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Skoda Commercial Vehicles

(Box-type delivery van, Other vans/trucks up to 7, Stake body, Tipper, Hydraulic work platform, Other trucks over 7, Estate - minibus up to 9 seats, Box-type delivery van - high, Vacuum and pressure vehicle, )
Skoda * Practice * 1.6 diesel * 1.Hand green badge Box-type delivery van201015
Skoda * PRACTICE * KLIMATIC SERVO * ZV * ASR * 1.HAND Box-type delivery van200810
Skoda 1.4 TDI DPF € practicable box 4 1 Hand Box-type delivery van20107
Skoda 1.4 TDI DPF 59 kW practice air-conditioning Other vans/trucks up to 7200715
Skoda 1.4 TDI DPF practice Other vans/trucks up to 720098
Skoda 1.4 TDI DPF practice case Box-type delivery van201210
Skoda 1.4 TDI DPF practice climate Box-type delivery van20085
Skoda 1.4 TDI DPF practice Truck Box € 4 + AIR Box-type delivery van20078
Skoda 1.6 TDI CR DPF practice vans - 66 kW - ... Other vans/trucks up to 7201113
Skoda 1.6 TDI DPF practice air conditioning * Bluetooth FSE Box-type delivery van201215
Skoda 1.6 TDI practice practice Other vans/trucks up to 720117
Skoda 1.9 D Pick up AHK airbag § 25a Caddy Pick-up Stake body199710
Skoda 1.9 D Pick-up Caddy § 25a pickup Stake body199910
Skoda 1.9 Diesel Pick Up Caddy § 25a Stake body19978
Skoda 1.9D pick-up open Caddy Pick Up Stake body19979
Skoda 3.1 Gasoline Pickup \ Stake body199813
Skoda 706 MTS 24 (id: 7147) Tipper19783
Skoda 706 MTSP 27 (id: 5185) Tipper19824
Skoda 706 RTH (id: 7006) Hydraulic work platform19823
Skoda 706 RTH SUB MP 20 (id: 6454) Hydraulic work platform19763
Skoda 706 RTHP Other trucks over 719791
Skoda 706 three sided tipper Tipper19808
Skoda 706 three sided tipper Tipper19808
Skoda 707 Pick up Other vans/trucks up to 719939
Skoda 797 Felicia pick-up only 58 000 Km \u003e\u003e \u003c\u003c Box-type delivery van19976
Skoda 797 Pick up only 48,000 Km Stake body19985
Skoda Air Roomster 1.4 TDI, AST motor Km.21.500 Box-type delivery van20077
Skoda Š 706 MTSP 27 (id: 6106) Tipper19883
Skoda Box 1.2 12V Roomster practice 5th gear Box-type delivery van20081
Skoda Drive Octavia 1.9 TDI practice Box-type delivery van20065
Skoda FABIA Box-type delivery van200510
Skoda FABIA Box-type delivery van200810
Skoda Fabia 1.4 TDI practice air servo Euro 4 Box-type delivery van20068
Skoda Fabia 1.4 TDI practice truck AIR Zul € 4 Box-type delivery van20067
Skoda Fabia 1.4TDI homologacja! climate F.Vat Other vans/trucks up to 720089
Skoda Fabia practice 1.4MPI 50kW 1.Hand! Service booklet! Box-type delivery van200215
Skoda Fabia practice 1.9sdi Box-type delivery van20034
Skoda Fabia SDI practice Estate - minibus up to 9 seats20057
Skoda Fabia TDI PD practice Other vans/trucks up to 7200615
Skoda favorite Box-type delivery van19945
Skoda FAVOURITE Box-type delivery van19935
Skoda Felicia Box-type delivery van19995
Skoda Felicia / Pickup + Hardtop / Truck - Approval Box-type delivery van19976
Skoda Felicia + + + + Pick up Diesel + + HU / AU New + + Box-type delivery van200110
Skoda Felicia 1,9 l diesel VANPLUS Box-type delivery van - high19998
Skoda Felicia 1.9 Diesel Pick Up Box-type delivery van19979
