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Strautmann Commercial Vehicles

(Fertilizer spreader, Tractor, Harvesting machine, Other agricultural vehicles, Other substructures, Haymaking equipment, Loader wagon, )
Strautmann , Remorca pt imprastiat gunoi Fertilizer spreader20123
Strautmann 406 Tractor19715
Strautmann Beet lightning Harvesting machine19795
Strautmann Beet lightning Harvesting machine20125
Strautmann Hercules 400 Vibra Cut Other agricultural vehicles19995
Strautmann Hydrofox hd-typ271 Other substructures19894
Strautmann Hydrofox HD2 Other agricultural vehicles19933
Strautmann Hydrofox HV Other substructures19894
Strautmann Hydrofox HV Silage Other substructures20114
Strautmann Hydrofox Siloblockschneider Other substructures19951
Strautmann Miststreuer Bastlerfahrzeug! Fertilizer spreader19795
Strautmann Multimix 900 Mixer wagons Other agricultural vehicles20004
Strautmann Silage Haymaking equipment19934
Strautmann Silohexe - Block Cutter Other agricultural vehicles20114
Strautmann Silospecht 200S Other agricultural vehicles19963
Strautmann Silver Lightning BE 75 Other agricultural vehicles200615
Strautmann SK 30 E Einachsdreiseitenkipper / Top condition Loader wagon19885
Strautmann SK 45 E Loader wagon19945
Strautmann SK41E Loader wagon20112
Strautmann SKE 45 Loader wagon19935
Strautmann SKE 45 Loader wagon20125
Strautmann SKE 55 with Can AGRO auger Loader wagon19935
Strautmann Stray lightning tandem Fertilizer spreader20115
Strautmann Stray lightning VS 10 - Manure spreaders Other agricultural vehicles19947
Strautmann Tipper 5,7 to Loader wagon20124
Strautmann Trailer Other substructures20114
Strautmann Verti-Mix 900 Mixer wagons Other agricultural vehicles19994
Strautmann Vitesse Harvesting machine20115
Strautmann Vitesse 185E Harvesting machine19955
Strautmann Vitesse II Harvesting machine20115
Strautmann ZSK / DSK piece 2 Loader wagon20125

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