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Steyr Commercial Vehicles

(Box, Stake body, Hydraulic work platform, Tank truck, Three-sided Tipper, Car carrier, Tipper, Dumper truck, Other trucks over 7,5t, Stake body and tarpaulin, Beverage, Refrigerator body, Breakdown truck, Sweeping machine, Truck-mounted crane, Other vans/trucks up to 7,5t, Chassis, Horses, Refuse truck, Food Carrier, Timber carrier, Concrete Pump, )
Steyr * 14S28 box body Box200010
Steyr 1.9 D pickup Stake body19974
Steyr 10 S 14 / Wumag WT 170 to 17.0 m Hydraulic work platform199111
Steyr 11 S 14 Box19949
Steyr 11 S 14 - Cherry Picker RUTHMANN K-105 Hydraulic work platform19919
Steyr 11S14 PLATFORM YEAR 1990! Stake body199011
Steyr 11S18 Tank truck19913
Steyr 11S18 three-way tipper with crane PK 5800 Three-sided Tipper199311
Steyr 12 S 18 excavator transporter Car carrier19876
Steyr 12.90 4X4 TIPPER THREE SIDE! WHEEL! Tipper19774
Steyr 1290 Tipper19843
Steyr 1291 310 4x4 skip loader Gigant2 leaf sprung Dumper truck198610
Steyr 1291/260 Kiper stronny 3 + HDS Tipper19859
Steyr 1291st 4X2 Tipper Tipper198110
Steyr 12M18 Other trucks over 7,5t19915
Steyr 12M18 4x4 military Stake body and tarpaulin19881
Steyr 12M18 4x4 military truck Stake body and tarpaulin19875
Steyr 12M18 4x4 military trucks large cabin Stake body and tarpaulin19875
Steyr 12M18 ex army vehicle communications Stake body19874
Steyr 12M18 ex military 4x4 driving school cars Stake body and tarpaulin19876
Steyr 12M18 ex military 4x4 driving school cars Stake body and tarpaulin19876
Steyr 12M21 4x4 Bus Box199315
Steyr 12S16 driving school Stake body19987
Steyr 12S18 Stake body and tarpaulin19916
Steyr 12s18 Beverage19961
Steyr 12S18 4x4 Stake body19895
Steyr 12S18 4X4 / WHEEL PLATFORM WUMAG WT170 Hydraulic work platform199315
Steyr 12S18 CASE + LBW BJ-1987 Box19871
Steyr 13 S 18 Stake body19951
Steyr 13 S 21 Refrigerator body19963
Steyr 13 S 21 LBW Stake body and tarpaulin199210
Steyr 13S18 Beverage19914
Steyr 13S18 Refrigerated Carrier Refrigerator body199012
Steyr 13S21 Breakdown truck19914
Steyr 14 S Sweeping machine19896
Steyr 14 S 18 / F 46/4x2 Truck-mounted crane19873
Steyr 1491 6x6 crane 2 pieces Truck-mounted crane19816
Steyr 1491 6x6 tipper Tipper19903
Steyr 1491 6x6 towing crane truck with two pieces Breakdown truck19816
Steyr 14S14 Daimler-Puch full use of new broad-TIRE Sweeping machine198812
Steyr 14S18 4X2 SWEEPER WITH COURAGE 1987 EZ UP Sweeping machine198715
Steyr 15 S 18 / P 46/4x2 Beverage19934
Steyr 15 S 18 drinks transporter Beverage199515
Steyr 15 S 18 sweeper Sweeping machine19961
Steyr 15 S 21 Stake body19915
Steyr 15 S 26 Box19977
Steyr 15.s276 kontener z Winda DMC 15 ton Other vans/trucks up to 7,5t19976
