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Unimog Commercial Vehicles

(Other substructures, Tipper, Loader wagon, Mining truck, Other vans/trucks up to 7,5t, Stake body, Ambulance, Other agricultural vehicles, Stake body and tarpaulin, Tractor, Three-sided Tipper, Other vans/trucks up to 7, Truck-mounted crane, Other semi-trailer trucks, Other trucks over 7, Other trucks over 7,5t, Chassis, Box, Forestry vehicle, Traffic construction, Breakdown truck, )
Unimog / MB-Trac Other substructures20114
Unimog 1000 Tipper198015
Unimog 1000 (424) full agricultural Loader wagon19787
Unimog 1200 T Fasieco FCAT8 Containerabsetzer Mining truck19922
Unimog 1250 Other vans/trucks up to 7,5t19855
Unimog 1250 4x4 Tipper19863
Unimog 1250 L + Atlas 60.1 crane cable remote control Other vans/trucks up to 7,5t199014
Unimog 1300 Stake body19877
Unimog 1300 435 4x4 Bundeswehr Stake body19791
Unimog 1300 435 4x4 Bundeswehr Stake body19861
Unimog 1300 L 4x4 Ambulance (5 x in stock!) Ambulance19873
Unimog 1300 L winter service formerly THW Other agricultural vehicles19837
Unimog 1300L 435 with winch Bundeswehr Stake body and tarpaulin19839
Unimog 1300L 4x4 AMBULANCE 2 x in stock! Ambulance19903
Unimog 1400 Tipper19895
Unimog 1400 Tractor19918
Unimog 1400 Agricultural Euro2 type 427-50 Topzustand Tipper20027
Unimog 1400 Green Euro2 ABS 427 opt.Schneepf Other vans/trucks up to 7,5t19977
Unimog 1400-427 Tractor199215
Unimog 1400/427 Three-sided Tipper19916
Unimog 1400/427-mit Schaeff Backhoe AT16, 88500KM Other vans/trucks up to 7199314
Unimog 1450 Tractor19894
Unimog 1450 Truck-mounted crane19895
Unimog 1450-hydrostatic, air, Euro2, ABS Three-sided Tipper20005
Unimog 1500 4X4 TYPE: 425 Other semi-trailer trucks197813
Unimog 1500 U-Snow Shield Complete New Aufgebaut.H-Kenz Stake body and tarpaulin19767
Unimog 1500L 4X4 425 Other trucks over 719803
Unimog 1600 Loader wagon198711
Unimog 1600 -427 opt.Mulag Auslegemulcher TOP! Tipper19943
Unimog 1600 Agricultural Other trucks over 7,5t19925
Unimog 1600 Agricultural Tipper199510
Unimog 1600 U / 1650/427/12 MUNICIPAL Tipper199615
Unimog 1600 U / 1650/427/12 MUNICIPAL Tipper199811
Unimog 1650 4X4 Dreiseitenkipper NEW PAINTED Tipper201213
Unimog 1650 K white ABS 427 Euro2 top condition Tipper19977
Unimog 1650, hydrostatic, air, 9800 Other vans/trucks up to 7,5t19983
Unimog 1700 Other trucks over 7,5t19885
Unimog 1700 Other trucks over 7,5t199115
Unimog 1700 Type 437 with snow plow, spreader + Tipper19895
Unimog 1700T truck Ruthmann Other trucks over 719919
Unimog 1800 2100 437 tipper Topzustand PS 200 Tipper19927
Unimog 2 Way U 1000 Other trucks over 7198310
Unimog 2010 Stake body19525
Unimog 2010 Stake body and tarpaulin19535
Unimog 2150 * 437/41 * Trucks * Kommunalhydralik * mounting plate * Tipper199215
Unimog 2150 with crane HIAB 230 / 4 Truck-mounted crane19979
Unimog 2450 - 6x6 Chassis Other trucks over 719995
Unimog 2450L type 437/41 Stake body19922
Unimog 30-411 Chassis195910
Unimog 30-411 Case Box19658
Unimog 30-411 cases Box19658
Unimog 400 405 / 12 U air 4x4 hydrostatic Stake body200111
Unimog 403 Tipper19705
Unimog 403 Forestry vehicle19705
Unimog 403 Other substructures19715
Unimog 403 Traffic construction19772
Unimog 403 CABRIO Tractor20115
Unimog 403 Diesel short Other vans/trucks up to 7,5t197010
Unimog 403, Convertible, Restored, H-plates Tipper19662
Unimog 403, Mercedes Benz Other vans/trucks up to 719683
Unimog 404 Stake body and tarpaulin19605
Unimog 404 Box19615
Unimog 404 Box19685
Unimog 404 EX SWISS ARMY / ORIGINAL Stake body and tarpaulin196315
Unimog 404 new technical approval Stake body19623
Unimog 404 S Stake body19675
Unimog 404 S Platform Stake body196315
Unimog 404.1S of the classic Swiss Army Stake body and tarpaulin196211
Unimog 404S radio box Box19664
Unimog 405/12 U400, U300, U500, UGN, U1400 Mähtür.Drehsitz Tipper200114
Unimog 406 Tipper19645
Unimog 406 Three-sided Tipper196415
Unimog 406 Stake body19695
Unimog 406 Tipper19703
Unimog 406 Tractor19723
Unimog 406 Stake body19745
Unimog 406 Three-sided Tipper19751
Unimog 406 Other vans/trucks up to 7,5t19762
Unimog 406 Tractor19775
Unimog 406 Tipper19791
Unimog 406 Other trucks over 719805
Unimog 406 Three-sided Tipper19813
Unimog 406 Other vans/trucks up to 7,5t19824
Unimog 406 + snow shovel spreader TÜV 11/2012 Other vans/trucks up to 7,5t19657
Unimog 406 200 Other trucks over 7,5t19745
Unimog 406 200 4x4 tipper with Randstreifenmäher Tipper19829
Unimog 406 200 4x4 tipper with Randstreifenmäher Three-sided Tipper19829
Unimog 406 4x4, tipper, Three-sided Tipper19714
Unimog 406 6 cylinder Runs restored Attitude Other vans/trucks up to 719704
Unimog 406 Agricultural U900 green m. Hitch Stake body19735
Unimog 406 Convertible Other agricultural vehicles197210
Unimog 406 dump trucks Tipper20077
Unimog 406 Ruth man with papers ready to Breakdown truck19717
Unimog 406 six cylinder ready to drive restoration needs Other vans/trucks up to 7,5t19704
Unimog 406 three-way tipper Other agricultural vehicles197810
Unimog 406 tipper 65000km convertible agricultural vehicle Tipper196315
Unimog 406 tractor - snow plow Frotlader Other vans/trucks up to 7,5t19887
Unimog 406 U406 Rear PTO PTO engine 84HP Tractor20122
Unimog 406 U406 rear PTO. -. Wheel. -. Wheel Tractor20122
Unimog 406 U900 with Klaus loader / backhoe 215 Other vans/trucks up to 7,5t19745

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