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Temsa Commercial Vehicles

(Clubbus, Coaches, Public service vehicle, Other buses and coaches, Cross country bus, Articulated bus, )
Temsa 160 Clubbus19992
Temsa 26 MAN LB Coaches200315
Temsa BG 824 E / TÜV 02/2013 Coaches19987
Temsa BG824E Samba opaline climate control Coaches200315
Temsa Diamond Coaches20065
Temsa DIAMOND 14 Coaches20053
Temsa Ikarus E91 Mercedes Benz midi-bus machine Public service vehicle20042
Temsa LB 26 Clubbus20015
Temsa LB 26 AIR EURO 2 Clubbus200012
Temsa LB 26 Liberty, ooriginal 138 000 KM Clubbus200112
Temsa LB26. 3rd Euro Climate Coaches200311
Temsa MAN LB 26 DP Coaches20015
Temsa MAN Mercedes-Benz Safir Coaches20105
Temsa Mercedes-Benz Man Safari HD Coaches20105
Temsa Metropolitan Public service vehicle201010
Temsa one Coaches19995
Temsa Opal Coaches20045
Temsa OPALIN Coaches20045
Temsa OPALIN 8 Other buses and coaches20042
Temsa Opalin 9 Coaches20065
Temsa OPALIN 9 Other buses and coaches20061
Temsa Opalin 9 Clubbus20063
Temsa Opalin 9 Coaches200715
Temsa OPALIN 9 Coaches20083
Temsa Opalin 9 Coaches200911
Temsa OPALIN 9 Coaches201110
Temsa Opaline Coaches20055
Temsa Opaline Coaches20069
Temsa opaline Coaches20075
Temsa Opaline Cross country bus20098
Temsa Opaline Coaches200915
Temsa Opaline \Hand Clubbus20073
Temsa Opaline 9 Coaches200613
Temsa Opaline 9 Coaches20085
Temsa Opaline 9 - WC TV air (Medio Tourino Clubstar) Clubbus200511
Temsa Opaline 9 1.Hand Very well maintained, only 158 000 KM Coaches200713
Temsa Opaline Powerbus Coaches20125
Temsa Opaline TV, AIR, WC, 4 euros Coaches200810
Temsa Prestige LB 26 with air + towbar + Retarder +27 seats Coaches199813
Temsa Prestij SUPERDELUX Coaches20114
Temsa Safari Coaches200213
Temsa SAFARI Coaches200311
Temsa Safari Coaches200510
Temsa Safari 12 Coaches20045
Temsa SAFARI 12 Coaches200510
Temsa SAFARI 12 Coaches20069
Temsa Safari 12 -59000 EURO-NET Public service vehicle20053
Temsa Safari 12 HD Coaches200915
Temsa Safari 12 RD | Net: 149,000 | +15 49 SS standing place. Coaches20106
Temsa SAFARI 13 Coaches20033
Temsa SAFARI 13 HD Coaches20063
Temsa Safari 13 HD Coaches20095
Temsa Safari 13 HD Coaches201013
Temsa SAFARI 13 RD Coaches20087
Temsa Safari coach TB163 49 +1 +1 Air Retarder WC Coaches20048
Temsa Safari HD Coaches20063
Temsa Safari HD Coaches20079
Temsa Safari HD Coaches200914
Temsa Safari HD Cross country bus200915
Temsa Safari HD Coaches20121
Temsa Safari HD (air) Coaches200610
Temsa Safari HD * NEW CAR * 57 SS + WC | Net: 198,000 Coaches201110
Temsa Safari HD 12 Coaches200811
Temsa Safari HD 12 Coaches20091
Temsa Safari HD 12 Coaches20102
Temsa Safari HD 12 | Net: 199,000 * NEW CAR * Coaches20113
Temsa Safari HD 13 Coaches20068
Temsa Safari HD 13 Coaches20082
Temsa Safari HD 13 Cross country bus20098
Temsa Safari HD 13 Coaches200910
Temsa Safari HD 13 Coaches20115
Temsa Safari Intercity 13 Cross country bus20035
Temsa SAFARI MAN Coaches20035
Temsa Safari RD Coaches200515
Temsa Safari RD 12 Coaches200915
Temsa Safari RD 12 € Coaches200411
Temsa Safari TB 162 R Cross country bus20035
Temsa SAMBA Coaches20027
Temsa TB162L / Safari Articulated bus200315
Temsa TOURMALIN BOX 12-4 Light Other buses and coaches20073
Temsa Tourmaline 13 Public service vehicle20098
Temsa Tourmaline IC Cross country bus20111
Temsa Tourmaline IC TGSA7L Cross country bus20098
Temsa Tourmaline Light 12 Cross country bus20071
Temsa Tourmaline Light 13 Cross country bus20081
Temsa Tourmaline Light 8.12 Cross country bus20061
Temsa Vand urgent Autocar 32 LocURI Coaches20075

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