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View Truck over 7.5t Stake body Vehicles With Pictures

Stake body, Truck over 7.5t Vehicles

Volvo FL6 13 1991Volvo6
Volvo FL6 15 1996Volvo2
Volvo FL6.250 4x2 2004Volvo4
Volvo FL6/14 1992Volvo5
Volvo FL618-220 PLATFORM + CRANE 2002Volvo5
Volvo FL6E-4X2R 2003Volvo3
Volvo FL6L-platform 4x2R 6.145 m 256tkm 11t 180hp Euro 3 2001Volvo6
Volvo FL7.260 1994Volvo10
Volvo FL7 260 1998Volvo5
Volvo FL7 4x2-10 1992Volvo5
Volvo FL7 6X2 PLATFORM + CRANE 1996Volvo6
Volvo FL7 6x4 360 16 000 Palfinger Lorry 1998Volvo12
Volvo FLC intercooler Platform 1997Volvo5
Volvo FM + 12 340 2702 HMF 2000Volvo3
Volvo FM 12 - 380 - 6X4 + PALFINGER 29 T / M CRANE 2004Volvo9
Volvo FM 12 platform Fassi XP360 6x2 with Jib 29Meter 2006Volvo15
Volvo FM 300 flatbed with crane radio remote control 2003Volvo14
Volvo FM 330 2010Volvo4
Volvo FM 420-R 6x2 with crane 2003Volvo8
Volvo FM 7 -290 flatbed crane 11 m = 1to 1999Volvo15
Volvo FM 7 PK 27000 crane winch 1998Volvo9
Volvo FM 7 rear crane AHK Air Euro5 2000Volvo10
Volvo FM 9-260 2006Volvo3
Volvo FM 9260 4X2 / heavy duty truck 2004Volvo15
Volvo FM 9300 2003Volvo6
Volvo FM 9300 GLOBE 2004Volvo8
Volvo FM 9300 GLOBE 2005Volvo6
Volvo FM 9420 m platform. Crane, switches, steering axle 2003Volvo3
Volvo FM12 420 / 6X2 / Flatbed Crane Atlas 155.1 1999Volvo3
Volvo FM12 420 6x2 crane Palfinger PK17500 climate 1999Volvo11
Volvo FM7 250 + kraan 2001Volvo6
Volvo FM7.250 4X2 BOX 2001Volvo6
Volvo FM7.250 6x2 2001Volvo2
Volvo FM7-290 4X2 MET PK 12 500 2000Volvo3
Volvo FM7.310 6X2 MANUEL EURO 3 2001Volvo7
Volvo FM9.260 4X2 GLOBETROTTER EURO 3 2003Volvo7
Volvo FS7-19147-2 kraan 1994Volvo3
Volvo Globetrotter XL 6X2 FH12.460 120m3 EURO 3 2003Volvo8
Volvo Globetrotter XL 6X2 WITH TRAILER FH12.460 EURO 3 2003Volvo5
Volvo L 42 012 Trygge 4X2 OLD TIMER 1961Volvo6
Volvo L46506E 4X2 1962Volvo5
Volvo L48507E 4X2 1965Volvo5
Volvo N 10 IC (12) Crane HMF 14 TM Eissentransporter 1990Volvo9
Volvo N 88 flatbed 4x2 1971Volvo2
Volvo N10 - 6X4 1988Volvo9
Volvo N10 - 6X4 1989Volvo8
Volvo N10 - 6X6 + FASSI 8TM 1985Volvo6
Volvo N10 - 6X6 + FASSI 8TM 1987Volvo6
Volvo N10 - 6X6 + FASSI 8TM 1988Volvo10
Volvo N10 - 6X6 + FASSI 8TM 1990Volvo6
Volvo N10 HISTORY 1979Volvo7
Volvo NL 10 - 6X4 1992Volvo6
Volvo NL 10 IC (12) Crane HMF 14 TM Eissentransporter 1991Volvo7
Volvo Palfinger loading crane truck construction material m 21 500 12 2008Volvo4
Volvo sc 12 420 + PALFINGER PK 16000 1999Volvo10
Volvo Viking 939AF new 4x4 top condition 11x20Reifen 1964Volvo7
Volvo volvo fl10 sprawny 340HP 1996Volvo2

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