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Tatra Commercial Vehicles

(Truck-mounted crane, Other trucks over 7, Tank truck, Tipper, Breakdown truck, Other trucks over 7,5t, Cement mixer, Stake body, Dumper truck, Concrete Pump, Hydraulic work platform, Three-sided Tipper, Timber carrier, Roll-off tipper, Stake body and tarpaulin, Box, Chassis, Vacuum and pressure vehicle, )
Tatra CKD AD28 815, 6x6 Truck-mounted crane19872
Tatra CRANE CKD ADK 28-30 TONS Truck-mounted crane199210
Tatra DŹWIG SAMOJEZDNY NA TATRZE! 28 TON! Truck-mounted crane19846
Tatra Expedition mobile 815/2 Other trucks over 7199715
Tatra for diesel, tankcistern 15m3, 6x6 Tank truck198915
Tatra HN100 815 6x6 Tipper19842
Tatra HOLOWNIK TATRA 813 8X8 Breakdown truck19782
Tatra JAMAL-163 Tipper200313
Tatra KONTEJNER Tipper19864
Tatra KONTEJNER Tipper19884
Tatra MIX 815 Other trucks over 7,5t198311
Tatra P 815 6x6 mixer blast Cement mixer19889
Tatra P26 T815 6x6 Stake body19872
Tatra Phoenix 6 x 6 Tipper20123
Tatra Phoenix 8 x 8 Tipper20123
Tatra PHOENIX 8P5R23.371 4x4, tipper Tipper20124
Tatra PHOENIX6X6 Dumper truck20126
Tatra PP 148 Concrete Pump19782
Tatra Ross TATRA 560 6x6 Iveco engine VIZA Hydraulic work platform19984
Tatra S 84 41 270 Tipper20079
Tatra S1 T815, 6x6 tipper Tipper19898
Tatra Stalowa Wola T351 40t Truck-mounted crane19915
Tatra T 148 Hydraulic work platform19702
Tatra T 148 P CAS 32, Fire Other trucks over 719749
Tatra T 148-CAS 10, 6x6 Tank truck197311
Tatra T 815 Truck-mounted crane19875
Tatra T 815 Tipper199613
Tatra T 815 3 tipper 6x6 S Tipper19866
Tatra T 815 6 x 6 Three-sided Tipper198315
Tatra T 815 6x6 tipper S3 Tipper199413
Tatra T 815 6x6 tipper three sided Tipper200215
Tatra T 815 6x6 tipper three sided Three-sided Tipper200215
Tatra T 815 6x6 UDS Truck-mounted crane198910
Tatra T 815 6x6 with crane timber carrier + trailer Timber carrier200015
Tatra T 815 8x6 with crane mulitilift Roll-off tipper198315
Tatra T 815 8x6 with crane mulitilift Truck-mounted crane198315
Tatra T 815 AD 28 autocrat 6x6 Truck-mounted crane198810
Tatra T 815 AD28 Truck-mounted crane19904
Tatra T 815 HR 1385 TICO Tipper198615
Tatra T 815 P 17 26 208 6X6.2 Other trucks over 7198913
Tatra T 815 P wood carrier 6x6 Truck-mounted crane19918
Tatra T 815 PJ 28 170 6x6 auto crane Truck-mounted crane19869
Tatra T 815 PJ 28 170-6x6.1-AD28 Truck-mounted crane19875
Tatra T 815 S 3 Three-sided Tipper19874
Tatra T 815 S 3 6x6 tipper Tipper19866
Tatra T 815 S3 Tipper19916
Tatra T 815 S3 26 208 6x6.2 Three-sided Tipper19889
Tatra T 815 S3 26 208 6x6.2 (id: 8081) Tipper19883
Tatra T 815 three sided tipper 6x6 Tipper19908
Tatra T 815 three sided tipper 6x6 Three-sided Tipper19908
Tatra T 815, 8x8, 4 euros, TOP, TOP, TOP Three-sided Tipper200715
Tatra T-813 Other trucks over 719765
Tatra T-815 8x8 Cement mixer19924
Tatra T-815 TP zugmachine for trailer etc Stake body and tarpaulin19905
Tatra T.815, NP-27 Hydraulic work platform19934
Tatra T148 AD20 Truck-mounted crane19822
Tatra T163 Tipper20065
Tatra T163 6x6 Tipper20032
Tatra T815 Three-sided Tipper199614
Tatra T815 - 2 Pcs Three-sided Tipper20082
Tatra T815 408 PS Euro 2 6X6 TOP Timber carrier20014
Tatra T815 6x6 Tipper19862
Tatra T815 6x6 Box19864
Tatra T815 6x6 2S3 Tipper19902
Tatra T815 6x6 S3 € 5 Tipper20082
Tatra T815 6X6, truck Tipper19979
Tatra T815 AD28jeřáb Truck-mounted crane198913
Tatra T815 auto 6x6 with crane HIAB crane Truck-mounted crane199014
Tatra T815 mixer, 6X6, 10.2 m3 Cement mixer198714
Tatra T815 S3 26 208 6x6 Chassis19848
Tatra T815 terno Timber carrier200110
Tatra T815-2 Three-sided Tipper20052
Tatra T815-290R25 28 300 6x6.2 Three-sided Tipper20069
Tatra T815, 6x6, fekal Vacuum and pressure vehicle198912
Tatra T815, 6x6, S3 Three-sided Tipper19848
Tatra T815, fekal, 6x6, 11cm3 Vacuum and pressure vehicle198811
Tatra T815/6x6 Roll-off tipper19916
Tatra TATRA 813 Breakdown truck19805
Tatra TATRA 813 taka Jedyna w Europie! 8x8 Breakdown truck19675
Tatra TATRA 815 - CKD AD 20 auto crane Truck-mounted crane19908
Tatra TATRA 815 6x6 TRUCK Three-sided Tipper19866
Tatra TATRA 815 AV15 8x8 2x turbo, fire variant Breakdown truck198815
Tatra TATRA 815 S3 TURBO (id: 8073) Tipper19884
Tatra TATRA 815 S3, T6, Tipper Three-sided Tipper19948
Tatra tatra 815-2 (EURO2) Liebherr mix 6m3 Cement mixer19976
Tatra TATRA T 815 (id: 7984) Tipper20063
Tatra TATRA T 815 (id: 7985) Tipper20063
Tatra TERNNO T 815 6x6 S25 300 kW - EURO 3 Three-sided Tipper20069
Tatra terno Tipper20035
Tatra UDS Other trucks over 7,5t19912
Tatra UDS 114 / Autobagr / Other trucks over 719894
Tatra UDS 148 6x6 Other trucks over 7,5t19762

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