Steyr 15S14 K34 sweeper Sweeping machine19939
Steyr 15S14 sweeper Sweeping machine19928
Steyr 15S18 Tipper19895
Steyr 15S18 Box19904
Steyr 15S18 Tipper19959
Steyr 15S18 * Thermo King * * * Meat tubular tracks leaf spring * Refrigerator body199111
Steyr 15S23 chassis Chassis19945
Steyr 15S26 2 179 000 ORIGINAL SITE TIPPER KM Tipper199512
Steyr 16s18 HDS Palfinger + + HDS Wywrot wywrot Palfin Tipper198813
Steyr 16S21 Tipper19895
Steyr 16S21 4x4 PLATFORM WITH 3-PK 9700KB HYDRAUSCHÜBE Stake body199415
Steyr 16S21 4x4 wywrotka Tipper19966
Steyr 16S21 trunk / tailgate Box198712
Steyr 17 S 21 wywrotka 3 - STRONNA + HDS - 11/09 Three-sided Tipper19918
Steyr 17-220 Box19942
Steyr 17S 18 horses 5 horses + camper vans Horses198915
Steyr 17S21 P43/4x2 Stake body and tarpaulin199115
Steyr 17S23/K36/4x2 loader / telescopic Dumper truck199314
Steyr 18 S 23 Beverage19952
Steyr 18 S 23 Stake body and tarpaulin19961
Steyr 18S23 garbage truck Haller 15m ³ bulky ABS Retard Refuse truck19968
Steyr 18S26 Box20003
Steyr 18S26 / P 59/4x2! One owner! Box200015
Steyr 18S26 COLD CASE WITH LBW 7.50 M LONG BJ-1995 Refrigerator body199512
Steyr 18s26kehrmaschine Sweeping machine19995
Steyr 19 S 24 / P46, leaf - leaf sprung! Three-sided Tipper198912
Steyr 19 S 24 4x4 + HDS odpinany Three-sided Tipper19874
Steyr 19 S 27 \ Food Carrier19964
Steyr 19 S 29 with P55 Stummer Variopress Refuse truck19974
Steyr 19 S 36 flatbed Palfinger PK 20000 radio Stake body19965
Steyr 19 S 36 with Palfinger PK10500 crane Stake body19947
Steyr 19 s24 Palfinger 9000 TOP CONDITION Tipper19905
Steyr 19 S31, without a crane Timber carrier19893
Steyr 19S24 4x2 - 26m concrete pump CIFA Concrete Pump19928
Steyr 19S24, leaf, four-wheel Tipper19935
Steyr 19S24K35 with snow plow Other trucks over 7,5t19889
Steyr 19S25 (3-SIDED TIPPER) + REMOVABLE PK 10 500 Tipper19933
Steyr 19S25 / K 38 / 4x2 skip loader for TELESCOPE Dumper truck199214
Steyr 19S25 built 1994 SILOTANK 3-4X2 Kamern silvermet., Tank truck19933
Steyr 19S27 4x4 + + + + Dreiseitenkipper Three-sided Tipper199410
Steyr 19S27 4x4 winter PK 8000 Tipper199710
Steyr 19S27 4x4 winter PK 8000 Three-sided Tipper199710
Steyr 19S27 garbage truck Refuse truck19968
Steyr 19S27-crane tipper Tipper199715
Steyr 19S28 P42/4X4 Food Carrier19905
Steyr 19S29/K38/4X4 / / winch / Palfinger PC2400.3, 3 Stake body199310
Steyr 19S31 (2 S-ALU KIPPER) + CRANE HIAB 090 BJ 1997 Tipper198815
Steyr 19S31 K38 4X4 3 SEITENKIPPER EZ. 1990! Tipper199014
Steyr 19S32 Tank truck19938
Steyr 19S32 Stake body and tarpaulin19959
Steyr 19S32 Kipper + Ładowarka 9.7 diesel Tipper19919
Steyr 19S32 three-way tipper with crane PK12ooo Three-sided Tipper19929
Steyr 19S32/K38/4x2 Tipper19935

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