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Tatra Commercial Vehicles

(Other trucks over 7, Cement mixer, Truck-mounted crane, Other trucks over 7,5t, Tank truck, Tipper, Chassis, Dumper truck, Stake body and tarpaulin, Breakdown truck, Stake body, Three-sided Tipper, Concrete Pump, Hydraulic work platform, Timber carrier, Box, )
Tatra 141, legendary tractor Other trucks over 719675
Tatra 148 Cement mixer19805
Tatra 148 6x6 Truck-mounted crane19798
Tatra 148 AD 160 6x6 crane wheel Truck-mounted crane19878
Tatra 148 AD 20 Other trucks over 7,5t19813
Tatra 148 AD 20 Truck-mounted crane19815
Tatra 148 AD 20 6x6 Truck-mounted crane19812
Tatra 148 auto 6x6 crane Truck-mounted crane19818
Tatra 148 cisterna Tank truck19792
Tatra 163 380SK4 (id.8484) Tipper200615
Tatra 4x4 Terrno1 Chassis20018
Tatra 813 Dumper truck19724
Tatra 813 Other trucks over 7,5t19813
Tatra 813 + trailer + BMP + support vehicle Stake body and tarpaulin19775
Tatra 813 6x6 Breakdown truck19805
Tatra 813 8x8 Other trucks over 7,5t19835
Tatra 813 8x8 all-wheel Other trucks over 7197510
Tatra 813 8x8 barn find Chassis198010
Tatra 813 8x8 Kolos Chassis19745
Tatra 813 8x8 Kolos with vehicle papers Stake body19745
Tatra 813 8x8 NVA Army Stake body and tarpaulin19705
Tatra 813 8x8 wheel / vintage - H Features Other trucks over 719751
Tatra 813 Colossus with sliding plate Stake body and tarpaulin19751
Tatra 813, 8x8 Stake body19829
Tatra 815 Tipper19833
Tatra 815 Cement mixer19852
Tatra 815 Three-sided Tipper198511
Tatra 815 Tipper19863
Tatra 815 Stake body19882
Tatra 815 Cement mixer19882
Tatra 815 Other trucks over 719895
Tatra 815 Tipper19894
Tatra 815 Cement mixer19904
Tatra 815 Tipper19915
Tatra 815 Three-sided Tipper19931
Tatra 815 Tipper19946
Tatra 815 - 260S23 Three-sided Tipper19984
Tatra 815 - 6x6 Concrete Pump19894
Tatra 815 28 170 6x6.1 Truck-mounted crane19882
Tatra 815 4x4 23m Hydraulic work platform19961
Tatra 815 6x6 Stake body and tarpaulin19794
Tatra 815 6x6 Stake body and tarpaulin19814
Tatra 815 6x6 Breakdown truck19814
Tatra 815 6x6 Tipper19852
Tatra 815 6x6 Tipper19862
Tatra 815 6X6 Tank truck19898
Tatra 815 6x6 Chassis198912
Tatra 815 6x6 Tipper19932
Tatra 815 6X6 Tipper199415
Tatra 815 6x6 + HR Stake body19872
Tatra 815 6x6 all-wheel tipper three-way tipper leaf blade Three-sided Tipper19845
Tatra 815 6x6 all-wheel tipper three-way tipper leaf blade Tipper19845
Tatra 815 6X6 MPP Tipper198715
Tatra 815 6x6 S3 Three-sided Tipper19886
Tatra 815 6x6 S3 Tipper20047
Tatra 815 6x6 S3 EURO2 Three-sided Tipper19966
Tatra 815 6x6 tipper / truck German steel Tipper19964
Tatra 815 8x8 Hydraulic work platform19855
Tatra 815 8x8 Tipper19855
Tatra 815 8x8 Chassis19897
Tatra 815 8x8 Tipper200515
Tatra 815 8x8 Tipper20063
Tatra 815 AD28/6x6 / Truck-mounted crane198315
Tatra 815 AV14 6x6, TOP! ! ! Truck-mounted crane199010
Tatra 815 AV14 6x6, TOP! ! ! Breakdown truck19908
Tatra 815 CAS 32 fire engine Tank truck19905
Tatra 815 CAS 32 fire engine Tank truck19915
Tatra 815 MP 27/27 meters Other trucks over 719863
Tatra 815 P26208 6X6.2 Cement mixer19872
Tatra 815 PJ28 Truck-mounted crane19842
Tatra 815 PR + WIBAU 24 m Concrete Pump198915
Tatra 815 S2 TERNO Tipper200515
Tatra 815 s3 Tipper19875
Tatra 815 S3 Tipper19892
Tatra 815 S3 26 208 6X6.2 Three-sided Tipper198312
Tatra 815 S3 4x4 Tipper19905
Tatra 815 S3 6x4 CUMMINS Tipper20007
Tatra 815 S3 6x6 Tipper19902
Tatra 815 S3 6x6 Tipper19933
Tatra 815 S3 6x6 260S25 Tipper199714
Tatra 815 Terrno1 290R25 + EPSILON 165Z Timber carrier200614
Tatra 815 UDS 114A mobile Bager Other trucks over 719885
Tatra 815 VVN Stake body19841
Tatra 815 WOMO Box19845
Tatra 815-2 Tipper20022
Tatra 815-2 6x6 Dreiseitenkipper Tipper19972
Tatra 815-2 6x6 Dreiseitenkipper Three-sided Tipper19972
Tatra 815-6x6 with O \u0026 K RH 6 excavators Other trucks over 7198815
Tatra 815-T2-s3 6x6 10-ZYLINDER Three-sided Tipper199911
Tatra 815, UDS 114 Other trucks over 719903
Tatra 815S Tipper19932
Tatra 8x8 Tipper199814
Tatra 8x8 815-200R81 Cement mixer19952
Tatra AB 148 - 6x6 - crane AD 070.1 Truck-mounted crane198015
Tatra AD 28 Truck-mounted crane19852
Tatra AD20 815 6x6, Truck-mounted crane198713
Tatra AD28 815 6x6 Truck-mounted crane19867
Tatra CA18-815 6x6 German automotive letter-liter ca.20000 Tank truck19886
Tatra camion tatra Dumper truck19885
Tatra CKD 28 Truck-mounted crane19847

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