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Volvo Commercial Vehicles

(Box, Heavy load, Standard tractor/trailer unit, Roll-off tipper, Jumbo Truck, Stake body and tarpaulin, Car carrier, Other substructures, Wheeled loader, Tipper, Refrigerator body, Timber carrier, Other semi-trailer trucks, Caterpillar digger, Horses, Other vans/trucks up to 7, Other construction vehicles, Refuse truck, Stake body, Volume trailer, Cement mixer, Coaches, Cross country bus, Grader, Public service vehicle, Articulated bus, Swap chassis, Mini/Kompact-digger, Mining truck, )
Volvo -120 4x2 FL6 Box19954
Volvo -660 8x4 FH16 heavy-duty 120 tons. Euro 5-leaf! Heavy load200913
Volvo -660 8x4 FH16 heavy-duty 120 tons. Euro 5-leaf! Standard tractor/trailer unit200913
Volvo 'FL10 8x2 hook / crane Roll-off tipper19988
Volvo * FH13/440GlobeXL Euro3 * I-Shift, kein460, 500, Standard tractor/trailer unit200611
Volvo / FH13 / 440 / E5 / ZESTAW 120m3 Jumbo Truck20078
Volvo / White 6x2 Standard tractor/trailer unit19927
Volvo + + FH Vogelzang Vogelzang aanhanger Stake body and tarpaulin20056
Volvo + Rolfo (TRUCKS VANS) Car carrier200113
Volvo + Vogelzang Combinatie compleet Stake body and tarpaulin20056
Volvo 1 lot of diggers with Schnellwecheslaufnahme Other substructures20116
Volvo 110 E \ Wheeled loader200412
Volvo 12 400 Euro 5 FH Roll-off tipper20082
Volvo 12 440 Euro 5 FH Roll-off tipper20064
Volvo 12 6x4 Tractor Standard tractor/trailer unit19967
Volvo 12 FM 420 Tipper20047
Volvo 12-16380 FH 6x2 with trailer Refrigerator body199914
Volvo 12.240, Klima.MIt TÜF.NEU tires Stake body and tarpaulin200811
Volvo 12.6 FH x4 Timber carrier20004
Volvo 12.6 FH x4 Timber carrier20055
Volvo 12A1T-X4CEM12 Standard tractor/trailer unit20056
Volvo 15 UNITS, FL 6 250 AIR LIFT, Year 2006, MANUEL! Standard tractor/trailer unit20064
Volvo 16-550 MANUAL FH Standard tractor/trailer unit200411
Volvo 180 E Wheeled loader20023
Volvo 180D/L150D ** BJ ** 2000/15000Bstd/Klima/Top Wheeled loader200010
Volvo 1843 Other semi-trailer trucks20034
Volvo 1989 VOLVO F16 + ROK + przyczepa DŹWIG EPSILON Timber carrier19895
Volvo 220 E Wheeled loader20036
Volvo 240 Caterpillar digger20059
Volvo 26 NL10 6x6 320HP Tipper19926
Volvo 26T / 6x2 / LIFT AXLE / 3 were / lifting platform Horses199811
Volvo 285 Other vans/trucks up to 719973
Volvo 290 4X2 Box199915
Volvo 2x460 GLOBE RUS OK I-Schiff 11/2009 Standard tractor/trailer unit20095
Volvo 300KVA SILENT Other construction vehicles20037
Volvo 380 Refuse truck20088
Volvo 380 Building material Lekachse 6X2 + PK16000 crane 209731km Stake body20066
Volvo 390 Fire damage Caterpillar digger199810
Volvo 4-axle tractor-FH660 8x4 Other semi-trailer trucks20101
Volvo 400 2006 r. - Silnik, SKRZYNIA, MOST Standard tractor/trailer unit20065
Volvo 400 2006 r. - Silnik, SKRZYNIA, MOST Volume trailer20065
Volvo 400 4x2 tractor with Stetter concrete mixing trailers Cement mixer20099
Volvo 400 FH Refrigerator body20064
Volvo 400 STAN EUR5 KOLEKCJONERSKI 2006/10 Standard tractor/trailer unit20065
Volvo 400KM FM 8x4 Euro 4 Tipper20083
Volvo 420 Stake body and tarpaulin20053
Volvo 42RB Kassbohrer metago FM + trailer Kassbohrer Car carrier200715
Volvo 440 EURO 5 Roll-off tipper200712
Volvo 440/4x2 FG FH medium Standard tractor/trailer unit20076
Volvo 440HP FH13 Globetrotter XL Double Tank Standard tractor/trailer unit20069
Volvo 440HP FH13 Globetrotter XL Double Tank Standard tractor/trailer unit200912
Volvo 4500 Wheeled loader19855
Volvo 460 Jumbo Truck200311
Volvo 460 Standard tractor/trailer unit20105
Volvo 480 Standard tractor/trailer unit20075
Volvo 4in1Schaufel for z.B.L30B or label Meier Wheeled loader20112
Volvo 4x2 B 12 / Irizar / double glazing / HDH Coaches199514
Volvo 4x2R FL Stake body and tarpaulin201010
Volvo 4x4 with crane HIAB terrain Stabler Wheeled loader19804
Volvo 5 pieces FH 460 Euro 3 Standard tractor/trailer unit20055
Volvo 5000 Cross country bus20007
Volvo 510 Grader19736
Volvo 5x FH 460 Standard tractor/trailer unit20115
Volvo 5x FH 480 Jumbo Truck20085
Volvo 60 I Wheeled loader20054
Volvo 60/70 Other substructures20114
Volvo 60F Wheeled loader20107
Volvo 60F L Wheeled loader20083
Volvo 612/4x2 FL with tail lift and air Stake body and tarpaulin199912
Volvo 6L FL Stake body and tarpaulin20035
Volvo 6x4 Grader19915
Volvo 7000 € 3 / climate / 3 door Public service vehicle20028
Volvo 7000 51 +81 +1 Articulated bus20019
Volvo 7000 A with air conditioning, 25 x available Articulated bus200015
Volvo 7000/B7L, replacement engine, L. Frontsch. roadworthy Public service vehicle200110
Volvo 710A IV Grader199610
Volvo 720A III Grader199315
Volvo 7260 FL, IL Swap chassis19975
Volvo 8500 B12MA Coaches20035
Volvo 860 Timber carrier19866
Volvo 8700 Coaches20034
Volvo 8700 50 + 34 Cross country bus20039
Volvo 8700 Euro3 Reisebestühlung switching retarder WC TV Cross country bus200213
Volvo 88plus Mini/Kompact-digger20089
Volvo 90/134 Tipper19984
Volvo 90E Wheeled loader20022
Volvo 9340 6x4 tipper Tipper20058
Volvo 9700 Coaches20057
Volvo 9700 Coaches200710
Volvo 9700 HD Coaches20041
Volvo 9700 HD B12B Coaches200615
Volvo 9700H Coaches20035
Volvo 9900 Coaches200210
Volvo 9900 Coaches200315
Volvo 9900 Coaches20075
Volvo 9900 ** ** Euro3 € 64,000 ** Net Coaches20024
Volvo A 25 D Dump Truck 6x6 Other construction vehicles200615
Volvo A 25 D Dump Truck 6x6 Other construction vehicles200715
Volvo A 30 C Mining truck20004
Volvo A 30E Other construction vehicles20089

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