Skoda FELICIA 1.9 DIESEL PICK UP + HARDTOP Other vans/trucks up to 719976
Skoda Felicia 1.9 Ds. Pick up Stake body20005
Skoda Felicia 795Vanplus Box-type delivery van199715
Skoda FELICIA PICK UP Stake body19996
Skoda FELICIA PICK UP DIESEL VAN 1.9 PLUS / BOX truck Box-type delivery van19998
Skoda Felicia pick-up 1.9D Box-type delivery van200013
Skoda Felicia pick-up box body Box-type delivery van19967
Skoda Felicia Van plus Box-type delivery van199915
Skoda Felicia Van plus truck registration Box-type delivery van200010
Skoda Fire department Vacuum and pressure vehicle19743
Skoda Liaz L150.261 Tipper199110
Skoda MTH - MP20 Hydraulic work platform19747
Skoda MTS 706 24 R (id: 6251) Tipper19843
Skoda Octavia 1.9 TDI practice Drive Other vans/trucks up to 720065
Skoda Octavia 1.9SDI Box-type delivery van20047
Skoda Octavia TDI practice Drive05 1.9 Other vans/trucks up to 720065
Skoda Pick Up Stake body20004
Skoda Pick Up 1.9D Stake body19999
Skoda Pick Up LX 1.9 Stake body20005
Skoda Pick up with Hartop you can load 500kg Box-type delivery van19996
Skoda Pick-Up Box-type delivery van20008
Skoda Pick-up - 76 000km Stake body19966
Skoda Pick-up - 88 000km Stake body19966
Skoda Pick-up (similar to VW pick-up) Other vans/trucks up to 719995
Skoda Pick-up hitch Stake body19959
Skoda Pickup Stake body19955
Skoda Pickup 1.3 / 68HP / Pickup Other vans/trucks up to 7199914
Skoda Pickup truck Perm. Box-type delivery van20008
Skoda Practicable box ABS AIR 4.1 Box-type delivery van20079
Skoda Practicable box AHK Air EFH CD 1 hand Box-type delivery van20088
Skoda Practical MPV 1.6 TDI DPF box Air Euro 5 1.H Box-type delivery van20117
Skoda Practice Box-type delivery van200711
Skoda Practice Box-type delivery van20099
Skoda Practice Other vans/trucks up to 720091
Skoda Practice Other vans/trucks up to 720115
Skoda Practice Box-type delivery van201111
Skoda Practice Box-type delivery van20128
Skoda PRACTICE - CLIMATE - Truck - NET 6900 Box-type delivery van200815
Skoda Practice / new clutch \u0026 oil / WR / DPF / TCS / Box-type delivery van20088
Skoda Practice 1.2 * 16,246 km * Net: 5840, - Euro * Cat 5 * Box-type delivery van201015
Skoda Practice 1.2 12V Box-type delivery van20091
Skoda Practice 1.2 12V * Climate * checkbook * Other vans/trucks up to 7200813
Skoda Practice 1.2 12V ABS, ESP, AHZV, radio Box-type delivery van20086
Skoda Practice 1.2 12V Air Estate - minibus up to 9 seats20085
Skoda Practice 1.2 12V Air Conditioning (Euro 4) Other vans/trucks up to 720081
Skoda Practice 1.2 TDI Other vans/trucks up to 720111
Skoda Practice 1.2 TDI * Climate * Euro 5 * Box-type delivery van20119
Skoda Practice 1.2 TDI box Box-type delivery van201111
Skoda Practice 1.2 TSI Estate - minibus up to 9 seats20111
Skoda Practice 1.2i AIR Box-type delivery van201010
Skoda Practice 1.4 Klima / green badge Other vans/trucks up to 720078
Skoda Practice 1.4 TDI Box-type delivery van20089
Skoda Practice 1.4 TDI (Roomster, truck registration) Climate Box-type delivery van201214
Skoda Practice 1.4 TDI € 4 1 air box Hand Box-type delivery van20076

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