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Stake body, Truck over 7.5t Vehicles

Iveco EURO TRAKKER with Palfinger PK 29002 2007Iveco14
Iveco EUROCARGO 120E18 4X2 EURO 3 2004Iveco6
Iveco EUROTECH 190 E ** EL ** LADEBORDWAND WINDOW ** 1996Iveco13
Iveco Eurotech 190 E 24 Cursor MH Crane Fassi F 150 2002Iveco15
Iveco Eurotech 190 E 24 Cursor MH Crane Fassi F130.23 2002Iveco15
Iveco Eurotech 190 E 24 Cursor MH Crane Hiab XS 144B2 2003Iveco15
Iveco EUROTECH 260E40 6X2 EURO 3 2003Iveco6
Iveco EUROTECH 260E40 6X2 NL TRUCK! EURO 3 2003Iveco7
Iveco Eurotech 400E30 T / P 6x2 flatbed export 9.500Eur 1996Iveco4
Iveco Eurotech MP 240 E34 tipper m. Crane 1997Iveco13
Iveco EUROTRAKKER 350 2001Iveco2
Iveco EUROTRAKKER MP260E31 6X4 2003Iveco11
Iveco FIAT 159 20 1982Iveco5
Iveco Fiat 79.14 1991Iveco14
Iveco IVECO EURO CARGO 100E21 4X2 2005Iveco6
Iveco Iveco-Ford HDS 1999Iveco4
Iveco Magirus 110-17 4x4 AW 1988Iveco5
Iveco Magirus 1990Iveco6
Iveco MANUAL 240E34 * + * VOLLBLATTGEFÄDERT 1997Iveco8
Iveco Mh 190 E24 for long steel cargo / timber 1997Iveco8
Iveco MH 190 E27 platform Euro3 Fassi F130a.21 2002Iveco15
Iveco MH-260E35 without crane 2000Iveco14
Iveco ML 100E 18 EURO CARGO 4X2 1999Iveco4
Iveco ML 120 E * Platform with tail lift 2001Iveco11
Iveco ML 120 E18 EURO CARGO CRANE +1. HAND + CHECKBOOK 2001Iveco15
Iveco ML 120E24, 5,2 m, rear crane Palfinger PK 6500A 2005Iveco8
Iveco ML 120E24 Euro Cargo * old tachograph, 7,1 m + LBW 2006Iveco6
Iveco ML 120E24 Euro Cargo 7.1 m + LBW, movable roof 2006Iveco6
Iveco ML 120E24 flat bows lbw 1.5 to 2006Iveco5
Iveco ML 180 E crane 2002Iveco7
Iveco ML 180E 240 2002Iveco2
Iveco ML 75E15 2002Iveco15
Iveco ML 80 E € Cargo 1999Iveco12
Iveco ML 80 E € Cargo 2000Iveco15
Iveco ML 80 E 1997Iveco2
Iveco ML 80 E18 Flatbed PALF. 7 M Crane, PK 3700 A 1992Iveco7
Iveco ML 80E with crane 1994Iveco5
Iveco ML 90 E 2002Iveco1
Iveco ML120E18 Double Cab with Crane Tirre Euro61 1999Iveco8
Iveco ML170E CRANE PK 13000-2t winch 1996Iveco15
Iveco ML180E270 - EUROCARGO rear loading crane 2000Iveco11
Iveco ML180E28 / P 2003Iveco14
Iveco ML180E28 / P 2005Iveco15
Iveco ML75E 1994Iveco11
Iveco ML85E15 € Cargo 2000Iveco4
Iveco MP 260 E 37 W 6X6 EX-ARMY ... 1995Iveco5
Iveco MP 260 E 37 W 6X6 EX-ARMY .. 1996Iveco5
Iveco MP 380 E 34 + HR 6x4 (id: 5814) 1998Iveco3
Iveco MP260E31 6X4 2005Iveco4
Iveco MP260E43Y/FP EORO 3 with crane HIAB 1660 2001Iveco15
Iveco MP260E43Y/PS 2001Iveco9
Iveco MT 180E24 Steel suspension 1995Iveco13
Iveco MT190E 4X2 WITH LADEBORDWAND 1998Iveco7
Iveco PALFINGER CRANE PK 21000C MT190E27 MET 1996Iveco8
Iveco Palfinger PK36002 * 260E400 * Containerverriegel. 2002Iveco7
Iveco Platform 1984Iveco4
Iveco S59 Doka 1992Iveco7
Iveco Stralis 2007Iveco15
Iveco STRALIS AS320S48Y/PS 2005Iveco6
Iveco Stralis AT 190S40 Platform 2004Iveco11
Iveco TRAKKER 310 6X4 + PK 44002 2006Iveco10
Iveco TRAKKER 360 6X4 + HIAB XS 422-8 2008Iveco6
Iveco TRAKKER 440 8X4 + 36T AM / M Kraan 2007Iveco6
Iveco TRAKKER 6X4 + FASSI 330 -8 455 AXP 2008Iveco5
Iveco TRAKKER 6X4 AD260T33 2007Iveco11
Iveco TRAKKER 6x4 AD260T33 2011Iveco6
Iveco Trakker 6x4 Hiab 288 E8 AD720T44T HiPro 2006Iveco8
Iveco TRAKKER 8X4 360 + FASSI 80T / M 2008Iveco6
Iveco TRAKKER 8X4 AD410T44 2007Iveco15
Iveco Turbostar 190.36 with Crane Cormach export 24.900E 1987Iveco7
Iveco Zeta Fiat 109-14 without a crane 1989Iveco5
Magirus Deutz 110-17 A 1985Magirus Deutz6
Magirus Deutz 120d10 1966Magirus Deutz8
Magirus Deutz 125 10 D flatbed original state 1967Magirus Deutz14
Magirus Deutz 125 D 10 flatbed original state 1967Magirus Deutz14
Magirus Deutz 125 D 10 Pick-up Only 1967Magirus Deutz14
Magirus Deutz 170D15 1976Magirus Deutz7
Magirus Deutz FM 170 D 11 FA / Palfinger crane 1980Magirus Deutz15
Magirus Deutz M 170 D 15 K tractor 1972Magirus Deutz2
Magirus Deutz M130 first M8FL Hand 1980Magirus Deutz5
Magirus Deutz M160 D12 AK 4x2! 1981Magirus Deutz2
MAN + 26 440 TGX Pritschenzug folding crane Hiab 211 EP-3 2010MAN10
MAN 1 4x4 Cat 5 T GL 1978MAN4
MAN 1 4x4 Cat 5 T GLW with winch 1980MAN11
MAN 10 150 1992MAN5
MAN 10.150F 1991MAN4
MAN 10 153 top state admitted to 7.5 t 1994MAN5
MAN 10 155 L04 (No 8-150/9-150) with ATLAS CRANE-Hi 1991MAN15
MAN 10 163 623 MET HMF K2 1997MAN5
MAN 10 180 BC Climate 2010MAN5
MAN 10-224 - 4 X 4 - Crane HMF 1720 - Radio 1999MAN15
MAN 10 224 1996MAN7
MAN 10 224 4X2 flatbed and crane Palfinger PK 7501 2000MAN11
MAN 10 224 Flatbed with crane, wheel 1999MAN10
MAN 11.136 - 4X4 1976MAN6
MAN 11.136 - 4X4 1977MAN7
MAN 11.136 - 4X4 1978MAN6
MAN 11.136 - 4X4 1979MAN10
MAN 11.136 - 4X4 1980MAN6
MAN 11.136 - 4X4 1981MAN7

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