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VDL Berkhof Commercial Vehicles

(Coaches, Double decker, Public service vehicle, Cross country bus, Other buses and coaches, Articulated bus, )
VDL Berkhof 18 370 MAN Berkhof HOCL Coaches19975
VDL Berkhof 3000 manual Double decker19977
VDL Berkhof Ambassador Public service vehicle20047
VDL Berkhof Ambassador 120 Public service vehicle200510
VDL Berkhof Ambassador 200 Public service vehicle20029
VDL Berkhof Ambassador 200 Public service vehicle200310
VDL Berkhof Ambassador 200 Public service vehicle200415
VDL Berkhof Ambassador 200 Public service vehicle200511
VDL Berkhof Ambassador 200 Public service vehicle20065
VDL Berkhof AX1234 Coaches199712
VDL Berkhof Axial 100 Coaches20009
VDL Berkhof Axial 100 (Air Navigation) Double decker200415
VDL Berkhof Axial 50 Coaches20047
VDL Berkhof Axial 50 with 60 seats Coaches19994
VDL Berkhof Axial 70 Double decker200013
VDL Berkhof Axial 70 Coaches200110
VDL Berkhof Axial 70 Coaches20067
VDL Berkhof Axial 70 Coaches20077
VDL Berkhof Axial 70 Coaches20087
VDL Berkhof Axial 70 Coaches20097
VDL Berkhof Axial 70 - 13 meters Coaches19994
VDL Berkhof Axial DD 100 139 430 Double decker20045
VDL Berkhof Axial Lift 70 Coaches199910
VDL Berkhof Berkhof Axial 70 WARNING! ORIGIENELE 600,000 km Coaches200015
VDL Berkhof EXCEL LANCE 2000 HL - MOTOR VOLVO Coaches199211
VDL Berkhof Excellence 2000 Volvo HL Coaches199212
VDL Berkhof Excellence 3000 Cross country bus19963
VDL Berkhof Excellence 3000 HD / 24 HOCLN 13,70 m Double decker19975
VDL Berkhof MAKEUP, WARDROBE, mask mobile wardrobe, FILM Other buses and coaches199615
VDL Berkhof MAN 24 HOCLN Double decker199515
VDL Berkhof PRO CITY Other buses and coaches20009
VDL Berkhof PROCITY Public service vehicle20078
VDL Berkhof SB 4000 XF (4000 Axial 70) / 315/200 / HD / Coaches20007
VDL Berkhof Synergy SDD-141 Double decker20125
VDL Berkhof VOLVO articulated BL 7 45 + 87 seats Berkhof Articulated bus20011
VDL Berkhof VOLVO B12M AXIAL 70, 12.7m ROYAL 54zit EURO-3 Coaches200315
VDL Berkhof VOLVO BL 7 articulated 45S + 87 standing Berkhof Articulated bus20011

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