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Stedele Commercial Vehicles

(Trailer, Motortcycle Trailer, Stake body and tarpaulin, Stake body, Box, Cattle truck, Car carrier, Traffic construction, Three-sided tipper, Other trailers, Low loader, Tank body, )
Stedele 2m steel trailer with lots of accessories Trailer201211
Stedele 600 Kg with 13 inch base plate Damaged Trailer20022
Stedele 600Kg. TÜV open box trailer NEW! Trailer19916
Stedele 601 Trailer19985
Stedele 7502/750 KG with 13 inch wheel EZ10/2011 Trailer20115
Stedele Aluminum open box 2000kg Trailer20017
Stedele Aluminum trailer m 2 with side panel extensions, GG 750 kg Trailer20129
Stedele AU 1200 Trailer20005
Stedele AU 122 Motortcycle Trailer20065
Stedele AU 600 Trailer20005
Stedele AU 600 Trailer20021
Stedele AU 600-207 x 107 x 40 - 750 kg Trailer20065
Stedele AU 603 aluminum Kastennahänger Trailer199412
Stedele AU 605 Trailer20033
Stedele AU 605 Trailer20063
Stedele AU 605 Stake body and tarpaulin20082
Stedele au 605 Trailer20095
Stedele AU 605 1-axle Trailer20053
Stedele Au 605-7 Trailer20084
Stedele AU122 Trailer19965
Stedele au605 Stake body20094
Stedele AU605 / 7 Trailer20071
Stedele aum 750 Motortcycle Trailer19972
Stedele Case with adjustable drawbar bus operation Box20069
Stedele Centre- Trailer20095
Stedele Einachs Viehananhänger Cattle truck20129
Stedele Einachsanhänger Trailer20025
Stedele Einachsanhänger wood - SH 7020 (1,77 x1, 07) Trailer20121
Stedele FHK 30 Car carrier20085
Stedele H 702 Trailer20055
Stedele High bed with Hinged Plane 4 pages Trailer19997
Stedele High bed with Hinged Plane 4 pages Traffic construction19998
Stedele HK-401 835 S with ramps, remote control Three-sided tipper20117
Stedele KFT 1200 Car carrier20105
Stedele KFT1200 Motortcycle Trailer20063
Stedele Luggage Tags - Tandem Box19994
Stedele Luggage Tags 2.95 x 1.85 x 1.45 m Box201210
Stedele Motorcycle Trailers Motortcycle Trailer20094
Stedele Motorcycle Trailers Motortcycle Trailer20113
Stedele Motorcycle Trailers Motortcycle Trailer20122
Stedele MST 119/AU1000 Trailer20065
Stedele MTK 422 035 multipurpose trailer 5300 mm long tilted Other trailers20118
Stedele open box Stake body20035
Stedele Pendant, 0.75 T Zentralachanhänger Low loader20112
Stedele RKE15 rear tipper 245x145x35 Three-sided tipper20118
Stedele RKE15 Rückwärtsk 245x145x35 action to 08.09.12 Three-sided tipper20128
Stedele RKE15 Rückwärtsk 245x145x35 action to 14:07:12 Three-sided tipper20128
Stedele RKE15 Rückwärtsk 245x145x35 action to 18:06:12 Three-sided tipper20128
Stedele RKE15 Rückwärtsk 245x145x35 action until 07/31/12 Three-sided tipper20128
Stedele RKE15 Rückwärtsk 245x145x35 action until 20:10:12 Three-sided tipper20128
Stedele RKE15 Rückwärtsk 245x145x35 action until 30.11.12 Three-sided tipper20128
Stedele SA 7508 250x130x35 750 KG campaign until 07.31.2012 Trailer20124
Stedele SA 7508 250x130x35 end walls 750 KG. Hinged ACTION Trailer20114
Stedele SA 7508 B12 1.2 250x130x35 action until 31/07/12 Trailer20127
Stedele SA 7508 B12 250x130x35 1.2 Action to 20:10:12 Trailer20127
Stedele SA 7508 B12 250x130x35 1.2 T. Trailer20117
Stedele SA 7508 B15 - 1300kg - ALU Trailer20112
Stedele SA7405 205x105x35 750 KG Trailer20113
Stedele Sales Trailer Traffic construction19954
Stedele SB 5002 - Single axle steel (1,74 x1, 06m) Trailer20121
Stedele SB-U Stake body and tarpaulin20105
Stedele SB5001 steel Trailer20114
Stedele SDAAH Open Box Box20095
Stedele SDAH cable drum transporter Other trailers19984
Stedele SDAH Open box Traffic construction20115
Stedele SDAH vehicle sales multipurpose trailer Traffic construction200112
Stedele SH 7020 - single axle trailer timber Trailer20121
Stedele SH 750 7513 251x131x40 KG Trailer20115
Stedele SH 7505 aluminum flap at the front and rear! Trailer20114
Stedele SH 7513 251x131x40 750 KG Trailer20115
Stedele SH 7513 251x131x40 750 KG campaign until 31/07/12 Trailer20125
Stedele SH 7513 251x131x40 750 kg to action 20:10:12 Trailer20125
Stedele SH 7513 251x131x40 750 kg to action 30.11.12 Trailer20125
Stedele SH 7513 750kg of wood Trailer20117
Stedele SH7511 - single axle trailer timber - 2,07 x1, 07m Trailer20121
Stedele SH7511Holz Trailer20114
Stedele Single axle motorcycle trailer closed Motortcycle Trailer20129
Stedele Single axle trailer with tarpaulin 2m 1.80 m Trailer200810
Stedele Small car motorcycle Motortcycle Trailer20065
Stedele SMS B111 Motortcycle Trailer20094
Stedele STA 120 Cattle truck19975
Stedele STA 120 car and motorcycle trailers Car carrier20095
Stedele T 20 120 tandem, tilt and bows Trailer20015
Stedele Tandem Stake body and tarpaulin20105
Stedele Tandem 4m x 2m x 0.35m 2500Kg Trailer20104
Stedele Tandem aluminum trailer - TTA 120 Low loader20121
Stedele Tandem car trailer Trailer20012
Stedele Tandem high-loader x 4.00 x 2.00 0.35 m, 2.5 to GG Trailer20129
Stedele Tandem platform trailer Trailer20097
Stedele Tandem platform trailer 3.00 x 1.64 x 0.35 m, GG 2.5 tons. Trailer20125
Stedele Tandem platform trailer 3.75 x 1.80 x 0.35 m, 3 to GG. Trailer201210
Stedele Tandem trailer ALU 120 TTA Trailer20121
Stedele Tank trailers, mobile workshops, \ Tank body20077
Stedele THA 120 Trailer20055
Stedele THA 535 TANDEM PRITSCHE / PLANE, NL: 2360 KG Stake body and tarpaulin20042
Stedele THA535 Stake body and tarpaulin20032
Stedele THAK 325 B Trailer20086
Stedele THAK 330 Trailer20118
Stedele Tipper Trailer19955
Stedele Titan AU 601 Trailer19935

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