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Zettelmeyer Commercial Vehicles

(Other substructures, Wheeled loader, Dozer, Other construction vehicles, Mobile digger, Rollers, )
Zettelmeyer 1.4 m³ bucket Zettelmayer ZL6 o.ZL8 Other substructures19966
Zettelmeyer 2001 Wheeled loader19843
Zettelmeyer 2001-2, 3001-2, 4001-2 Wheeled loader20114
Zettelmeyer 3001, articulated, Dozer199012
Zettelmeyer 3002 wheel loader zl-location cologne pulheim! Wheeled loader199314
Zettelmeyer 4001-B very good condition many new parts Wheeled loader19877
Zettelmeyer 401 B Wheeled loader19845
Zettelmeyer 401 B Wheeled loader199211
Zettelmeyer 401B (401 B) Wheeled loader19911
Zettelmeyer 402 C Wheeled loader19975
Zettelmeyer 501 Wheeled loader19825
Zettelmeyer 502 C Wheeled loader19985
Zettelmeyer 502 zl Wheeled loader19912
Zettelmeyer 502-B Wheeled loader19962
Zettelmeyer 601 Wheeled loader19843
Zettelmeyer 601 Wheeled loader19876
Zettelmeyer 601 Wheeled loader19893
Zettelmeyer 601 Wheeled loader19902
Zettelmeyer 601 B Wheeled loader19874
Zettelmeyer 601 B Wheeled loader199014
Zettelmeyer 601B Wheeled loader19865
Zettelmeyer 602 Wheeled loader19913
Zettelmeyer 602 Wheeled loader19949
Zettelmeyer 602 Wheeled loader20112
Zettelmeyer 602 B Series wheel loader with front bucket and forks Wheeled loader19955
Zettelmeyer 602 C Wheeled loader199713
Zettelmeyer 602 engine failure Wheeled loader19955
Zettelmeyer 602 snow-slide plate Other substructures20114
Zettelmeyer 602 ZL Wheeled loader19926
Zettelmeyer 801 Wheeled loader19914
Zettelmeyer Approximately 1.4 m³ bucket list Mayer zl6 o.ZL8 Other substructures19966
Zettelmeyer Built 1997 ZL 602 with wide tires Wheeled loader199712
Zettelmeyer Cadillon stationary tower crane Kitmatik 38th Other construction vehicles19835
Zettelmeyer Concrete mixing bucket Wheeled loader20015
Zettelmeyer Europ L 500 Wheeled loader19653
Zettelmeyer Europ L800 Wheeled loader19715
Zettelmeyer Ingersoll Rand Other construction vehicles200614
Zettelmeyer L 1000 Wheeled loader197310
Zettelmeyer L 500, L501, widow-maker Wheeled loader19585
Zettelmeyer L 501 Wheeled loader19605
Zettelmeyer L500 Wheeled loader19565
Zettelmeyer L501 Wheeled loader19595
Zettelmeyer L501 Wheeled loader19635
Zettelmeyer LF 802 Wheeled loader19985
Zettelmeyer Loader ZL4002 Wheeled loader199112
Zettelmeyer Palettengabel ZL 502, 602, 702 Wheeled loader19973
Zettelmeyer Pietsch K1500 Other substructures20005
Zettelmeyer Seitenkippschaufel for ZL 402 Wheel Loader Other substructures20111
Zettelmeyer Sprzedam Ładowarkę Kolowa ZL5002 Mobile digger19965
Zettelmeyer SWEEPER for wheel loaders Other substructures20035
Zettelmeyer Type 702 wheel loader Other substructures19955
Zettelmeyer unknown Rollers19754
Zettelmeyer Wheel Loader Pallet Fork v Zettelmeyer Wheeled loader20124
Zettelmeyer Wheel Loader ZL 4001 Wheeled loader19944
Zettelmeyer Wheel Loader ZL 4002 Wheeled loader19929
Zettelmeyer ZD 3000 Wheeled loader20113
Zettelmeyer zl Wheeled loader19852
Zettelmeyer ZL 1000 Wheeled loader19694
Zettelmeyer ZL 1000 gearbox needs to be made Wheeled loader19755
Zettelmeyer ZL 1001 Wheeled loader19835
Zettelmeyer ZL 1001 Wheeled loader19869
Zettelmeyer ZL 1001 Wheeled loader19943
Zettelmeyer ZL 1001 ** Quick coupler / street legal ** Wheeled loader19926
Zettelmeyer ZL 1001 with bucket 1,5 m³ Wheeled loader19947
Zettelmeyer ZL 1001, Year 93, front axle differential damage Wheeled loader19934
Zettelmeyer ZL 1002 i Wheeled loader199515
Zettelmeyer ZL 1002 i Wheeled loader19975
Zettelmeyer ZL 1700 Wheeled loader19818
Zettelmeyer ZL 1700 Wheeled loader19835
Zettelmeyer ZL 1700 Wheeled loader19865
Zettelmeyer ZL 1700 Wheeled loader20115
Zettelmeyer ZL 1700 / 6 CYLINDER ENGINE DEUTZ Wheeled loader198212
Zettelmeyer ZL 1801 Wheeled loader199215
Zettelmeyer ZL 2000 Wheeled loader19768
Zettelmeyer ZL 2001 Wheeled loader19858
Zettelmeyer ZL 2001 wheel loaders 2.6 m³ Wheeled loader20114
Zettelmeyer ZL 2001, BJ: about 1988-1990 Wheeled loader201110
Zettelmeyer ZL 2002 Wheeled loader19887
Zettelmeyer ZL 2002 Wheeled loader19902
Zettelmeyer ZL 2002 Wheeled loader19918
Zettelmeyer ZL 2002 Wheeled loader20125
Zettelmeyer ZL 2002 (id: 7575) Other construction vehicles19903
Zettelmeyer ZL 2002 ** ** Hochkippschaufel/3.Steuerkreis Wheeled loader199315
Zettelmeyer ZL 2Zyl 500th Deutz Wheeled loader19786
Zettelmeyer ZL 3000 V 8 Engine 3 cbm Wheeled loader20118
Zettelmeyer ZL 3000 V 8 Engine 3 cbm Wheeled loader20128
Zettelmeyer ZL 3002 Wheeled loader19882
Zettelmeyer ZL 3002 Wheeled loader19895
Zettelmeyer ZL 3002 Wheeled loader19942
Zettelmeyer ZL 302 Wheeled loader19951
Zettelmeyer ZL 302 Wheeled loader199615
Zettelmeyer ZL 4000 Wheeled loader19854
Zettelmeyer ZL 4001 B Wheeled loader198811
Zettelmeyer ZL 4002 Wheeled loader199215
Zettelmeyer ZL 4002 4X4 SHOVEL Wheeled loader19946
Zettelmeyer ZL 4002, 4x4, 4m ³ shovel, 11000 h, Wheeled loader199512
Zettelmeyer ZL 401 Wheeled loader19891
Zettelmeyer ZL 401 Articulated Loader Wheeled loader19916
Zettelmeyer ZL 401 B Wheeled loader19905
Zettelmeyer ZL 402 Wheeled loader19925

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