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Zaslaw Commercial Vehicles

(Chassis, Stake body and tarpaulin, Tipper, Roll-off trailer, Trailer, Other semi-trailers, Stake body, Other trailers, Traffic construction, Construction Trailer, Beverages, Three-sided tipper, Cattle truck, Platform, )
Zaslaw Zaslaw 18 dmc TANDEM Chassis20109
Zaslaw Zaslaw 3-D-665 osiowa Zaslaw FIRANKA DMC 24 000 KG Stake body and tarpaulin201015
Zaslaw Zaslaw 43m3, ALUMINIOWA, DRZWI, SZYBRY, BPW Tipper20054
Zaslaw Zaslaw AKD 39 Tipper200813
Zaslaw Zaslaw ALU 43 cbm + flap structure Tipper20126
Zaslaw Zaslaw Bieżnia! LEASING! 0% I WPLATY! Roll-off trailer20124
Zaslaw Zaslaw budowlana! LEASING! NOWA Trailer20124
Zaslaw Zaslaw Burto-FIRANKA! NOWA! LEASING Other semi-trailers20124
Zaslaw Zaslaw Burto-FIRANKA! NOWA! LEASING BEZ WPLATY! Other semi-trailers20124
Zaslaw Zaslaw D 651f ** OC AC NW - GRARTS !!!!!! Stake body and tarpaulin20114
Zaslaw Zaslaw D 653 aluminum 28m3 Tipper201115
Zaslaw Zaslaw D 653 Stal 48m3 NOWA OD REKI Tipper201115
Zaslaw Zaslaw D-651 Stake body and tarpaulin20034
Zaslaw ZASLAW D-651 BURTOWA Stake body and tarpaulin19975
Zaslaw Zaslaw D-651 i bez stelaża plandeki Stake body20111
Zaslaw ZASLAW D-653 Tipper20074
Zaslaw ZASLAW D-653 Tipper20113
Zaslaw Zaslaw D-653 24m3 alumniowa Tipper20111
Zaslaw Zaslaw D-653 26.5 m3 NOWA Tipper20114
Zaslaw Zaslaw D-670W 11 m3 Other trailers20114
Zaslaw Zaslaw Naczepa kontenerowa Other semi-trailers20071
Zaslaw Zaslaw Nowa FIRANKA! LEASING! Stake body and tarpaulin20123
Zaslaw Zaslaw nowa wywrotka aluminiowa! LEASING BEZ WPLATY Tipper20124
Zaslaw Zaslaw nowa wywrotka aluminiowa! lekka i trwała Tipper20124
Zaslaw Zaslaw PLATFORM TRAILER AXLE 3 + PLANE Stake body and tarpaulin20045
Zaslaw Zaslaw PLATFORM TRAILER BPW + PLANE EDSCHA LIFTAXLE Stake body and tarpaulin20045
Zaslaw Zaslaw RAMPA MOBILNA - R7 R10 oraz Traffic construction20117
Zaslaw Zaslaw S38 Tipper20052
Zaslaw Zaslaw stalowa wywrotka klapo-drzwi Tipper20085
Zaslaw Zaslaw tandem Górny lub dolny zaczep Stake body and tarpaulin19964
Zaslaw Zaslaw Tipper Tipper steel 24m3 Tipper20123
Zaslaw Zaslaw TRAILERS MATERIAL, LIKE NEW Construction Trailer20082
Zaslaw Zaslaw TRAILIS D651 BURTOFIRANKA Stake body and tarpaulin20104
Zaslaw Zaslaw TRAILIS, pełna Firana, STANDARD! NOWA! Other semi-trailers200910
Zaslaw Zaslaw WYWROTKA Tipper20091
Zaslaw Zaslaw wywrotka 38m3 Tipper20054
Zaslaw Zaslaw WYWROTKA ALU Bęben 32 m3 BPW! DOSTĘPNE 4 szt. Tipper200814
Zaslaw Zaslaw wywrotka Stalowa 25m HALF PIPE Tipper20115
Zaslaw ZASLAW ZASLAW Stake body and tarpaulin20042
Zaslaw Zasław ALUMINIUM TIPPER 32m3 15 UNITS Tipper20086
Zaslaw Zasław Burta NOWA Stake body200910
Zaslaw Zasław D 653 Tipper20129
Zaslaw Zasław D 653-00 Tipper200715
Zaslaw Zasław D-653 Tipper20084
Zaslaw Zasław D-653 Tipper20098
Zaslaw Zasław D-653 / 36m3 / NACZEPA WYWROTKA 2007/2008 Tipper20074
Zaslaw Zasław D-670 Trailer20093
Zaslaw Zasław D561 Stake body and tarpaulin20124
Zaslaw Zasław D651 FIRANKA Beverages20129
Zaslaw Zasław D670 Three-sided tipper20124
Zaslaw Zasław IRON 33m3 TIPPER Tipper20099
Zaslaw Zasław KH Anhängerbau Cattle truck19942
Zaslaw Zasław NACZEPA FIRANKA! BPW Bęben! Stake body and tarpaulin200713
Zaslaw Zasław NACZEPA FIRANKA! BPW Bęben! Stake body and tarpaulin200811
Zaslaw Zasław NACZEPA FIRANKA! BPW Tarcza! Stake body and tarpaulin200713
Zaslaw Zasław NACZEPA FIRANKA! BPW Tarcza! PIRELLI! Stake body and tarpaulin201215
Zaslaw Zasław RAMPA NAJAZDOWA Platform20124
Zaslaw Zasław VAND SEMIREMORCA Tipper20071
Zaslaw Zasław WYWROTKA aluminiowa 32m3 TIPPER 15 UNITS Tipper200814
Zaslaw Zasław WYWROTKA aluminiowa 35m3 FABRYCZNIE NOWA! OKAZJA! Tipper200815
Zaslaw Zasław WYWROTKA STALOWA 33m3 Tipper20099

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