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Terex Commercial Vehicles

(Other construction vehicles, Caterpillar digger, Mobile digger, Working platform, Other substructures, Wheeled loader, Combined Dredger Loader, Grader, Mini/Kompact-digger, Construction crane, Rollers, Construction Equipment, Drill machine, )
Terex 150 Other construction vehicles200010
Terex 1605 LC Caterpillar digger20087
Terex 1905 Mobile digger20076
Terex 1905 M Mobile digger20041
Terex 2205 M ** 2x Paws / Air / W / TOP CONDITION ** Mobile digger200515
Terex 2205 only 2359stunden Mobile digger200610
Terex 23 965 Working platform19988
Terex 2366 ** Dumper / 6x6 / 7,000 hours ** Other construction vehicles199415
Terex 25 Other construction vehicles20115
Terex 2566 Other construction vehicles19976
Terex 2566 C / TA 25 6x6 Dumper Other construction vehicles200015
Terex 3066 Other substructures19938
Terex 310kg hammer Other substructures20025
Terex 33-05B Other construction vehicles201211
Terex 3307 Dump Truck Other construction vehicles198012
Terex 3514 Rotating 13.5 m telescope Wheeled loader20009
Terex 3713 Wheeled loader200615
Terex 3713 wheel loader Teleleskop 13.0 m 3700 Kg Wheeled loader20069
Terex 60 SX Combined Dredger Loader20086
Terex 6003 pt Other construction vehicles20047
Terex 7251 Wheeled loader198010
Terex 820 Combined Dredger Loader200713
Terex 820 \ Other construction vehicles20056
Terex 820 \ Other construction vehicles200615
Terex 860 SX Combined Dredger Loader20073
Terex 860 SX Combined Dredger Loader20087
Terex 860SX Combined Dredger Loader20057
Terex 880 Elite Combined Dredger Loader200710
Terex 880 SX Combined Dredger Loader20068
Terex 880 SX Combined Dredger Loader20076
Terex 880 SX Tele Combined Dredger Loader20076
Terex 9003 Other construction vehicles20056
Terex 970 Combined Dredger Loader200810
Terex 980 Elite Combined Dredger Loader20085
Terex A motor grader TG190 Grader20066
Terex AC35L crane Other construction vehicles200714
Terex AL 80 full equipment with ABE Wheeled loader20045
Terex AM37R Mini/Kompact-digger20063
Terex as TL80 Schaeff SKL 834 wheel loader wheel loader Wheeled loader200510
Terex Atlas 1305 LC Caterpillar digger20076
Terex Atlas 1305 LC Caterpillar digger20085
Terex BENDINI A 350 Construction crane200314
Terex Benford 9 tonne dumpers Other construction vehicles20069
Terex BENFORD TEREX PS6000 Other construction vehicles20025
Terex Benford TV 1200 DF Double Drum Vibrating Roller Rollers20049
Terex BIG LOADER / DOZER C 90 / 6.5 m3 / rock bucket Wheeled loader19946
Terex BJ TA 30 ** 2005/7400 h / top condition ** Other construction vehicles20054
Terex Cabin 2 pieces TC / TW Other substructures20116
Terex Comedil CBR 36 H4 as NEW WINTER PRICE! Construction crane20067
Terex Concrete truck bomb with 500 l recording, re- Construction Equipment20091
Terex DEMAG AC 40 Construction crane19985
Terex Demag AC55L Construction crane201211
Terex DUMPER ARTICULAT TEREX TA 27 GENERATION 7 Construction Equipment20045
Terex Dumpers TA 27 Gen.7 Other construction vehicles20045
Terex Dumpers TA 30 RS Top wg. Operational task! Other construction vehicles200710
Terex Euclid R60 Other construction vehicles199615
Terex Fermec 960 Combined Dredger Loader19986
Terex Finlay 693 T Super Track Other construction vehicles20075
Terex Finlay C-1540 Conecrusher Other construction vehicles20085
Terex Finlay Finlay 883 Reclaimer Drill machine200710
Terex Finlay J-1175 Construction Equipment20085
Terex GENIE GTH Construction Equipment20114
Terex GENIE GTH Construction Equipment20124
Terex HD 1000 Dumper Hochkippeinrichtung Other construction vehicles20066
Terex HD1000 HI-TIP Other construction vehicles20059
Terex HML 31 Adjustable hook u hammer line Mobile digger19974
Terex HR 1.6 2x + spoon widening Mini/Kompact-digger20055
Terex HR 1.6, quick hitch, Rein. Suspension, Mini/Kompact-digger20049
Terex HR 14 Mini/Kompact-digger200310
Terex HR 20 Mini/Kompact-digger20052
Terex HR 22 6000 KG TOP Mini/Kompact-digger19985
Terex HR 32 Mini/Kompact-digger20045
Terex HR 32 Mini/Kompact-digger20055
Terex Kaelble SL 28B 32t. 5.1 m³ scale 5900Bs AIR Wheeled loader200310
Terex Kaelble SL28B 32t. 5,1 m³ bucket + Libra nur5900bs Wheeled loader20039
Terex MARINER 25G 4X4 SIEF Other construction vehicles20074
Terex PC 260 LC koparka gąsienicowa Caterpillar digger20076
Terex PEGSON 428 -32 TO-IMPACTOR / CRUSHERS Other construction vehicles200515
Terex POWERGRID Construction Equipment20112
Terex Powerscreen Warrior 1400 - Kompaktsiebanlage Other construction vehicles200815
Terex PPM ATT 340 4x4x4 Construction Equipment19933
Terex PPM ATT 600 crane Construction crane20003
Terex PS 6 AWS dumper Other construction vehicles20095
Terex PS 6000 Other construction vehicles20062
Terex PS6000 Construction Equipment20048
Terex PT 30 Other construction vehicles20109
Terex PT 60 Wheeled loader20113
Terex PT 9002 Dumper Other construction vehicles20054
Terex Schaeff HR 1.6 Mini/Kompact-digger20125
Terex Schaeff HR 20 Mini/Kompact-digger20055
Terex Schaeff, TL 100 Wheeled loader20024
Terex SE 860 (4WD) Combined Dredger Loader20038
Terex SKL 160 Wheeled loader20068
Terex SKL 260 S, Quick coupler VOLVO, 40km / h Wheeled loader20066
Terex SKL 834 Wheeled loader20064
Terex SKL 844 ** ** Klappschaufel/4000Betriebsstunden Wheeled loader200410
Terex TA 30 ** BJ 2005/7400 h / top condition ** Other construction vehicles20054
Terex TA 300 Dumper - Dump Trucks! Like new! Other construction vehicles20116
Terex TA 34 Working platform19992
Terex TA 40 Other construction vehicles20025

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