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Wecon Commercial Vehicles

(Stake body and tarpaulin, Box, Swap Stake body, Swap chassis, Roll-off trailer, Other trailers, Platform, Low loader, Stake body, )
Wecon 105m ³ Stake body and tarpaulin20035
Wecon 18 To Tandemtieflader. To NL 13. Air suspension Box200111
Wecon 2X WB 7.45 m! Edscha! Porch door! Gardiene! Swap Stake body200510
Wecon 4x u Jumbo 7,82 m Swap Stake body20014
Wecon Aluminum Case AC / Kleiderkoffer C7450 Box20034
Wecon Aluminum Mobile container / Garment Bags C7450 Box20035
Wecon Aluminum Wechselkoffer / Kleiderkoffer C7450 Box20034
Wecon Anh F.ATL20 / AW218 Lz mount Swap chassis20023
Wecon APZ 782 NVSGA Stake body and tarpaulin20121
Wecon AW 218 LN Swap chassis20064
Wecon AW218 18Toner Good Condition Swap chassis200113
Wecon AW218L, AIR SUSPENSION, SAF Roll-off trailer200015
Wecon AWZ 218 LZ Swap chassis20069
Wecon AWZ 218 LZ carrier | porters Swap chassis19996
Wecon AWZ 218 LZ Jumbo for 7.82 WB Other trailers200412
Wecon AWZ 218 LZ mount Swap chassis20057
Wecon AWZ 218 LZ tandem trailer with box Swap chassis200111
Wecon AWZ218LZ Swap chassis20037
Wecon AWZ218LZ Stake body and tarpaulin20059
Wecon Bales / Platform trolley Platform20014
Wecon BDF Swap Stake body19994
Wecon BDF 782, sliding roof plane, Swap Stake body20064
Wecon bdf carriage with construction jumbogardienen Stake body and tarpaulin20035
Wecon C7820 jumbo double-decker Edscha roof LASI Swap Stake body20069
Wecon C7820 Jumbo Hubdach Edscha LASI Leergew. 2750 kg Swap Stake body20077
Wecon CASE-STEERED Box19957
Wecon Container WPR 45 SG bahnverladbar 45 feet, Lasi Swap Stake body20088
Wecon Crown F.ATL 20 / AW218L Stake body and tarpaulin199911
Wecon Crown F.ATL 20 / AW218L Swap chassis199911
Wecon Curtainside WB 7.82 Stake body and tarpaulin20064
Wecon Curtainsider 7.82 Stake body and tarpaulin20034
Wecon Double-decker jumbo C7820 Edscha roof LASI Swap Stake body20069
Wecon EEZ 18 LZ BDF Jumbo air-lift top condition Swap chassis200511
Wecon EEZ 218LZ Swap chassis20024
Wecon EEZ 218LZ * TANDEM TRAILER * Swap chassis20058
Wecon EEZ LZ 218 Swap Stake body19993
Wecon EEZ LZ 218 jumbo Swap chassis20035
Wecon EEZ LZ 218 jumbo Swap chassis20065
Wecon EEZ LZ 218 jumbo 2x presence Swap chassis20045
Wecon ISOTHERMKOFFER WKO Swap Stake body20033
Wecon JUMBO Swap chassis20076
Wecon JUMBO - EDSCHA - 7,800 mm Swap Stake body20044
Wecon Jumbo - swap Plane WPR 745 Swap Stake body19971
Wecon Jumbo BDF C7820 forklift operator lifting axle Swap chassis200612
Wecon Jumbo BDF C7820 tandem trailer 870 mm ride height Swap chassis20088
Wecon Jumbo BDF Tandem trailer 7.82m Swap chassis20003
Wecon Jumbo BDF Tandem Trailer C7820 HU NEW Swap chassis200611
Wecon Jumbo BDF, BPW Eco, also rent Swap chassis200810
Wecon Jumbo Bridge 7.82 6 pieces Edscha roof Lasi Swap Stake body20074
Wecon Jumbo C7820 LASI internal staplerbefahrbar 3 mtr. Swap Stake body200711
Wecon Jumbo C7820 LASI staplerbefahrbar Interior 3 mtr. Swap Stake body200711
Wecon Jumbo curtainsider WB 7.82 Stake body and tarpaulin20053
Wecon Jumbo Tautliner 7.82 Box20053
Wecon Jumbo WBC7820 EDSCHA load securing certificate Swap Stake body200612
Wecon JumboC7820 roof Edscha LASI Swap Stake body200611
Wecon LK-20 Low loader20038
Wecon LZ 218 AW All heights can be accommodated Swap chassis20099
Wecon OPEN 2-AS Roll-off trailer19996
Wecon other 8m Jumbo Discount / / Export Swap Stake body199511
Wecon Przyczepa BDF 07ROK OCYNK 4szt ST.BDB Swap chassis20078
Wecon S327 SC-20 - max dł. 15080mm Low loader200310
Wecon S327L-20 Stake body and tarpaulin20031
Wecon SCHUIFZEIL / SCHUIFDAK 2-AS Roll-off trailer19994
Wecon Swap steel case Box199711
Wecon Swap trailer Swap chassis19983
Wecon Tandem Durchladeeinrichtung Jumbo Edscha Stake body and tarpaulin200911
Wecon Tandem trailer axles SAF-HU 02/2013 Jumbo Swap chassis20065
Wecon Tandemtieflader 18 tonnes Low loader20036
Wecon Textilkoffer m. 90 clothes rails Box20025
Wecon Tilt, 7.82 m, 1.32 m storage height Swap Stake body20055
Wecon WB Jumbo C7820 interior height 3 m. Hubdach LASI Swap Stake body20087
Wecon WB Jumbo C7820 Interior height 3 m. LASI roof Swap Stake body20088
Wecon Wechselpritsche Swap Stake body20032
Wecon Wechselpritsche Stake body and tarpaulin20072
Wecon Wechselpritsche 745SG charge certificate Swap Stake body20082
Wecon Wechselpritsche WPR715 Stake body and tarpaulin19974
Wecon Wechselpritsche WPR715 Swap Stake body19974
Wecon Wecon Swap chassis20004
Wecon WF 18 Stake body and tarpaulin19985
Wecon WPR 45 container 45 feet SG rail-loading capability, Lasi Swap Stake body20088
Wecon WPR 745 SG curtainsiders Wechselpritsche Stake body and tarpaulin20061
Wecon WPR 745 SG flatbed BDF top condition Stake body20057
Wecon WPR 745 SL Swap Stake body19991
Wecon WPR 782 NVSG load securing certificate Swap Stake body20089
Wecon WPR 782 NVSGA Swap Stake body20123
Wecon WPR 782 SG * curtainsider Abst.höh both sides * 1.32 Swap Stake body20054
Wecon WPR742SG Swap Stake body20074
Wecon WPR745188SG Swap Stake body20033
Wecon WPR745SG standard load securing certificate Swap Stake body200812
Wecon WPR745SP Swap Stake body20072
Wecon WPR782 Edscher Swap Stake body20073
Wecon WS 745 Swap Stake body20005
Wecon ZWF 18 (AWZ 218 LZ) BDF Central salmon Swap chassis20083
Wecon ZWF 218 BDF Tandem trailer drawbar Swap chassis200711

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