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Wielton Commercial Vehicles

(Stake body and tarpaulin, Roll-off trailer, Other semi-trailers, Tipper, Low loader, Swap chassis, Traffic construction, Stake body, Refrigerator body, Box, Deep-freeze transporter, Walking floor, )
Wielton - Stake body and tarpaulin20013
Wielton ! Good For Russia! Stake body and tarpaulin200615
Wielton 2 ASSER Stake body and tarpaulin20026
Wielton 2-axis, Abrollanhänger, NEW! Roll-off trailer201114
Wielton 2-axis, Abrollanhänger, NEW! Roll-off trailer201214
Wielton 2-axle dolly Other semi-trailers20112
Wielton 24,000 kg in 2010 Tipper20115
Wielton 24m3 tipper semi-steel shell Tipper201215
Wielton 263 mega Stake body and tarpaulin20042
Wielton 28 m3 tipper Alukippmulde Tipper20123
Wielton 3-A TIPPER 39 M3 Tipper20086
Wielton 3-axis master-aluminum 33 cbm Tipper Tipper201114
Wielton 3-axis master-aluminum 33 cbm Tipper Tipper20129
Wielton 3-axis master-aluminum 37 cbm Tipper Tipper20116
Wielton 3-axle semi-steel shell Tipper 24cbm Tipper20125
Wielton 3-axle steel bowl tippers 24cbm Tipper201215
Wielton 3-axle, trailer, NEW! Low loader20116
Wielton 30m3 half shell Hardox Tipper20128
Wielton 33m Tipper20094
Wielton 33m3 Alukippmulde Tipper20128
Wielton 33m3 Alumulde Tipper20116
Wielton 34m3 Alukippmulde with combination door Tipper201215
Wielton 38 cbm ALUMULDE m. without shaking Pendulum flap Tipper201211
Wielton 40 m3 Tipper20072
Wielton 42m3 Alumulde Tipper20113
Wielton 44m3 Alumulde combination door Tipper20127
Wielton 44m3 Alumulde-door station wagon Tipper201211
Wielton 44m3 steel box body for scrap shipments Tipper20121
Wielton 48m3 Aluminium NV Tipper20078
Wielton 49m3 Alukippmulde Tipper20127
Wielton 50mc Tipper20093
Wielton Alukastenmulde Tipper20115
Wielton Alukippmulde 38 m3 Tipper201214
Wielton Alukippmulde 49 m3 Tipper201114
Wielton Aluminum 48 cubic meters BPW Durm, door + door Tipper20064
Wielton Alumulde 43.9m3, combination door Tipper20124
Wielton BDF Tandem trailer for swap Swap chassis20122
Wielton Beczka Asenizacyjna Traffic construction20094
Wielton BOARD WALKING MEGA TRAILER Stake body and tarpaulin20049
Wielton BPW, STEEL Tipper200711
Wielton Building material trailers Stake body20115
Wielton Building trailers Stake body201211
Wielton Burto PLAN DEKA / / MEGA / / NOWE opony / / OS PODNOSZONA Stake body and tarpaulin20089
Wielton Burto-firanka Stake body20045
Wielton Burto-FIRANKA / / JAK NOWA! Stake body and tarpaulin20054
Wielton BURTOFIRANKA NS34 Stake body and tarpaulin20066
Wielton Burtowa / roof Zsuwany / 2001R / Other semi-trailers200110
Wielton CHLODNIA Refrigerator body200615
Wielton Container chassi - HI-CUBE Swap chassis20079
Wielton CROS Burto PLAN * DEKA 2SZT Stake body and tarpaulin20078
Wielton curtainsider with board Stake body and tarpaulin200612
Wielton DEKA COMPANY PLAN Burto SPRZEDAM Transportowa Box20124
Wielton Double floor with lift Box19991
Wielton double-deck Box19975
Wielton Dropside trailer Mega Stake body and tarpaulin20054
Wielton External roles container trailers, air suspension Swap chassis20105
Wielton Firana MEGA COIL-MULDA OSiE SAFA idealna POLECAM Box200710
Wielton FIRANKA Stake body and tarpaulin20073
Wielton Gardienensttelauflieger with charge certificate Stake body and tarpaulin20116
Wielton Gardinenauflieger NS3K / B Stake body and tarpaulin20125
Wielton Half-shell hollow Hardox Tipper20111
Wielton Hardox half shell cavity Tipper20111
Wielton INTERCARS 36m3 Tipper20073
Wielton Kipper Alukippmulde 49 m3 (combination door) Tipper201112
Wielton Kontener - Izoterma 2szt Stan Super! Refrigerator body20083
Wielton M2 DC NW38/KD new vehicle without a license Tipper20113
Wielton MASTER TIPPER 24m ³ tipper with Alumulde Tipper201113
Wielton MEGA 2007! Other semi-trailers20072
Wielton MEGA Coilmulde Mulda Other semi-trailers20083
Wielton MEGA MNWA Other semi-trailers20114
Wielton MEGA NS 3 KRM MULDA Stake body and tarpaulin20077
Wielton MEGA ROZSUWANY TYL Stake body and tarpaulin20102
Wielton Naczepa cieżarowa Tipper20044
Wielton Naczepa WIELTON CIEŻAROWA W33 Tipper20005
Wielton Naczepa WIELTON PLAN DEKA Stake body and tarpaulin20013
Wielton Naczepa WIELTON Year 2002 tarp (DRUN) Stake body and tarpaulin20026
Wielton Naczepa wywrot aluminiowy 3OS / 33m Tipper20027
Wielton Naczepa wywrotka NW33STK Tipper20095
Wielton Naczepa WYWROTKA WIELTON 34 M Tipper20042
Wielton NEW - 49 CBM in 6000 LG KG - NEW Tipper20126
Wielton NEW - dry freight box 3F NS - NEW Box20127
Wielton NEW - MEGA - dry freight box NS 3FM - NEW Box20123
Wielton NEW - NS 3C, also available with a folding wall - NEW Deep-freeze transporter20127
Wielton NEW - tilt with LaSi - NEW Stake body and tarpaulin201212
Wielton NEW - With LaSi EN12195-1 + hyd. Roof - NEW Stake body and tarpaulin20129
Wielton NEW / NEW-WF only 7750 kg / 7750 only kg-NEU/NEW Walking floor201213
Wielton NEW Easy models model light + NEW + stable solid Tipper20126
Wielton NEW MODEL - ALUMULDE 37 CBM - NEW MODEL Tipper201213
Wielton NEW NEW ALUMULDE 38 cbm / ALUDUMPER NEW NEW Tipper20129
Wielton NEW ONLY-LG 6040 kg / 6040 ONLY empty weigh-NEW Stake body and tarpaulin20126
Wielton NEW-NEW CURTAINSIDER with TIR-certificate Stake body and tarpaulin20125
Wielton NJ 58 Low loader20084
Wielton NS 34 Box200611
Wielton NS 34 Stake body and tarpaulin20072
Wielton NS 34 Refrigerator body200713
Wielton NS 34 Swap chassis200813
Wielton NS 34 container Swap chassis20068
Wielton NS 34 Kt Stake body and tarpaulin20082
Wielton NS 34 KTM MEGA Other semi-trailers20048
Wielton NS 34 mega Stake body and tarpaulin200813

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