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Upright Commercial Vehicles

(Working platform, Other construction vehicles, Construction Equipment, )
Upright 065400-002 Working platform19995
Upright 67505 Working platform20014
Upright AB 46 Working platform19998
Upright AB62T Working platform19995
Upright LX 31 Working platform20013
Upright LX 41 DD 4x2 special price € 7,900.00 - Working platform20012
Upright LX 41 DD 4x2 special price € 9,900.00 - Working platform20023
Upright LX 50 17 meter Met punch Working platform20125
Upright MX19 Working platform19993
Upright MX19 Working platform20075
Upright MX19 Other construction vehicles20077
Upright MX19 Working platform20112
Upright MX19N scissor lift / working height 7.80m Working platform20119
Upright Platform Working platform20002
Upright Schrerenarbeitsbühne / diesel / 12 METER Working platform20008
Upright Scissor Lift 16m LX50DD Podnośnik NOŻYCOWY Other construction vehicles19997
Upright Scissors, SL 26 RT, diesel 4x4 Working platform19952
Upright SL 20 electric scissor lift / working height 8.10 m Working platform200412
Upright SL 30 4x4 11m working height Working platform199910
Upright SL 30 BATTERY + Bi-engine diesel motor road capability Working platform19979
Upright Sl-26 N Special Price € 5900.00 - Working platform19993
Upright SL20 Working platform19965
Upright SL20 Working platform20004
Upright SL30Bi Working platform199912
Upright Snorkel S1930E Working platform20045
Upright TL 38 Working platform20004
Upright TL 49 Working platform20025
Upright TM12 Working platform20004
Upright UL25 Working platform199810
Upright White SAB B-118 11.80 m electric scissor lift Working platform20076
Upright X24 Working platform20115
Upright X26 Working platform19974
Upright X26 Working platform19993
Upright X26 Working platform20003
Upright X26N Working platform19995
Upright X32 Construction Equipment20006
Upright X32N Working platform20003
Upright X32N Working platform20011
Upright XL19C - scissor lift 7.8 m Working platform20123

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