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Trailor Commercial Vehicles

(Tipper, Refrigerator body, Stake body, Box, Low loader, Cattle truck, Swap chassis, Chassis, Stake body and tarpaulin, Tank body, Platform, Other semi-trailers, Walking floor, )
Trailor * Lift axle tipper * Heating * * 32m ³ Tipper199415
Trailor ** 3-axis Alukippmulde Blatt/5580kg curb weight ** Tipper19973
Trailor / Chereau / Carrier Frigo box Refrigerator body199510
Trailor 13.60 Stake body20012
Trailor 2 ASSER Box19926
Trailor 2 axle trailer leaf sprung Low loader197415
Trailor 2 bunk cattle trailer Cattle truck19824
Trailor 20 F. on Springs Swap chassis19896
Trailor 20 foot Swap chassis19843
Trailor 24 Chassis19996
Trailor 2x SAMRO ST plane 39, flatbed, STANDARD, doors Stake body and tarpaulin20037
Trailor 3 A sliding curtain Edscha Stake body and tarpaulin200411
Trailor 3 ASSER Tipper19885
Trailor 3 ASSER Stake body and tarpaulin19986
Trailor 3 axis plateau BLATTFEDERUNG Stake body199212
Trailor 3 axis Tautliner Schiebegardine Edscha BPW axle Stake body and tarpaulin19978
Trailor 3 axle aluminum tank Tank body19908
Trailor 3 axles s: air Platform19893
Trailor 3 axles tipper ** ** 2 times available Stake body and tarpaulin199812
Trailor 3 axles tipper SYY3LL SMB aluminum / aluminum tarp 32m ³ Tipper200010
Trailor 3 CX Tank body19942
Trailor 3 x 53m all-aluminum dump body \ Tipper200012
Trailor 3-A + SCHUIFZEIL BORDEN Stake body and tarpaulin19986
Trailor 3-axis Alumulde * 40cbm * Cereals * Cover sheet * Tipper19875
Trailor 3-axis tarp air suspension Stake body and tarpaulin19936
Trailor 38 3 el Refrigerator body19905
Trailor 40 000 liters of fuel original Tank body19925
Trailor 40 F. / Springs / 4 Locks Swap chassis19856
Trailor 40 ft Swap chassis19965
Trailor 40'0 Swap chassis19763
Trailor 47 cub in aluminum Tipper19924
Trailor 88m ³ Lieftachse Stake body and tarpaulin19999
Trailor 89m ³ Lieftachse SMB axes Coilmulde Stake body and tarpaulin19974
Trailor 90m ³ of air + Lieftachse Stake body and tarpaulin19969
Trailor 92m ³ of air 34-Europaleten Stake body and tarpaulin200510
Trailor 92m ³ of air-Lieftachse Stake body and tarpaulin19978
Trailor Airride Platform19906
Trailor Airride Platform19916
Trailor Airride Stake body and tarpaulin19967
Trailor Airride Stake body and tarpaulin19986
Trailor Airride Platform19991
Trailor Airride Platform20008
Trailor ALU TIPPER 60 M3 11.80m long Tipper19815
Trailor Aluminium tipper / Stahlramen Plane Tipper198311
Trailor Aluminium tipper / Stahlramen Plane Tipper198811
Trailor Aluminium tipper / Stahlramen Plane Tipper199711
Trailor BENALU Tipper ALU m3 50 Tipper199911
Trailor Bitum Tank body19804
Trailor Bitum Tank body19873
Trailor Bitum Tank body19883
Trailor bitum 33050 liters Tank body19936
Trailor Bitumen tank Tank body19832
Trailor Bitumen tank 30.5m3 - 1 Tank body19863
Trailor Bitumen tank 30m3-1 Tank body19878
Trailor Bizien refrigerator with Thermo King SB III SLE Refrigerator body19948
Trailor BLAD 2 AS / STEEL Tipper19974
Trailor BLADGEVEERD Other semi-trailers19746
Trailor CAISSE BIZI THERMO KING SL TCI x 2 Refrigerator body20006
Trailor Case Box19953
Trailor Case 34 pallets lift axle Box20019
Trailor chłodnia Refrigerator body19985
Trailor chłodnia Refrigerator body20004
Trailor CITERNE BITUME S / / 3 ESS LAMES 31m3 Tank body19913
Trailor CITERNE BITUME S / / Air 31m3 Tank body19923
Trailor Container 20/20/40 FT Swap chassis19982
Trailor Container 20/30 FT Swap chassis19834
Trailor Container 45 FT Swap chassis19963
Trailor Container chassis Swap chassis19903
Trailor Container chassis 20 ' Swap chassis19802
Trailor Containerschassi Swap chassis19855
Trailor Containerschassi Swap chassis19893
Trailor Curtains with sliding doors and portal Stake body and tarpaulin20009
Trailor Curtains with sliding doors and portal Stake body and tarpaulin20019
Trailor Firana Other semi-trailers19932
Trailor Firanka Stake body and tarpaulin19995
Trailor Firanka Stake body and tarpaulin20005
Trailor Firanka Stake body and tarpaulin20014
Trailor Flatbed Plane Stake body and tarpaulin19994
Trailor FOURGON Box19994
Trailor frigo Refrigerator body20012
Trailor fuel Tank body19833
Trailor Fuel Tank body19876
Trailor FUEL TANK ALU 36m3 / 9 Tank body19906
Trailor FULL STEEL supension Platform19868
Trailor Gen.Typ: TF34CZ 40m ³ Tipper20036
Trailor GT Stake body and tarpaulin19994
Trailor Held Stake body20009
Trailor Kłonicowa Thurs Przewozu Drewna - Regulowan Other semi-trailers19996
Trailor KONTENER Other semi-trailers20037
Trailor Leci Stake body and tarpaulin20082
Trailor LEGRAS NNS Walking floor20004
Trailor Loaders Plane Low loader20018
Trailor Low loader 22000kg payload Low loader197110
Trailor MEGA Stake body and tarpaulin20014
Trailor MEGA Lowdeck Stake body and tarpaulin20005
Trailor Mulda SYY3KEAL341S Other semi-trailers19993
Trailor Naczepa Kłonicowa Thurs Przewozu Drewna Other semi-trailers20007
Trailor open trailer Low loader19965

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