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Zettelmeyer Commercial Vehicles

(Wheeled loader, Mobile digger, Other construction vehicles, )
Zettelmeyer ZL 402 Wheeled loader19935
Zettelmeyer ZL 402 Wheeled loader199615
Zettelmeyer ZL 402 Wheeled loader19972
Zettelmeyer ZL 402 ZL 602 forks Mobile digger19973
Zettelmeyer ZL 500 Wheeled loader19794
Zettelmeyer ZL 500 Wheeled loader20115
Zettelmeyer ZL 501 Wheeled loader19816
Zettelmeyer ZL 501 many attachments Wheeled loader20129
Zettelmeyer ZL 501 series B Wheeled loader198910
Zettelmeyer ZL 501 Wheel Loader Wheeled loader19812
Zettelmeyer ZL 502 Wheeled loader19985
Zettelmeyer ZL 502 SERIA C 1998 '3487hours Wheeled loader199810
Zettelmeyer ZL 601 Wheeled loader19896
Zettelmeyer ZL 601 seria B Wheeled loader201110
Zettelmeyer ZL 602 Wheeled loader19927
Zettelmeyer ZL 602 Wheeled loader19936
Zettelmeyer ZL 602 Wheeled loader19951
Zettelmeyer ZL 602 C Wheeled loader19986
Zettelmeyer ZL 602 forks Mobile digger19973
Zettelmeyer ZL 602 SI Wheeled loader19959
Zettelmeyer ZL 602 SL, Year: 1994 Wheeled loader19948
Zettelmeyer ZL 602 SL, Year: 1995 Wheeled loader19957
Zettelmeyer ZL 602 turbo loaders compare ZL602B \u0026 ZL602C Other construction vehicles20119
Zettelmeyer ZL 602, new engine, new tires Wheeled loader19918
Zettelmeyer ZL 801 Wheeled loader19895
Zettelmeyer ZL 801 Wheeled loader19916
Zettelmeyer ZL 801 drum blade fork 1.Hand Wheeled loader199215
Zettelmeyer ZL 801 Series B Wheeled loader19925
Zettelmeyer ZL 801 series B Wheeled loader19938
Zettelmeyer ZL 802 Wheeled loader199715
Zettelmeyer ZL 802, Year: 1996 - good condition Wheeled loader19967
Zettelmeyer ZL five hundred and first .....(( PALETTENGABEL BUCKET + + SW)) Wheeled loader198312
Zettelmeyer ZL five hundred and first. Articulated Shovel + + Betriebserlab Wheeled loader198415
Zettelmeyer ZL wheel 6, bucket, forks Wheeled loader19861
Zettelmeyer zl1000 Wheeled loader19804
Zettelmeyer ZL1001 Wheeled loader198513
Zettelmeyer ZL1001 Wheeled loader19904
Zettelmeyer ZL1801 Wheeled loader199011
Zettelmeyer ZL2001 Wheeled loader19837
Zettelmeyer ZL3000 Wheeled loader20115
Zettelmeyer ZL302 Wheeled loader19988
Zettelmeyer ZL302 C Wheeled loader19985
Zettelmeyer ZL4001B cream state 4cbm Wheeled loader198715
Zettelmeyer ZL4002 Wheeled loader199310
Zettelmeyer ZL4002 with gearbox failure Wheeled loader19933
Zettelmeyer ZL401 Wheeled loader19825
Zettelmeyer ZL401 Wheeled loader19904
Zettelmeyer ZL501 Wheeled loader19804
Zettelmeyer ZL601 Wheeled loader19904
Zettelmeyer ZL602 Wheeled loader19916
Zettelmeyer ZL602B (Volvo) Wheeled loader19966
Zettelmeyer zl801 Wheeled loader20113
Zettelmeyer ZL802 Wheeled loader19949
Zettelmeyer ZL802 Wheeled loader199811
Zettelmeyer ZL802i Wheeled loader199410

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