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Weber Commercial Vehicles

(Working platform, Compaction technology, Other construction vehicles, Other substructures, Rollers, Construction Equipment, Drill machine, Road building technology, )
Weber 1800 TA EC-trailer platform max. 18m Working platform199314
Weber CF 2 vibration plate Compaction technology20071
Weber CF 2 vibration plate with 78 KG Compaction technology20064
Weber CF vibration plate 1 with 63 KG Compaction technology20064
Weber CR 5 332 kg diesel vibrating plate Compaction technology20033
Weber CR 6 diesel Other construction vehicles20073
Weber CR 7 Other substructures20004
Weber CR 8 Compaction technology20025
Weber CR 8 soil compactors with forward and backward (Vorf Other construction vehicles20115
Weber CR2 HD Compaction technology20104
Weber CR3 Compaction technology20078
Weber CR3 tamper with in-out drive Compaction technology200010
Weber CR5 vibrating plate compactor vibratory plate 319 Compaction technology20056
Weber CR7CCD Other construction vehicles20085
Weber Duplex roller DVH 655 E 732 KG weight Compaction technology20056
Weber DVH 602 Rollers19837
Weber DVH 602 Rollers19923
Weber DVH 655 E Special price € 4,500.00 Rollers20051
Weber Fugenschneider SM 82 y, from 1 Hand! Construction Equipment19958
Weber Grave roll electric start leaking Compaction technology19943
Weber Grave roll TRC86 Compaction technology20074
Weber Hand roller DVH 703 E Rollers20115
Weber IVUR 40 HF vibrators (demo) Other construction vehicles20113
Weber IVUR 40 HF vibrators (New) Other construction vehicles20113
Weber IVUR 58 HF vibrators (New) Other construction vehicles20113
Weber Joint cutter SM 122 C Construction Equipment19982
Weber Lift Telescopic trailer Weber TA1800 EC TOP Working platform19937
Weber Lifton Hydra LP8 hydraulic unit, demolition hammer Drill machine19985
Weber LP8 hydraulic power station for Hammers Other construction vehicles19973
Weber MBU VR 38 H 186kg vibrating plate tamper Compaction technology19925
Weber PIŁA DO asfaltu / betonu WEBER DSM 35 Other construction vehicles20004
Weber Piła DO asfaltu DSM 35 Other construction vehicles20004
Weber RC 40 Compaction technology20111
Weber RC 40 Compaction technology20124
Weber Rüttelplatte RC 38 Compaction technology19872
Weber Rüttelstampfer SRV 620 Construction Equipment20113
Weber Rüttlerplatte Rc 60-2 Compaction technology19924
Weber SM 83 R-3 Other construction vehicles19982
Weber Soil compactor CR 5 Other construction vehicles20061
Weber Soil compactor CR 6 Other construction vehicles20071
Weber Soil compactor CR 8 Other construction vehicles20071
Weber SRV 620 Stampfer Other construction vehicles20102
Weber SRV 620 vibrating plate Compaction technology20101
Weber SRX 65R-2 Compaction technology20063
Weber SRX 80 D Compaction technology20125
Weber SRX65-6 Compaction technology20122
Weber Stampfer grave SRV 62 Compaction technology20075
Weber Stampfer SRX 60R-3 Compaction technology20025
Weber TA 1500 Working platform19914
Weber TA 2200 Platform Working platform199312
Weber TC 52 S 325 KG Compaction technology19984
Weber TC 705S vibrating plate Road building technology20126
Weber TC 70S tamper \ Compaction technology20111
Weber TC 70S tamper \ Other construction vehicles20111
Weber TC 82 SE Rüttelplatte 11kW electric start 725kg Compaction technology19992
Weber TC30-2, 179kg, tamper Compaction technology19924
Weber TRC 85 Rollers19976
Weber Type C 52 Compaction technology20063
Weber Type vibration plate CR7, Reversible, 450kg Compaction technology20043
Weber Vibrating plate Compaction technology20112
Weber Vibrating plate CR 7 with 478 KG electric start Compaction technology20064
Weber Vibrating plate CR 8 with 587 KG electric start Compaction technology20064
Weber Vibration Plate CR 4, 113 kg diesel Compaction technology20035
Weber Vibratory plate TC 70 S from first Hand! Compaction technology19938
Weber WHV Rüttelplatte 5003 Compaction technology20115
Weber ZAGĘSZCZARKA WIBRACYJNA DO GRUNTU WEBER Other construction vehicles19963

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