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Wacker Commercial Vehicles

(Wheeled loader, Other construction vehicles, Compaction technology, Compactor, Road building technology, Rollers, Construction Equipment, )
Wacker (Weidemann) WL 18 (1150CX30) Wheeled loader20116
Wacker (Weidemann) WL 30 Wheeled loader20113
Wacker (Weidemann) WL 50 Wheeled loader20115
Wacker + Hammer drill Other construction vehicles20001
Wacker 3345F Rüttelplatte 330kg (056) Compaction technology20113
Wacker 4045 360 Kg Year Service 2009 NEW super state Compaction technology20092
Wacker 4808 Wheeled loader20063
Wacker 6055 Compaction technology19924
Wacker 6055 Compaction technology199410
Wacker 6210 Wheeled loader20063
Wacker 820RT with remote control Compaction technology19974
Wacker BBP 1038 Compaction technology19992
Wacker BFS1350ALS Compaction technology20048
Wacker BFS1350L Compaction technology20058
Wacker BPS1135A Compaction technology19987
Wacker Brave Compactor20114
Wacker BS 50-2 Rammers new Compaction technology20112
Wacker BS 60-2 Compaction technology20063
Wacker BS 62 Y Compaction technology19924
Wacker BS30 Compaction technology20121
Wacker BS60Y Stampfer Stampfer grave Compaction technology19875
Wacker BTS 1035L3 Other construction vehicles20072
Wacker BTS 13 Road building technology20122
Wacker Can be hand held vibratory roller grave Rollers19905
Wacker CK 35 B Construction Equipment19962
Wacker Converter SFU 10/250/200 Construction Equipment20112
Wacker Converters vibrators Compaction technology20111
Wacker Delmag SVF 1823 Compaction technology20113
Wacker DPS 1850 diesel vibrating plate Compaction technology19991
Wacker DPS 2040 Rüttelplatte Compaction technology19922
Wacker DPS 2050 Compaction technology19914
Wacker DPS 2050 Rüttelplatte 116kg Vibroplate Compaction technology20123
Wacker DPS 2350 Compaction technology20114
Wacker DPS 2360 Compaction technology20112
Wacker DPS1850H Compaction technology20048
Wacker DPS1850Y Compaction technology19958
Wacker DPU 100 Compaction technology20124
Wacker DPU 100-70 Other construction vehicles20003
Wacker DPU 100-70 Compaction technology20008
Wacker DPU 100-70 Compaction technology20026
Wacker DPU 100-70 Compactor20052
Wacker DPU 100-70 Compaction technology20068
Wacker DPU 100-70 Compaction technology20088
Wacker DPU 100-70 Compaction technology20108
Wacker DPU 100-70 ** electric start, vibration plate 710 kg ** Other construction vehicles20048
Wacker DPU 100-70 PLATE VIBRATORY * Rüttelplatte * E * START Compaction technology200115
Wacker DPU 100-70 PLATE VIBRATORY * Rüttelplatte * E * START Other construction vehicles200115
Wacker DPU 100-70 PLATE VIBRATORY * Rüttelplatte * E * START Compactor200115
Wacker DPU 24.30 Compactor20115
Wacker DPU 2440 F Compaction technology20113
Wacker DPU 2550 H Compaction technology20113
Wacker DPU 2950 Compaction technology20005
Wacker DPU 2950 plate tamper Compactor20112
Wacker DPU 2960 Other construction vehicles20036
Wacker DPU 2970 Compaction technology19943
Wacker DPU 3050 Compaction technology20113
Wacker DPU 3050 NEW Pflastergleitvorrichtung PGV 50 Compaction technology20064
Wacker DPU 3060 Compaction technology20108
Wacker DPU 4045 H Compactor20113
Wacker DPU 5050 Compaction technology19884
Wacker DPU 5055 ** Hatz diesel / 455 kg / 7.4 kW ** Compaction technology20126
Wacker DPU 6055 Compaction technology19991
Wacker DPU 6055 Compaction technology20003
Wacker DPU 6055 E-start ** 2x Available ** Compactor20018
Wacker DPU 6055 tamper with e-starter Compactor19979
Wacker DPU 6055 with electric start - Rüttelplatte Compaction technology19982
Wacker DPU 6055hE Other construction vehicles20072
Wacker DPU 70 60 infrared remote control 635Kg! Compaction technology19935
Wacker DPU 7060 Compaction technology19972
Wacker DPU100-70 710kg Rüttelplatte Compactor20036
Wacker DPU2550H Compaction technology20078
Wacker DPU2970H Compaction technology19938
Wacker DPU3050H Compaction technology20058
Wacker DPU4045 DPU 4045 Compactor20054
Wacker DPU5045H Compaction technology20098
Wacker DPU6055 Compaction technology20122
Wacker DPU6055H Compaction technology20068
Wacker DRS 2050 Farymann Diesel Compaction technology19953
Wacker DS 72 y Compaction technology19962
Wacker DS 72y Compaction technology20118
Wacker DVPN 75 Compaction technology20115
Wacker DVPN vibrating plate 75 Compactor19912
Wacker E - Hammer EH BL 9 / 230 Other construction vehicles20075
Wacker EH 9 Other construction vehicles20063
Wacker EH 9 BL / 230 Other construction vehicles20075
Wacker EHB11magic Other construction vehicles20055
Wacker Floodlight trailer LTC 4L diesel Other construction vehicles20125
Wacker FSO 2575 KLS Other construction vehicles200611
Wacker FU 5z / 42 Compaction technology20117
Wacker Fu-200W Converter 1.6 Compaction technology20116
Wacker HBA 1.5-200 Other construction vehicles19801
Wacker IRFUN 57 Compaction technology20055
Wacker IRFUN 58 Compaction technology20095
Wacker Light Tower Light Tower LTC 4L diesel Other construction vehicles20125
Wacker LTC 4L light tower site lighting floodlights Construction Equipment20042
Wacker LTC-4 Other construction vehicles20062
Wacker MR650 Rollers20079
Wacker Neuson 1540 WP Compaction technology20125
Wacker NEUSON 701S + nowa koparka (new excavator) Wheeled loader200915
Wacker Neuson 901S Wheeled loader200815

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