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Spitzer Commercial Vehicles

(Silo, Tank body, Food tank trailer, )
Spitzer - Hermann with KOMPRESOR BETICO Silo20028
Spitzer 10 x 32m ³ Eurovrac, silo, cement storage Tank body20048
Spitzer 2 x 34m ³ aluminum SF2734/2P Flüssigkeitstransp. Silo200810
Spitzer 2438 SK ZIC 38m ³ air sprung Silo19885
Spitzer 28 m³ silo for BDF - caddy Silo20015
Spitzer 28 m³ silo trailers Silo19896
Spitzer 3 axle udder silo 33m ² cement, in an airtight aluminum Silo199414
Spitzer 3 x 37m ³ Eurovrac, silo, cement storage Tank body200414
Spitzer 3 x 37m ³ Eurovrac, silo, cement storage Silo200414
Spitzer 3-axis Kippsilo SK 2760 CAL 60,000 liters. el.Hydr. Silo200215
Spitzer 3-axle Kippsilo, ABS, 55 m³ Silo19875
Spitzer 3-AXLE TRAILER SILO Silo19925
Spitzer 30 m³ chuck, 4 chambers Silo19875
Spitzer 33m3 Silo19904
Spitzer 34m ³, silo, cement silo repainted ... Tank body20059
Spitzer 34m ³, silo, cement silo repainted ... Silo20059
Spitzer 34m ³, silo, cement silo, lift axle Silo20059
Spitzer 34m ³, silo, cement silo, lift axle Tank body20059
Spitzer 36 Silo19917
Spitzer 39m ³ lying silo Silo19981
Spitzer 39m ³, EXCELLENT CONDITION!! Silo19999
Spitzer 40 Silo19895
Spitzer 45 Silo19867
Spitzer 5 x SK 2739 CAL (1995-98) Silo19964
Spitzer 55000l Silo19915
Spitzer 58,000 LITRES tankoplegger Silo19964
Spitzer BP SF 27 36 M3 silo full aluminum Silo199710
Spitzer Bulk Tank body19946
Spitzer CEMENT TANK Tank body19993
Spitzer Cementonaczepa 34m Silo19914
Spitzer cementonaczepa SF2737/2P Silo20064
Spitzer cementonaczepa SF2745/2P Silo19995
Spitzer Cementsilo on MAN chassis 8x4 Silo20062
Spitzer Cementsilo top state air Lieftachse Silo19879
Spitzer Complete discharge type: SIKO 2260 / 4 Silo19848
Spitzer Construction Koehler Silo19934
Spitzer Construction Koehler Silo20004
Spitzer ESSF 24 Silo200512
Spitzer Eurovrac Silo19983
Spitzer Eurovrac 34m ³, silo, cement silo Silo20028
Spitzer Eurovrac 34m ³, silo, cement silo Tank body20028
Spitzer Eurovrac SK28AL Tank body19953
Spitzer EUT 45.3 Silo19909
Spitzer eutersilo 2737 Silo20002
Spitzer Feed silo with 52 m³ / 7 chambers Silo19831
Spitzer Feldbinder Restlosentle 4x Bodenventlie Silo198814
Spitzer Hermann 2C + SAC 28T Silo200113
Spitzer Kippsilo 60 m³ ADR / ADR E-Tilt Tank body20052
Spitzer Kippsilo 60 m³ ADR / ADR E-Tilt Silo20052
Spitzer Kippsilo BSK2760CALI Silo201014
Spitzer Kippsilo with 60m ³ + 24V hydraulic Silo199911
Spitzer Koehler Building Silo20004
Spitzer Köhler construction Silo19934
Spitzer Kohler, 25 m, 4 domed lid, removed Tüv Silo19807
Spitzer LING OF SILO Silo19823
Spitzer MANURE transport / VOGELSANG pump Tank body19875
Spitzer onderlosser Silo19806
Spitzer Original Silo19855
Spitzer Original Silo19885
Spitzer Original Silo19976
Spitzer Original Silo19986
Spitzer S2000F silo 2-axis SILO Silo19868
Spitzer S2400F Silo19863
Spitzer S2400K Tippins silo Silo19885
Spitzer SA 16 Food tank trailer19723
Spitzer SA 1627 / 3 PALM - 27 m³ Silo19837
Spitzer Schwingenschlögel KIPPSILO 42 m3 Food Silo19947
Spitzer SF 2228 guests Silo19804
Spitzer SF 2433 Silo19924
Spitzer SF 2433 / 2 Cement - Silo Silo199315
Spitzer SF 2433 / 2 UNPM Siloaufbau Zementsilo BPW Silo19875
Spitzer SF 2433 33m ³ 1 chamber cement silo Silo19916
Spitzer SF 2434 P Tageszulassung NEW SILO Silo200813
Spitzer SF 2434 PI Silo200310
Spitzer SF 2434/2 PM UN Silo199615
Spitzer SF 2436 Silo19932
Spitzer SF 2437-37000 liters, air, lift, platform, ABS Silo19952
Spitzer SF 2444 / 4 PM UN Silo19923
Spitzer Sf 27 306 Tank body19731
Spitzer SF 27/34 Silo20045
Spitzer SF 2734 / 2P Silo20027
Spitzer SF 2734 / 2P Silo20054
Spitzer SF 2734/2P - 34 m³ Cement / Cement Silo20067
Spitzer SF 2737/2 P Silo200510
Spitzer SF 2737/2P Silo200713
Spitzer SF2227 GST slurry feces Silo19713
Spitzer SF2246BAL 46cbm Silo19764
Spitzer SF2400 F Tank body19868
Spitzer SF2434/2P Silo19986
Spitzer SF2434/2UN PM Silo19953
Spitzer SF2436 Silo19962
Spitzer SF2440/4PM Silo19899
Spitzer SF2444/4UNPM - 44 m³ Silo19967
Spitzer SF2737 37m3 2000r. Silo20009
Spitzer SF2739 Silo20054
Spitzer SF2739 / 2 P-lying cement silo 39m ³ Silo20035
Spitzer SF2739 / 2 P-lying cement silo 39m ³ Like new! Silo20018
Spitzer SF2748 Silo20044

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