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Westfalia Commercial Vehicles

(Cattle truck, Trailer, Stake body, Other trailers, Stake body and tarpaulin, Car carrier, Long material transporter, Roll-off trailer, Motortcycle Trailer, Box, Traffic construction, )
Westfalia 0635 Cattle truck19783
Westfalia 0637 Trailer19783
Westfalia 1-axle cattle trailers Cattle truck19864
Westfalia 117,003 Trailer19764
Westfalia 118 002 Trailer19825
Westfalia 118 451 Trailer19974
Westfalia 118 451 Trailer20013
Westfalia 118 451 box trailer Trailer19857
Westfalia 118 ramps for truck transport equipment Stake body19797
Westfalia 118001 A Trailer19816
Westfalia 118651 Trailer19835
Westfalia 119 631 Cattle truck19805
Westfalia 120 883 Cattle truck20004
Westfalia 1200 kg with lid Other trailers19942
Westfalia 1200kg - 300x130cm with tarpaulin 180cm Trailer20013
Westfalia 1200kg trailer Tüv new purpose Trailer19904
Westfalia 121 002 Trailer19775
Westfalia 124 007 Open Box Twin axles rebuild! Stake body197914
Westfalia 140-1 Trailer20058
Westfalia 155-276 Trailer19755
Westfalia 2 horse trailer Cattle truck19824
Westfalia 2000 KG.Doppelachse Stake body and tarpaulin19925
Westfalia 2000kg 2 tandem axles 3mX1.4m Trailer19926
Westfalia 2000kg 2 tandem axles 3mX1.4m Trailer19945
Westfalia 2400 kg TÜV 07/2012 Car carrier19775
Westfalia 300 x 140 tarp bows 1200 kg Trailer19975
Westfalia 400 KG with lid Trailer19735
Westfalia 5131Z4 Car carrier20028
Westfalia 7521 A, aluminum box with tarpaulin in gray Trailer20022
Westfalia 83 052 Long material transporter19633
Westfalia A 118 001 Trailer19775
Westfalia AA1 Trailer19854
Westfalia ANH Offner box (Klaufix) Trailer19852
Westfalia ANH Open box Roll-off trailer19758
Westfalia Anh open box Trailer19775
Westfalia ANH. F. Z. SPORTZW PETS. Cattle truck19974
Westfalia BMW Multi-Trailer package with hood + motorcycle Trailer20035
Westfalia BMW Multi-Trailer with Hood Trailer20016
Westfalia BMW MultiTrailer Motortcycle Trailer20005
Westfalia BOX Box19866
Westfalia Box 2to vinyl cover, accident, Trailer19935
Westfalia Box m. Cover Generator Other trailers199610
Westfalia Box trailer with lockable fiberglass cover Trailer19942
Westfalia Box, 1000 kg, including Defender, Mercedes DG Trailer19885
Westfalia Bremen Trailer19755
Westfalia Car trailer with tarpaulin Trailer19751
Westfalia Car Transporter Car carrier20012
Westfalia Car Transporter (payload 2.100kg) Car carrier20056
Westfalia Case Box20014
Westfalia Classic car barn find rare TYPE 121 002 Trailer197410
Westfalia closed box with tarpaulin Trailer19813
Westfalia Comfort Trailer19903
Westfalia COMFORT m. Fiberglass hood and 100km / h Trailer19955
Westfalia Comfort Single Axle Trailer19962
Westfalia Comfort tandem trailer 1600 kg Stake body and tarpaulin19998
Westfalia Comfort with Cover and Gallery Box19985
Westfalia COMFORT with cover for a wheelchair or electric car Trailer199615
Westfalia Completely renovated! Good condition! Cattle truck19624
Westfalia Connect with 1326H14 Plane Trailer20084
Westfalia Double axle 2000 kg Trailer19945
Westfalia DUO Cattle truck19996
Westfalia Fiberglass hood Box20015
Westfalia Field kitchen / food field TOP CONDITION *** Traffic construction20005
Westfalia Flatbed Nei Tüv Stake body19863
Westfalia for 2 Pfede Cattle truck19885
Westfalia General purpose trailers Trailer19891
Westfalia Hearse 250G - Rarity original Other trailers19675
Westfalia Hearses Trailer19751
Westfalia Horse Trailer Cattle truck19784
Westfalia Horse Trailer Cattle truck19793
Westfalia Horse trailer 2000kg Cattle truck19978
Westfalia Horse trailer for two horses. Used 2000 Kg Cattle truck19885
Westfalia HT 1531A14 Trailer20095
Westfalia Jupiter Cattle truck19925
Westfalia Jupiter Cattle truck19935
Westfalia Jupiter Cattle truck20015
Westfalia Jupiter 24 Cattle truck20083
Westfalia Jupiter tackroom Cattle truck199811
Westfalia Jupiter with tack room \u0026 100 kmh-Perm. Cattle truck19946
Westfalia Jupiter XL 24 1.Hd Cattle truck20086
Westfalia Livestock trailer Trailer19795
Westfalia Livestock trailer Cattle truck19824
Westfalia Livestock trailer in need of repair Cattle truck19893
Westfalia Luggage Tags Box20006
Westfalia Market trailer / trailer sales Traffic construction19855
Westfalia Motorcycle trailer with brakes Motortcycle Trailer19584
Westfalia No information Cattle truck19795
Westfalia Offner box Trailer19925
Westfalia open box Other trailers19802
Westfalia open box Trailer19835
Westfalia open box Trailer19865
Westfalia open box Trailer19945
Westfalia Open Box Stake body19983
Westfalia open box Trailer200010
Westfalia open box Trailer20022
Westfalia Open box braked Trailer19734
Westfalia Open box trailer Trailer19953
Westfalia Open box trailer SDAH 800KG GEBREMST Trailer19795
Westfalia open box with a field kitchen Traffic construction19964
Westfalia Open box with tarpaulin Trailer19763

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