construction201214
ROKA Hot Spot Ice Cream Truck Other trailers20108
ROKA HOT SPOT trailer sales promotion \u0026 Coffee Traffic construction20116
ROKA HotSpot version incl EIS ice cream van! Traffic construction20105
ROKA Lighthouse Traffic construction20112
ROKA Lighthouse (empty vehicle) Traffic construction20129
ROKA Multi Ruku 300 Car carrier20055
ROKA P400 promotional trailer Traffic construction20037
ROKA Roadrunner 350 Promotion Traffic construction20127
ROKA Roadrunner Cafe 350 Traffic construction20129
ROKA Roadrunner M - pancakes, coffee and sandwiches Traffic construction20095
ROKA Roadrunner M - snack trailer Traffic construction20095
ROKA Selling container VC 300 Traffic construction20068
ROKA Serving beer wagon car sale car event Traffic construction20007
ROKA Small gas BBQ (no branding) Traffic construction20128
ROKA Steel Runner 450 snack Traffic construction20126
ROKA Takeout Containers Traffic construction20025
ROKA V350 Beverage Stores Traffic construction200914
ROKA VC 450 selling snack container Traffic construction20063
ROKA VKD 250 retail box - stock cars Traffic construction20127
ROKA WMK4 Refrigerator body20124

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