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Weidemann Commercial Vehicles

(Farmyard tractor, Front-end loader, Other agricultural vehicles, Tractor, Other substructures, Reaper, )
Weidemann 1050 DM ready to use Farmyard tractor19935
Weidemann 1070 D / M Farmyard tractor19985
Weidemann 1090 Farmyard tractor19987
Weidemann 110 DR Farmyard tractor19785
Weidemann 1130 CX 30 Front-end loader201111
Weidemann 1130 CX 30 - special offer Farmyard tractor20113
Weidemann 1130cx Farmyard tractor20074
Weidemann 1140 CX30 Farmyard tractor20086
Weidemann 1230 CX neuw 30th sof available, delivery poss. Farmyard tractor20118
Weidemann 1230 cx30 Farmyard tractor20065
Weidemann 1240 Light-CX 35 + pallet fork Farmyard tractor20112
Weidemann 1240 P 26 Other agricultural vehicles20033
Weidemann 1240 Skid Year: 2001, joystick, wheel Front-end loader200115
Weidemann 1250 CX Farmyard tractor20125
Weidemann 130 D / D Farmyard tractor19764
Weidemann 130 D / D Farmyard tractor19785
Weidemann 130 D / F Farmyard tractor19795
Weidemann 130 DD Farmyard tractor201213
Weidemann 1302 Farmyard tractor19835
Weidemann 130DF Farmyard tractor20115
Weidemann 1340P43 special Other agricultural vehicles20026
Weidemann 1350cx45 Other agricultural vehicles20077
Weidemann 1350cx45 Other agricultural vehicles20087
Weidemann 1370 CX50 Front-end loader20111
Weidemann 1370 Hoftrack Farmyard tractor20022
Weidemann 1490 Farmyard tractor20034
Weidemann 1502/DR Farmyard tractor20115
Weidemann 1503 Hoftrac Skid Farmyard tractor19836
Weidemann 1770 Tractor20065
Weidemann 1770 Farmyard tractor20114
Weidemann 2002 Farmyard tractor19955
Weidemann 2002 D / M Front-end loader20119
Weidemann 2070 CX50 LPT loaders with telescopic arm! Farmyard tractor20084
Weidemann 2070 CX50 LPT loaders with telescopic arm! Farmyard tractor20097
Weidemann 2502 Front-end loader19935
Weidemann 3002 Front-end loader19938
Weidemann 3002 Front-end loader199415
Weidemann 3002 Farmyard tractor19975
Weidemann 3002 Front-end loader19983
Weidemann 3002 D / P Skid Other agricultural vehicles19957
Weidemann 3004 pallet forks quick fit-cabin Front-end loader199714
Weidemann 3006 Front-end loader20054
Weidemann 3070 CX80 Front-end loader20102
Weidemann 3070 CX80 LP T Front-end loader20111
Weidemann 4002 Front-end loader19975
Weidemann 5625 TELESKOPOWA Front-end loader20068
Weidemann 811 D / M Front-end loader199415
Weidemann 912 D / P Farmyard tractor19965
Weidemann 914 D / M Skid Front-end loader19915
Weidemann 914 T Front-end loader19915
Weidemann 915D / P Schäffer loader änlich Farmyard tractor199410
Weidemann 916 D / M Farmyard tractor19895
Weidemann 916 D / M Farmyard tractor20125
Weidemann 917 D / M Farmyard tractor19925
Weidemann Brush with drip pan Other substructures20123
Weidemann CX3070 Other agricultural vehicles20084
Weidemann DD 130 Farmyard tractor19785
Weidemann DP 1904 Farmyard tractor19982
Weidemann Farmyard Farmyard tractor19814
Weidemann Grunig GSX 1200 Sweeper with container Other substructures19956
Weidemann HOFTRAC Farmyard tractor20127
Weidemann Hoftrac P33 1370 Farmyard tractor19991
Weidemann hope backhoe Front-end loader20091
Weidemann Leichtgutschaufel Other substructures20122
Weidemann Loader pallet fork more accessories Farmyard tractor19805
Weidemann Ładowarka Weidemann 1770, never JCB, Manitou Front-end loader20056
Weidemann P50 2006 Farmyard tractor20066
Weidemann replica Other agricultural vehicles20124
Weidemann Schaeffer, Gehl, Thaler, Striegel Front-end loader20112
Weidemann Schäfer W 215 Loader Farmyard tractor19955
Weidemann schaffer 3033 Front-end loader20013
Weidemann See DM-1502 four-wheel-essential Farmyard tractor19835
Weidemann Skid Hoftrac Type 2002 Farmyard tractor19967
Weidemann Skid-1030 CX 20 CROCODILE WITH TEETH!! Farmyard tractor20074
Weidemann Skid-1250 P34 Other agricultural vehicles20044
Weidemann Striegel 190 D / I Farmyard tractor19965
Weidemann Super Laubaufnehmer 500, Reaper20093
Weidemann Sweeper KH Heitmann Farmyard tractor20021
Weidemann Thaler 120 / Z Farmyard tractor20092
Weidemann Type 08 DR Front-end loader197910
Weidemann Willibald MZA 4600/35 Other agricultural vehicles20023
Weidemann Zyp 1030 D / P all-wheel-tire New crocodile teeth Tractor199815

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